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Ann Kaplan

Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Real Housewife of Toronto

Described as a compelling mix of brains, beauty and business, Ann Kaplan is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur who’s changed the face of financing. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Own it!
Whatever you do, whoever you are, own it!  Kaplan shares her inspirational story of how she stays true to herself even through difficult and challenging situations.  Her story shows how to be successful in spite of all that life presents to you and offers a personal reflective journey to how to find happiness.

Think BIG
If you’re thinking about your life, what stops you from doing more and more? It’s because we set limitations and expectations on ourselves to reach a certain level, and we don’t think beyond that. Kaplan started her business working two jobs and dreamed of a million dollar business one day.  She didn’t even conceive that it could become billions…and yet it did!  Using both business and ‘triple threat’ celebrity examples like Jennifer Lopez, Kaplan encourages audiences to think big and beyond.  She challenges —what stops us from being as big as possible and reaching the stars?

Branding your Image
When you think of YOUR brand, are you able to identify your core values? Is it clean, edgy, fresh, or even clear? Does your image portray your brand? Learn how you can break through the clutter and create a signature brand to match your image. Learn how to build your business while strengthening your personal resume.

Managing and Marketing your Medical Business
From advertising, to social media mastery, to building a positive organizational culture – all of it leads to enhancing your bottom line.  Kaplan’s best practices also explain how, for the bold and the clever, you can strategically navigate your way to a more efficient and profitable business model.

Building a Business in the Financial Sector
In this presentation, Ann distills the lessons she learned while building multiple million dollar companies.From identifying a gap in the marketplace to market research, launching to sustaining growth, she shares the foundational blocks that have lead to her success in this sector. Ann will encourage your audience to be bold and the clever in order to strategically navigate your way to a more efficient and profitable business model.

Platform Plus


EY | Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance

Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the year Award

Best Entrepreneur , Service Businesses: Financial Services & Insurance

Canada's Mompreneur of The Year Award
  • Brains, beauty and business, Ann Kaplan Mulholland is one of the savvy and stylish stars of TV’s newest hit show Real Housewives of Toronto. - Toronto Sun
  • I had the pleasure of a very down-to-earth and humorous conversation with this modest entrepreneur and philanthropist. - Fresh Vancouver Magazine

Summary Profile

Ann Kaplan is a multifaceted powerhouse: celebrity, financial entrepreneur, author, mother of six, Ph.D. candidate,  fashionista, society gal & vegan. A compelling mix of brains, beauty and business she changed the face of financing by filling a niche: loaning money to people wanting medical procedures but didn’t have enough to pay for it. She inspires audiences to be bold and clever, while sharing advice on how to strategically navigate your way to a more efficient and profitable business model, and achieve a new level of personal success.

She built her billion dollar business from the ground up while a single mother to two children, as CEO and President of iFinance Canada Inc., the parent company to Medicard, Petcard, Dentalcard, iFinance Tech, and iFinance Home Improvement – a North American consumer finance company – and one of the largest consumer finance Companies in Canada with loan applications exceeding $1B.

As an entrepreneur, academic, author, reality TV star, and now mother of eight, she is the epitome of the challenges and opportunities in the journey of “having it all”, showing people around the world that she’s not just another housewife. Ann is a true inspiration to women and the business community at large, engaging her audiences about a variety of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, and personal brand development.

Her unapologetic approach makes an impact, and her ability to use both wit and wisdom creates teachings that are memorable
for all. Ann not only entertains, but educates, giving her audiences unprecedented access to her strategy for success.

Embracing her glamorous side, she is also one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Toronto. Being corporate herself, she embodies the “unhousewife-housewife” – displaying her humorous antics and lack of tolerance for the intolerable weekly on SliceTv.  The show is described as ‘with Toronto as their playground, they have the real estate, cars, and the diamonds to prove it…watch as the ladies open up their extravagant lives, and show every shocking moment as they deal with the ups and downs of relationships, careers and family.’

She’s earned the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, PROFIT Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship twice, and the Lifetime Achievement Award by Stevie Women In Business – International. She’s listed in Canada’s Top 100 Women In Business in three different publications. The PROFIT award is dedicated to a female entrepreneur who has launched and built one or more successful companies with a track record of growth, profitability, industry leadership and breaking new ground.

Her charitable work and contributions benefit AIDS research, Universities/Education and Transforming Faces.

Kaplan holds a Masters In Business (MBA), Master in Science (MSc), a Corporate Governance Designation (CD.d) and is currently completing her doctorate (DBA).