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Annora Bourgeault

Miss World Canada 2014

Growing up in the prairies of Saskatchewan Annora Bourgeault has always valued the need for hard work and dedication in order to meet success. At 21 Annora Bourgeault is an accomplished musician, artist, athlete, and academic due to her steadfast dedication to a diverse and exciting education. Her varied education and ability to relate to Canadians at large gave her the edge she needed to become Miss World Canada 2014. Encouraging engagement in one’s community and diversifying one’s abilities, Bourgeault demonstrates how to create a successful and satisfying lifestyle within the generation of tomorrow. Advocating for multicultural understanding and unity Bourgeault is a source of inspiration for Canadians with her belief in a stronger home of Canada.


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Canadian Identity
National symbols, colours, and pass times are definitions applied to Canadians. They provide a sense of national identity in order to create a cohesive sense of what Canadian is and what it means. While these symbols serve to unify us as Canadians they fail to encompass the diverse lenses through which Canadians see the world. While all Canadians stand under a banner of red, some stand under mountains, other’s sky scrapers, and some near the sea. Each Canadian’s experience creates a diverse set of values and beliefs that serve to make Canada stronger in its ability to relate and coexist. Canada is countless things to all of its residents and that is what unifies us all as Canadian citizens – our strength found in diversity and understanding.

Success at a Young Age
Success is viewed as a linear progression towards a goal of fruition over time. It is given a quantity to which few know the formula and even less seem able to share. Each successful person seems to have met their success in a completely different way which none are able to relate in a fashion easy to follow. Perhaps this is due to an altered vision of success. This altered vision is not something that is meant to come with age or time however, it comes through seeking personal growth and understanding. Each person has the means to create and maintain success in their lives if only their version of success is altered to match their own personal goals and beliefs. Success is not a question of time spent working towards a socially provided goal of means or attainment. Success is continually striving towards one’s goals in a completely personal and satisfying way.

Canada is filled with a myriad of cultural backgrounds, ancestry, and global histories. Under the heading of Mosaic, Canada has, over time, become a meeting ground in diversity of which everyone has become a participant. Amongst Canadians stories of home cross oceans, deserts, and mountains. Yet with all of these blended histories and cultural values we all represent the true definition of Canadian. It is our differences, our multicultural heritage, which allows us to call ourselves Canadian. It is the definition of how our country came to be and the very thing that we need to celebrate most in order to prosper as a multicultural nation.


Miss World Canada

  • Annora speaks with so much heart and passion! She is beautiful inside and out. In just a few minutes I have watched her connect with people and make them feel special! I recommend Annora highly and am excited for the world to get to know her.

    - Pageant Coach and co-owner of Champions In Life
  • It was an honour for my team and I when Miss World Canada, Annora, came to our fundraiser show and did a speech about domestic violence. She was professional and a great speaker! Once again we are thankful for her donating her time.

    - Team Leader for Stand Up for Charity Group

Summary Profile

At 21 Annora Bourgeault has become a national success story. Competing in her second pageant Annora Bourgeault won over judges, fans, and contestants alike with her friendly demeanor and open heart in order to become Miss World Canada 2014. She moves on to compete in London, England at the Miss World 2014 pageant advocating for multicultural understanding and unity in order to strengthen her nation of Canada while bringing together the nations of the world.

Completing an Honours Psychology degree Minoring in Anthropology, Bourgeault believes interpersonal understanding is the key to meeting happiness and success in one’s life. Fueled by compassion and the desire to help others Bourgeault encourages philanthropic and humanitarian efforts in the young people of today in order to shape the world of tomorrow through individual happiness and growth.Bourgeault describes her University exchange to Sunderland, England as the starting point of her personal growth towards becoming a well-rounded and accomplished young person.

Heavily involved in music and the arts, Bourgeault’s education became truly diverse after experiencing another culture’s education system and way of life. By learning to appreciate and understand another culture Bourgeault came to appreciate more fully her own sense of self, her Canadian identity, and the need to support one another without judgement.

Regardless of age group or cultural background Bourgeault is sure to inspire others to seek personal development and community growth. Experienced in both public speaking and performing Bourgeault exudes a confidence that is welcoming to all and truly inspirational.