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Boyd Cohen

Urban Innovation & Climate Capitalism Expert

Boyd Cohen, Ph. D., is an urban strategist, writer, researcher, professor, consultant and entrepreneur with a focus on the low-carbon economy and urban innovation and entrepreneurship.

Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain


Urban Entrepreneurship and Innovation This presentation looks at how three converging trends are shaping innovation and entrepreneurship in urban environments. Those trends are: collaboration and sharing economy, democratization of technology and innovation and urbanization. Dr. Cohen looks at three different types of urban entrepreneurship: independent, freelancer urban entrepreneurs and civic entrepreneurs who focus on improving their city through collaborative, business models. How to become a world-class smart city Smart cities will become a sizable market, with projections of nearly $40 billion spent on smart-cities technologies by 2016. And real estate experts predict that smart cities will in the future be attractive to the educated work force and will therefore become real-estate gold. All reasons enough to learn from smart cities across the world and get on the smart-city bandwagon. Climate Capitalism Cohen proves the future of capitalism in a recession-riddles, car on-constrained world will be built on innovations that cutting-edge leaders are bringing to the market today. Resilient Cities Cohen iterates the best practices for cities to migrate and adapt to climate change.

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Panelist/In Conversation

  • His highly engaging talk on resilient cities provided an overview of the key mitigation and adaptation issues that cities must address to curb the global impact of climate change. It was definitely one of the highlights of the Carbon Talks 2011 speaker series.

    - Executive Director, Carbon Talks
  • He is obviously a bright fellow but brings it down to a language that we can use.

    - CEO Novex Couriers

Summary Profile

Dr. Cohen has lived and worked in cities around the globe including: Atlanta, Boulder/Denver, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Santiago (Chile), Vancouver and in 2015, moved to Barcelona, Spain.  Along with Hunter Lovins, Cohen released the long-awaited sequel to Natural Capitalism in 2011. Climate Capitalism demonstrates how communities, cities, countries and companies around the globe are profiting from the transition to the low carbon economy. After finishing a three-year stint at Accenture, Cohen obtained his Ph. D. in strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado (2001). He has spent the decade since teaching, researching and consulting with cities to create sustainable innovations and new startups. Dr. Cohen has been an advisor to green developments such as the Vancouver Athlete’s Village, cities such as Beaverton, Oregon and Richmond, BC and even worked with Al Gore’s Live Earth Organization to help them track and transparently report their carbon footprint. Aside from Climate Capitalism, Cohen has published numerous academic articles at the intersection of innovation and sustainability in journals such as the Journal of Business Venturing and Business Strategy and the Environment. He is a regular contributor to Fast Company on the topic of smart cities and is finishing work on his second book: Urban Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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