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Bryan Gildenberg

Expert on Retail Insights & Chief Knowledge Officer at Kantar Retail

Bryan Gildenberg, a world-renowned expert in retail insight, is Kantar Retail’s Chief Knowledge Officer and a member of the company’s executive leadership team. He is responsible for the company’s analysis and insight, fueling Kantar Retail’s content with in-depth knowledge and intuitive skills few can match.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


A Reconfigured Retail World: Strategies to Survive & Thrive
The emergences of new digital and physical retail formats are changing the already competitive global landscape at a rapid rate. Not everyone was prepared, but you will all survive. Bryan will analyze the way shoppers shop in this reconfigured world to draw implications for retailers and suppliers. He will also offer attendees winning strategies for in-store design, merchandising, pricing, promotion and shopper engagement, leaving them inspired to pursue new strategies for growth.

“The New Moments Of Truth” – How Technology Will Enable Better Reach, Resonance and Returns
The world of 2016-2020 will provide brand owners with a multitude of new tools to create new “moments of truth” with shoppers across the digital ecosystem.  In the absence of clear strategy, those tools run the risk of turning into (at best) massive corporate implementations that don’t achieve desired results or (at worst) expensive toys that engender cynicism from the teams responsible for confronting these new challenges. In this presentation, Kantar Retail establishes guiding principles for these tools by looking at 3 key objectives for the new “moments”: Reach, Resonance and Returns.

Tear Down the Walls
With European retail in a state of flux, many operators in the European market are facing up to a new reality in which competition (both traditional and online) reaches new heights and the formats that have underpinned their businesses are becoming marginalized. It is against this backdrop that Bryan will assess what convenience, loyalty, experience, value and execution mean in the postmodern world of retailing, shopping and consumption. Audiences will discover how stores need to change in order to remain relevant.

Quantum Marketing: Success In A Volatile And Polarized World
The retail environment is complicated, challenging and in many ways foreign. Think about viewing the retail environment through a prism. What used to be one homogenous beam of light that large scale retailers and CPG companies could scale against has become a fractured spectrum of colors. No one really knows which color to chase first or how to take systems that were focused on a single beam and adapt them to chase more than one. Brian will focus primarily on the interplay between the Macro and Shopper forces by looking at the words that describe them best, “Volatility” and “Polarization.”

Platform Plus

Workshop | Channel Disruption: e-Commerce

While online sales of OTC medicines have been slower than other categories, it is changing the way retailers and suppliers do business. Join this workshop to hear insights and expert opinions on the e-Commerce shopper, how they move between traditional, retail, and online channels, and the impact of e-Commerce disruption on OTC suppliers.

  • Bryan is an outstanding, compelling and provacative speaker with an incredible range of knowledge. His expertise in retail, business and marketing strategy, economics, psychology coupled with a futurist orientation is readily apparent in his presentations. Listen to Bryan speak - your thinking will be challenged, you will be highly engaged and you will definitely not be bored!

    - Principal at Caprē Group
  • He has energized the stage for us on more than one occasion, bringing both domestic and international insights of the changing retail landscape to bear with our international teams. He continually has provided insightful value to us as an organization and to me personally.

    - Chief Marketing Officer at greenfence
  • Bryan is one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry. His insights into retailing (and selling to retailers) are unparalleled. His presentations engage, inform and challenge audiences to think differently about how to compete effective in the future. He effectively connects the dots between retailer financials, retailer strategy and supplier implications.

    - CEO & Owner at Wee Ones, LLC
  • He knows his stuff like no one in the business. But what's more, he can deliver knowledge with a style, energy, enthusiasm and wit that makes you want to lean in and listen (while also getting to have a good laugh!).

    - Chief Marketing Officer at IMAX
  • I know of no one else that has a better grasp on the CPG Retailing world and the impact on both Retailer and Manufacturer. He is uncanny in his ability to connect seemingly disparate facts and analysis to make a compelling case for change.

    - Sr. Manager of Shopper Insights & Category Management, Henkel

Summary Profile

Bryan provides a clear, dynamic, and always topical focus on a variety of channels and retailers around the world. His perspective has been featured on broadcast media such as CNBC, Fox Business and the BBC, and he is frequently cited in a range of U.S. and global business publications. An award-winning writer, Bryan has authored numerous articles for Kantar Retail publications and third-party periodicals such as The Hub and GMA Forum. An engaging speaker, Bryan has addressed numerous Kantar Retail forums and industry conferences. Bryan Gildenberg received his M.B.A., summa cum laude, from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, Wellesley, MA. He also holds an undergraduate degree from Churchill College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England.