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Colleen Francis

The Sales Leader

Colleen is driven by a passion for sales – and results. A successful sales leader for over 20 years, she understands the challenges of selling in today’s market and that business leaders can no longer rely on approaches to sales based on techniques from decades ago.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


In Pursuit of More: The New Rules for Sales Success from Cold Call to Repeat Customer
Today’s savvy buyers are looking to develop trusted, long-term relationships with their suppliers by demanding a new approach to sales that puts client results first, builds trust and loyalty, and ensures consistent success and profits for both the buyer and the seller. If you’re unhappy with your sales productivity and are not converting enough of your prospects into repeat customers, this will be the most important seminar you attend this year. With her internationally acclaimed training approach and no-holds-barred focus on results, Colleen demonstrates The New Rules of Sales Success for enhancing sales productivity that leads to consistently flawless sales results in today’s new economy. With the strategies and tactics Colleen presents, you’ll learn how to sell more, in less time, at a higher profit.

Protect Your Turf: How to Retain and Leverage Your Clients for Increased Sales
All too often sales and marketing teams ignore the single most profitable source of revenue opportunities: their current customers. In today’s competitive, fast-paced marketplace, there is intense pressure for that next deal. And unfortunately, that often leaves driving the buying process to become more complicated with additional stakeholders and influencers in the decision making for a purchase. That means that each client has increasing numbers of relationships that must be managed. Colleen will details the specific steps for leveraging current customers for faster and more profitable sales. All while keeping the competition at bay! Be warned, Colleen does not deal in cliché, glib, or eye rolling techniques for managing your clients – those techniques from the past that leave organizations looking and sounding like everyone else, including their competition! Instead, let Colleen share the specific steps to building long-lasting, loyal and profitable client relationships.

Where’s the Profit in That? Five Steps for Negotiating Based on Value – Not Price
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, closing the sale on your terms and with balanced profits showing for you and the customer is no longer negotiable, it’s a requirement. To succeed today, every salesperson needs to know how to negotiate and close a sale without giving in, without losing a potential customer, all while answering the question on every customers mind: where’s the win for me? Colleen’s 5 Steps Model for Selling Value Not Price will totally transform your entire experience of selling –and your income. With her dynamic presentation style, wealth of front line sales experience and unwavering focus on getting results, Colleen shares her guaranteed method for maximizing your results each time you present your solutions to a buyer. Through her unique 5-Step Process for Selling Value – Not Price you’ll learn how to defend against objections, keep your price firm, your customers loyal – and permanently increase your bottom line by easily closing the most profitable deals.

Creating a Nonstop Sales Boom: Putting an End to Boom-and-Bust Sales Cycles
How many times have you or someone on your team come off a great month or quarter, only to find that the pipeline is woefully empty. This is one of the most common problems that sales organizations face: great results followed by several periods of missed-quotas. Why does this happen? In short, it can have a lot to do with complacency, consistency and a far too narrow view of the role of sales. Simply put, sellers need to look at their job as more than just moving leads to close. We need to look at the entire client lifecycle. In Creating a Nonstop Sales Boom, Colleen will introduce the critical activities all sellers need to be practicing in the four critical stages of client engagement.

  • Colleen's vibrant personality lights up a room. Having done her homework on our organization prior to meeting with the group, she was able to apply her principles to relevant sales scenario's we're facing. The entire sales group is better equipped with a handful of valuable learning's to apply to our account base. What's more, we all still continue to find ourselves rehashing and applying her insights... six months later!

    - Marketing Manager, SupremeX
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for the very informative and refreshing sales strategies you presented. I gained some new knowledge, and was reminded of a few things I had forgotten over time. I think virtually any business could benefit from your common-sense approach to sales.

    - Business Development, Orion Software
  • Her presentation kicked off the conference and kept 130+ sales & marketing professionals entertained and enlightened. Response has been positive as the team appreciated hearing Colleen's perspective. Thank you for contributing to a very successful conference!

    - Senior Director of Sales, Hard Rock International
  • Thank you for yesterday's (my first) Town Hall meeting. You gave me 2 tips that are already increasing my success rate... I am thrilled by your brilliance!

    - Regional Manager, Global Challenge Conference
  • Colleen Francis was great, very energetic and knowledgeable. She adjusted quickly and used specific industries, and encouraged audience participation.

    - St. Marys Cement
  • I was extremely impressed with Colleen's presentation. Because of her enthusiasm and breadth of experience, she could engage and teach sales executives and sales professionals alike. The entire audience was actively participating and learning from her experiences and innovative sales techniques.

    - Anna Communications

Summary Profile

Colleen works with business and sales leaders to design, implement and hone their sales teams to seize market opportunities. Whether designing strategy to target a new market or working with a team to improve their productivity, Colleen’s results have attracted clients such as Merck, Abbott, Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Canada, Dow AgroSciences, Adecco, Trend Micro, United Online, and over 1,000 other leading organizations.

Time and time again, clients who work with Colleen note her frank, no-nonsense approach to solving problems and addressing opportunities. Colleen’s practical strategies deliver results.

Colleen is the author of the popular “Nonstop Sales Boom” and “Honesty Sells” books. She has been distinguished as a Certified Sales Professional (C.S.P.), is a past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is a member of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. Sales and Marketing Magazine has called Colleen and Engage Selling: one of the top 5 most effective sales training organizations in the market today!