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Corrine Sandler

Author, Visionary in the Data & Analytics World

Corrine Sandler is the founder and CEO of Fresh Intelligence Research Corp, a global Market Research Agency, brilliant author of Wake Up or Die. As a renowned entrepreneur, she led Fresh Intelligence to PROFITS fastest growing companies in 4 years and has been on the W100, top 100 woman Entrepreneur list two years in a row. She is a highly sought-after thought leader, appearing on national radio shows and in print media.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Disrupt or Die!
Successful companies do not just meet customers’ current needs, but anticipate their unstated or future needs. A disruptive product addresses a market that previously didn’t know they could be served. Disruptors have a knack for raising new questions and acting on the potential answers. You can either watch it happen or be a part of it. If you haven’t pivoted or iterated in life and business, you haven’t earned your stripes yet. You have to be willing to be misunderstood, because understanding disruption is hard, but disrupting is even harder. 

In this gripping keynote, Corrine will reveal:
• How business models, not products are key to disruption
• Why it’s easier to disrupt behavior, than build disruptive products
• Why Google, Uber, Tesla, Wealth front are not Disruptive products
• 3 true disruptive ideas and how and why they succeeded

It’s spell bounding, it’s compelling, it will energize you. You will definitely be in awe as she presents 3 world-changing disruptions – you would never have dreamed of. Intertwined with personal life challenges on how Corrine disrupted her life and the momentum she gained from doing that. Captivating, inspirational and truly disruptive. You will walk away feeling propelled, recharged and ready to disturb the status quo.

Demystifying Data
The Internet has made us seriously delirious from data. We are living in mad crazed data driven world and analysis paralysis has crept in – YES Data has a dark side.Corrine will demystify it for you, “because data is just a story based on facts that has a soul”. She will show you how data can support your authenticity rather than your insanity. Data doesn’t really matter, only opinions and stories formed from the data matter.


W100 Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs

W100 Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs
Women’s Post’s “Top 20 Woman to Watch"
RBC Central division Canadian top Entrepreneur Award

  • Corrine is an outstanding orator, full of energy and diverse ways to engage an audience. We have brought Corrine back two years in a row to be our keynote based on her uncanny ability to inspire and entertain through innovative presentations and her unique ability to capture attention of a room.

    - VP Retail Council of Canada
  • She brought her wealth of experience, and expertise, around market research and consumer behaviour. Her innovative and fresh perspective really helped to engage our audience and I definitely recommend her for other speaking engagements.

    - VP, Marketing, Confirmit
  • Engaging, interactive, had everyone mesmerized and asking for me. Wow! What a presentation.

    - CEO, OMI Russia

Summary Profile

Growing up during the apartheid regime in South Africa opened Corrine’s eyes to life without accessible global intelligence and her thirst for knowledge. Her story and philosophy is brilliantly depicted in her highly rated book Wake Up or Die, based on the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Wake Up or Die goes where no one has dared to go and challenges the status quo.

Her frank and candid approach holds no bars; she believes the pendulum of the mind oscillates between intellect and ignorance, not between right and wrong.

With over 20 years’ experience, Corrine has established a reputation for unparalleled consumer understanding and insight development. She has worked with some of the world’s finest companies and their market-leading products and brands to develop innovative, sustainable and profitable consumer, brand, corporate and trade strategies for diverse industries and product categories.

Corrine is a visionary in her field, constantly pushing boundaries in product development to enhance the industry she is so passionate about. Corrine is the modern day Sun Tzu, her dogmatic approach to winning all business battles, is based on the art of war – Intelligence first. Her book Wake Up or Die is a powerful, exceptionally written treatise on the use of Intelligence in business today.

Corrine explains how to apply ancient military tactics in a modern business economy – to win every battle without waging war. Her fundamental philosophy is no war has been won without intelligence and never will.