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Dana McCauley

Food Trend Expert & Every Day Innovator

Dana McCauley delivers true food for thought. From how trends emerge and evolve to how to manage the fuzzy front end of the innovation process, her breezy style and encyclopedic knowledge of the food business inspires and motivates audiences to be more creatively focused and confident in identifying winning ideas..

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Generation Food
Every day in the United States 10,000 Millennial women become moms. As this generation hits their peak earning years and becomes the most dominant consumer force in the marketplace, businesses and institutions of all kinds will need to adjust their communications if they want to influence this very food focused demographic. For CPG companies, Health Care Institutions and Marketing Associations, the old methods that worked to dialogue with Boomer Mom about food and health need to be revised. This discussion pinpoints what makes Millennial Mom unique and explores how she wants to engage with brands, learn new information and nurture her family.

Become an Every Day Innovator
While focusing creativity to create winning ideas may come naturally to a select few, it’s also a learned skill that anyone can master. This inspiring presentation focuses on strategies and habits individuals and teams can adopt to become more innovative. Perfect before strategy meetings or as a team building exercise, these sessions inspire audience members to say ‘why not’ and initiate new ways of working that make businesses grow and align teams behind common goals.

Trend Tracker’s Guide to the Universe
Hungry for the latest food and restaurant trends? Then pull up a seat! In this presentation food trend expert Dana McCauley will deliver not just the most important emerging and mainstreaming trends your group needs to know about, but also tell you why these items are hot and what’s likely to come next. This presentation can be tailored to specific interests such as Health & Wellness, Frozen Foods, Restaurants, Beverage Alcohol or whatever other food related topic is most important to your group

Finding Clarity in the Fuzzy Front End
Organizations rarely have a lack of good ideas. More often it’s a lack of resources, competitive insight or confidence that prevents us from creating disruptive new products and ways of working. Learn how to develop strategies, teams and tools that will help your group to select the right ideas and to execute them faster and more efficiently than ever before. This presentation is perfect for corporations but equally beneficial for not-for-profit and other organizations who need to maximize their resources and mobilize teams behind clear, strategic ideas.

Last Dinner on the Titanic
Go back in time to the Edwardian era when fine dining was always based on French cuisine and where many of today’s modern food trends were born. This presentation features archival pictures and all the delicious details of what it was like to be a transatlantic traveler a century ago. From the glamour of the Ritz Dining Room — where grand dames like a Lady Astor dictated the menu for her dinner guests– to the third class dining room where hearty stews and stomach calming ‘ship’s biscuits’ where menu standbys, this presentation draws heavily on the content of Dana McCauley’s international best-selling book (co-authored with Rick Archbold) Last Dinner on the Titanic which was used as a reference by the movie crew who created the Academy Award winning Titanic and by the writers of Downton Abbey.

  • We at The NPD Group have had the pleasure of Dana providing industry expertise and insights by participating in numerous panel discussions. Dana is always a highlight of the event due to her relaxed conversation style, strategic thinking and intuitive understanding of the food world. I would highly recommend Dana as a qualified and competent speaker.

    - Executive Director, The NPD Group
  • Dana is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and she made a large and positive impact as kickoff speaker for the event. She was well prepared, energetic and able and willing to answer numerous follow up questions from the audience. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

    - Executive Vice President, Ipsos-Reid

Summary Profile

Dana McCauley channels creativity and consumer insights into strategies that create market proven innovations. During her career she has worked in almost every facet of the food business. Starting as a chef, she became a food writer and best selling cookbook author; her evolution includes stints as a food stylist, product developer, national magazine food editor, morning TV food trend correspondent and Food Network Canada television show judge. Leveraging theseexperience, Dana works today as a corporate food marketing executive with a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization.

Dana’s insights are often included in newspaper and magazine articles in publications such as People, MacLean’s, Newsweek, Hello! Canada and more. She is the author of four cookbooks including the international best seller Last Dinner on the Titanic. She has been a speaker at the Smithsonian Institution as well as for corporate groups such as Women in Food Industry Management, Food Blogger’s of Canada and the Canadian Meat Council.