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Darci Lang

Personal Development Expert

If anyone understands that life is what you make it, it’s Darc Langi. She quite literally went out and built the life she wanted. She has worked for great leaders and not so great leaders, built three award-winning businesses and let them go when the time was right. All she has accomplished has been done on her own terms and by Focusing on the 90% – on the positive in her world.


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


Focus on the 90%
Your entire organization will be inspired by Darci’s message. Darci uses one simple tool — a magnifying glass — to reframe how we view our jobs, our co‐workers, our clients and our families. This powerful presentation is an incredible opportunity for your group to examine where each person is focusing their magnifying glass. There will always be 10%s and the power we give to those 10%s affects every aspect of our lives. Using this one simple tool, Darci demonstrates how anyone can change their focus and make interactions with others more positive and productive. Challenges occur within every environment. It’s how we approach these challenges that set each of us apart. By using our magnifying glass to focus on the 90%, we can focus on where we want to be, how we can get there together in a supportive manner and still have something left for our families at the end of the day.

Focus on the 90% for Service Providers
Have you ever been served by someone who did not seem to be enjoying what they were doing? Or by someone who was not a “people person”? Have you ever been served by a person who clearly should not be working at that job anymore? If you do not enjoy what you do, it is very difficult to serve with a positive focus. Building great service starts with your employees. Before they can provide FOCUSed service, they need to examine their attitude towards their job and serving clients all day. Darci discusses some tried and true ways to connect with the client. The client isn’t always right, sometimes they are rude. It’s important to have empathy but to be able to put the interaction into perspective so it doesn’t affect every other client we work with that day. Darci’s speaks from experience. By the time she was 24 years old, she was an entrepreneur, owning a tuxedo rental store, a bridal show and, as she transformed into a motivational speaker. From humble beginnings in her dad’s Volkswagen garage, waiting on tables and working retail; then taking a company from bankruptcy to an award‐winning business! She understands what focused service is all about.

Focus on the 90% for Leaders
Darci shares her ideas on how to “reconnect” with your employees… and the reason you were chosen to lead them. We have all worked for someone who was “less than motivating” and you know the negative impact that can have on a group. Leaders have a huge impact on the lives of their employees. Motivating others is a key aspect of any leadership role and often one of the most challenging. Employees need to feel valued and respected by their employer and that means different things to every team member. Life can be very stressful in this “do more with less” society and they can feel the pressure. How can we be motivational examples to our overwhelmed employees? As a leader, you will leave with a fresh new perspective on what your employees are really looking for within their workplace.


  • The response to Darci's presentation at our staff meeting was extremely positive and although I am not surprised, I am a bit awestruck by the level of emotion expressed in the event evaluations and the deep value people took away from her message. Without a doubt, Darci is motivational - she is also a no nonsense Reality-Check Task Master!

    - Jennifer Redston, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • Darci Lang's message was warmly accepted and heard by our group. In the days and weeks since then, I notice that people still have their magnifying glass at their desks, and I often hear a reminder to focus on the 90%..........both of these proof that the message was important enough to remember and ‘own', and delivered expertly! I encourage other work groups or really, any group, to take the opportunity to listen and learn from Darci!

    - John Boyle, FCC

Summary Profile

Darci Lang has discovered a solution to help you live your life, do your job, and connect with the people who matter most, to the fullest. Darci has a bold, joyful presence – illuminating the good in audiences lives with her dynamic message. For 24 years, Darci has been sharing tough love with empathy, creating perspective shifts and having an impact on hundreds of businesses in diverse industries. She helps to transform cultures, employee engagement and in turn – morale and profitability. From farmers, ironworkers and linesmen to medical professionals, educators and administration people, her connection to her audience is astounding.

Darci Lang is an engaging, entertaining, and powerful speaker whose message about ‘Focusing on the 90%’ is clear, insightful and most of all, important.

In the midst of her flourishing entrepreneurial career, Darci has learned powerful lessons about maintaining balance, bringing her best self home to her husband and teenagers and embracing her own victories. Darci Lang is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a wife and a mom, whose simple tool helps individuals reframe the way they look at, and think about, their work and their interactions and relationships with others.
Darci’s Focus on the 90% message will help you and your team to find the positives at work, rise above adversity, and triumph in all they do!