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David Allison

Consumer Culture Expert

He’s been called a “force of nature” by CEO’s, and a “born storyteller” by best-selling authors. Famous architects have called him a “@#)%)@ genius”, and senior executives across North America say he’s “the best at what he does, period.” Artist & Author Douglas Coupland noted “David Allison sees and hears the patterns in the noise — and is then able to tell us what the real signal is. He’s a born storyteller and people love him.”  Evolutionary author, advisor, and researcher David Allison helps us decipher what’s going on around us, and prepare for what’s coming next.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? How you and your industry can thrive in an age of relentless disruption
As a survivor of an industry in turmoil, David explains the patterns to watch for, and how to prepare and prosper through radical sector transformation. From travel agents to advertising agencies, so many traditional industries have already crumbled, and more are soon to follow. But some companies and individuals emerge from the rubble unharmed, and even stronger than before. David shows audiences actionable steps to become one of the winners.

The Ten New Age-Free Audience-Profiling Tools That Motivate Everyone
Marketing, advertising, design, culture, planning, product development: everything changes after you learn about the new age-free audience profiling tools that David’s research has uncovered. Ground-breaking data pulled from 300 questions in 35,000 surveys across North America proves once-and-for-all that age-based thinking is an outdated idea, and points to a much better solution.  Do you want to build a bigger and more engaged audience? David shares essential information about the ten most-powerful audience-profiling tools that motivate everyone to do everything. And the best news of all? Age has nothing to do with it. This discovery will change the way you do business, and has the potential to change the world.

The Boomers Aren’t Dead Yet! Lessons Worth Learning from the Wealthiest and Most Influential Generation
While the media breathlessly reports on What Millennials Want, the Baby Boomers have no intention of handing over the money or the power anytime soon. What can the next generation of leaders learn from the last? What can the Boomers do to help the eventual transition of authority? How can Boomers and Millennials learn to get along? Born in the final hours of the Baby Boomer era, David has a unique perspective on Boomers, and the generations that follow. He offers unique insights from extensive research on the values, wants, needs and expectations of both age groups, and how we are far more similar than you might think.

  • David is one of our favorite speakers to book for business conferences.  Each time he speaks, the feedback from delegates is excellent.  They enjoy his energetic and fun delivery, but more importantly leave with information that asks them to look at the world in a different way.  Pushing people out of their normal day-to-day thinking is a part of what educational events such as ours strive to do, and David helps us meet those objectives regardless of the size or makeup of the audience.

    - Director, Conference Management & Marketing | Global Exhibitions | INFORMA EXHIBITIONS
  • David is a captivating and entertaining business speaker. His delivery of information and visual presentation engages our event attendees. We receive plenty of positive feedback. He has his own following, our last event with David was a sell-out, one of the largest responses we have ever had!

    - Director, Professional Development | Urban Development Institute
  • David applies energy and enthusiasm to all his interactions. He is a true professional, expressing genuine care and interest in creating forward thinking, tactful content that inspires and motivates attendees. Ingenuity, wit and spark contribute to his storytelling abilities; he truly shines on stage. Working with David was an absolute pleasure!

    - Event Manager  Global Exhibitions, Informa Canada
  • David spoke to our conference of private club marketing professionals from across North America, and he rocked the room. We had a ton of very positive feedback. He's dynamic, refreshing, and insightful. Fantastic speaker.

    - Director of Brand Experience & Marketing, The Vancouver Club
  • David Allison sees and hears the patterns in the noise — and is then able to tell us what the real signal is. He's a born storyteller and people love him.

    - Douglas Coupland | Artist, Author
  • David knows how to engage an audience and keep them listening!

    - Minister of Justice, Attorney General of British Columbia
  • David is certainly one of the best I have worked with: he is relaxed and passionate and makes sure everyone in the room is engaged.

    - Sam Sullivan, former Mayor of Vancouver, MLA for British Columbia

Summary Profile

David’s newest and most-ambitious research project to-date proves conclusively that how old we are has nothing to do with how we behave anymore. Data from 35,000 surveys has revealed that we should immediately shut down any talk about Millennials or Boomers in boardrooms anywhere. It’s time to stop ageism for good. Erasing age-based targeting is one thing, but what’s better? The data is in, and David has discovered ten new incredibly powerful audience-profiling tools. This discovery will change marketing, planning, design and culture for decades to come. 

Using these insights, David speaks passionately about the reinvention of contemporary life, and how human beings are changing as a result. He connects the dots to help organizations create products and campaigns for a new era where age is irrelevant.  He eases the anxiety of traditional sectors as they face a very different world ahead. 

With his team at DAVID ALLISON INC, he is an advisor to complex organizations around the world, but his leadership background gives him added perspective.

He built and sold an award-winning marketing communications firm with clients throughout Canada, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. He was VP Marketing for a luxury real estate project marketing firm with 117 offices around the globe, and VP marketing for a luxury real estate brokerage with offices across Canada. He has served as a director of the Urban Development Institute, the Contemporary Art Gallery, and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

He is an accomplished keynote speaker at conferences across the country, and has lectured at SFU, UBC, and BCIT. He taught a full-slate of undergraduate and graduate marketing courses at the University of Calgary, and one of the first in his industry to recognize the potential of social media to change the profession of marketing. He wrote Sell the Truth, his first book, about how companies should respond.  

Over his decades working with organizations around the world, he has won many accolades and awards. More intriguingly, he has impacted many millions of consumer interactions, large and small. 

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