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David Weiss

Leadership, Innovation & HR Development Expert

Dr. David Weiss is President & CEO of Weiss International Ltd. David and his team of organizational consultants lead innovative consulting and training projects that generate effective strategy, innovation, leadership, and HR solutions for Boards, executives and senior leaders throughout North America and Europe. David also is a highly sought after keynote speaker at conferences throughout the world.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Becoming Leaders of Innovation
A decade’s worth of executive surveys on innovation highlight a significant gap between what executives say they want and what their organizations delivers. Over 80% of executives surveyed believe innovation is important for their future success, but less than 30% are satisfied with their current level of innovation. This is what we call the “innovation gap.” This dynamic and entertaining keynote, based upon Dr. David Weiss’ co‐authored book, Innovative Intelligence, answers these questions: • What is the innovation gap and how can it be overcome? • Why do we need leaders of innovation even more than innovative leaders? • How do leaders of innovation work with teams to discover innovative solutions?

Change-Ability In our fast paced business environments, adaptable organizations have a strong competitive advantage. But research consistently indicates that most change efforts fail, largely because leaders and managers are not sufficiently prepared for their roles as effective change agents and implementers. What can result is heightened cynicism and anxiety towards proposed change initiatives in an organization. This highly engaging and thought provoking presentation, described in Dr. DavidWeiss’ book, Leadership‐Driven HR, will help participants explore: • What are the best practices in planning and implementing change? • Why does change generate resistance and how can resistance be overcome? • What should leaders do to be more effective as leaders of change?

Driving Employee Engagement
Driving employee engagement has become one of the dominant methods of building high performance teams. However, research has suggested that engagement alone will not generate high performance. Highly passionate employees will devote discretionary effort to their work, however they also need to be aligned to the direction of the business. As a result, to achieve high performance, employees need to be both highly aligned to the business direction, in addition to being highly engaged with their work. This insightful and compelling keynote, based upon Dr. Weiss’ co‐authored book, The Leadership Gap, challenges the traditional views of engagement and answers the following: • Why is it necessary to achieve both high alignment and high engagement in order to build and sustain high performing teams? • What are the key elements of highly aligned and engaged teams? • What can leaders do to drive employee alignment and engagement for their employees, teams and organizations?

  • Dr. Weiss is a very engaging speaker, customizing his delivery and enthralling his audience. His expertise in delivering strategic thought leadership and innovative thinking for our senior executives was thought-provoking and valuable to all. We appreciated his perspective on the challenges we face in our environment and the steps we can take to build continued success. Dr. Weiss exceeded our expectations.

    - Vice President, Human Resources, L-3 WESCAM
  • David is a dynamic and captivating speaker. Full of infectious energy he delivers compelling messages in a highly engaging manner. He listens attentively to your needs and to information about the audience and tailors his message for maximum relevance and impact. David delivers an amazing experience from initial call, to actual presentation and follow-up after the event.

    - Director, Talent Management & Development, Morneau Shepell Inc
  • We have worked with David many times as a keynote speaker. David is inspiring, entertaining, insightful and always on the cutting edge of what’s happening in both the public and private sector in Canada and internationally. The consummate professional, David never disappoints.

    - Ministry of Education & Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities

Summary Profile

Previously the Chief Innovation Officer in a major multinational consulting firm, David is currently leading Weiss International Ltd and teaching in the executive development programs of the Rotman School Of Management, Schulich School of Business, and the University College of Cayman Islands. David received his Doctorate from the University of Toronto and has three Masters degrees in Education, Psychology and Philosophy. In addition to his organizational consulting assignments, David is a member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Society for Training and Development and an Institute Certified Director (ICD.D) with the Institute of Corporate Directors. He also has been honoured internationally by a number of organizations. David has written 40 journal and trade articles including “Leadership Capacity: The New Organizational Capability,” “Innovative Team Learning,” “HR Metrics That Count,” and “Contextual Negotiations.” David has written six business books