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Deborah Grey

Meeting Life's Challenges

Deborah Grey’s keen interest in people and the dynamics of relationships shine through in her presentations. She is eloquent and funny, and challenges audiences to use both common sense and compassion in their daily lives.

Nanaimo, BC, Canada


People and Process
Many businesses and organizations are spending a lot of time and money developing strategic plans. Often, after the plan is endorsed and it is assumed there is total buy-in, there is a breakdown during its implementation.  Deb believes that process ALWAYS boils down to people and relationships. By using humour, she illustrates what can happen when proper process is not followed.

Boomers, Bombers and Bummers
Focusing on current events and her own personal story, Deb shares her views on meeting the challenges in life and learning to enjoy the ride.

Women of Power: Why Power Alone Won’t Hold Us
Deb shares her views on why women won’t be sustained by their careers alone, and what is the key to living a fulfilling life.

Mountains, Motorcycles and Meditation: Maintaining a Spiritual Perspective in a Material World
Deb discusses ‘practical Christianity’- faith that is a daily part of life. Wherever life takes you, faith equips you for its challenges


Queen Elizabeth 60th Jubilee Medal

Motorcycle Award of Excellence

Officer of The Order of Canada

Alberta Centennial Medal

Queen Elizabeth 50th Jubilee Medal

  • Your messages were dead on, and there was just enough humour. I noticed that the delegates were attentive throughout. ...You obviously gave your speech a lot of thought, and tailored it to our needs. You were a great success, and I had the added benefit of basking in all the positive comments.
    - Hansard Triennial Conference
  • I was instantly mesmerized by Deb’s presence – confident, self-assured, relaxed, a hint of playfulness in her eyes. I've seen many speakers, and I can honestly say, Deb is one of my favourites.

    - Unique Lives & Experiences Attendee
  • In summary ... a HUGE success! Deb stole the show the day of the congress. Every comment I heard about her from advisors and managers was extremely positive.

    - Clarica/Sunlife Financial

Summary Profile

“Get input from your team, but at the end of the day, as leader it’s up to you to make the decision and live with it. It’s your name on the lawn sign…business…or project”

Always a straight shooter, Deborah Grey’s quick wit and sense of humour, (which often got her in trouble during her youth and on Parliament Hill), now characterize her style on the platform, alongside her compassionate nature. Though she had a long career in public life, her desire to make a difference for others began much earlier.

Hers is a story of day to day life working as a passionate teacher and advocate for disadvantaged youth, and as a single foster mother to native children, to becoming a voice to be heard across the country. It is also an inspired story of how someone of humble beginnings with genuine ambition and an incredible sense of fun and energy can go on to accomplish great things. Always lead from the front lines and take up new challenges is Deborah Grey’s mantra. Her book title tells it all: Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize.

Though now retired from politics, she retains the honour of being Canada’s first-ever female Leader of the Official Opposition – and who’s first legislative assistant was a young Stephen Harper. She has taken on challenges and opportunities as an educator with First Nations children, known as ‘Grey Eyes’ amongst the students (and as a woman who could catch a fish with her bare hands!) A true Oilers fan, her episode advocating for Wayne Gretzky as CBC’s The Greatest Canadian was nominated for a Gemini.

For her distinguished record of public service and for her advocacy on behalf of youth and education, she was awarded the Order of Canada in 2007. She encourages a practical and fun, no-nonsense approach to life, believing in compassion and honesty, and in the ability to laugh at oneself, as well as life’s challenges. Her warmth and spirited attitude, combined with her experience and knowledge make her a welcome speaker across the country.