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Dr. Teesha Morgan

Sex Therapist, Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Expert

Dr. Teesha Morgan is a sex therapist, educator, writer, and certified clinical counsellor who is constantly working to further her career that she was once told was ‘unviable’. Now with successful careers alongside companies like Chatelaine Magazine, Johnson & Johnson (KY Brand), Bayer, and Warner Brothers, she inspires free speech, forward thinking, and sexual education in men and women of all ages.

British Columbia, Canada


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Summary Profile

Dr. Morgan’s background is based in the psychological sciences – as she obtained a Bachelors of Science degree with a Major in Psychology – and progressed into the arts, with a Masters of Arts in Counselling degree, specializing in Sex Therapy. Dr. Morgan then furthered her knowledge of the sexual field by obtaining both an Associate in Sex Education and Clinical Sexology certificate, making her one of the few Sex Therapists and Clinical Sexologists in Canada. She finally concluded her studies by receiving a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. In addition to her extensive academic background, Dr. Morgan has gained considerable first hand knowledge into what makes relationships work by counselling numerous individuals and couples through the ups and downs of romantic relationships. She has also appeared as a relationship expert on several radio and TV shows, ranging from news casts such as The Global National, to talk shows such as Urban Rush, Breakfast Television and the Marilyn Denis Show. In addition, Dr. Morgan has been featured in – or written for –  the likes of Chatelaine Magazine and Flair Magazine, as well as many provincial and nationwide newspapers such as The Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Sun.