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Gerry Visca

Canada's Creative Coach, Unleashing Why Power

Gerry Visca is an International Branding expert known for kick-starting creative strategies that help infuse a companies Brand to reach new levels. Gerry inspires, informs and illuminates audiences, to get creative with their brand. He motivates you to create your desired personal and business life. Gerry Visca is known as the ‘rock star’ of the creative branding world. His energy, credibility, fresh content and advice on the power of creativity, presentation, innovation and branding continues to spark rave reviews from international audiences.

Hamilton, ON, Canada


Ignite your WHY: Passion + Purpose = Outcome
Ignite your WHY is the foundational platform for Gerry Visca’s WHY program. As a leader, it is essential to have a hard look at and improve the outcomes in your professional and personal life. It is essential that you strive to ignite new levels of passion and purpose in key areas. Within this high-energy delivery, Gerry Visca uses compelling questions from his 5th book THINQ to provoke action and creative thinking within each delegate, helping them delve deeper into their powerful minds and unleash their own internal WHY power. Gerry Visca challenges and empowers each delegate to rise above their current situation in order to become the best possible version of themselves and create their desired outcomes. Over his 25 year career – Gerry Visca has mastered the art of WHY extraction within 1,000 individuals and organizational leaders and simplified the science of WHY into a 3 part equation: [Passion + Purpose = Outcome]. Ignite your WHY is an inspired and thought-provoking delivery of passion and dedicated enthusiasm, ideally suited to wake up and launch your delegates to whole new levels

Lead knowing WHY: Your WHY shows you the WAY
In this thought-provoking WHY intensive, Gerry Visca empowers leaders with new depths of self-awareness and a new competitive edge that anchors them through the continuity of challenge and change. He draws references from his 4th best-selling book: The Innovation GAP® and his 14 year career as a world-class branding expert. His insights have been adopted by leading organizations that have a compelling desire to grow and thrive through turbulent times. Lead knowing WHY, helps leaders create a meaningful legacy that helps shape and shift the world. Leaders that Lead knowing WHY attract and retain higher calibre teams, strengthen collaboration, connect with the hearts of their customers and differentiate themselves.

Live your WHY: Inspiring Momentum
Over 95% of delegates that attend events have difficulty retaining the information and rarely apply the learning’s. Its no longer sufficient to simply motivate an audience from a stage. Inspirational Speakers like Gerry Visca focus on engaging audiences with meaningful questions, inspired energy, interactive tools and momentum structures designed to help each delegate shift theory into inspired action. Live your WHY® is focused on creating powerful success habits that replace years of conditioned poor habits that keep individuals from reaching new levels of potential. Gerry Visca helps inspire you to create better choices that ultimately influence your behavior and long-term habits and ultimately create a solid foundation from which to live one’s deeper driving Why. Gerry Visca references and applies years of creative coaching which empowers leaders with inspired actions and action plans. Gerry Visca literally has delegates leaping out of their seats to create daily, weekly and monthly actions. This is no ordinary presentation but rather a fun and thought-provoking journey towards vision planning and powerful goal creation to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Defy Gravity: Live life as a DEFYENEUR™
In this compelling and highly thought-provoking key note, Gerry Visca inspires audiences with his purpose of creating one of the most progressive and inspired movements of the 21st century. Living life as a DEFYENEUR™ explores new levels of inspiration by taking everyday entrepreneurs to new levels of excellence and potential. Executives and leaders are now adopting Gerry’s principles to infuse new levels of inspiration and energy within  their teams

Zig Zag™ The Power to Differentiate
A focus on the power of building a brand experience through ‘buzz-style’ marketing techniques designed to engage your target audience with a fresh coat of inspired ideas. In this workshop, Gerry delivers an outstanding presentation designed to help you build your personal brand and differentiate you within the marketplace. Gerry creatively inspires you to form new ideas, create new market opportunities and build momentum through inspired action.


  • Gerry was superb. The audience was raving about him, his energy was off the charts, he was knowledgeable, engaging and his presentation was just on the mark and totally relevant to the challenges we face today in our marketing programs. I definitely want to do another event with him.

    - Canadian Special Events Meetings Expo
  • I loved the creative energy in the room. Gerry sets an energetic tone. This was how a seminar was supposed to be run! Creative, down to earth, funky, fun, real and contagious enthusiasm is the best way to define the experience with redchair™ seminars.

    - President, AllStaff
  • Intelligent, perceptive, energetic, positive. The best I've been to in 30 years in the business.

    - Theatre Aquarius
  • You were organized, thoughtful, energetic and HILARIOUS! I appreciate all of your hard work and efforts and look forward to future opportunities to work together.

    - ISES Toronto Chapter

Summary Profile

“If you have never fallen you have never challenged your potential.” Gerry Visca

Gerry Visca is regarded internationally as Canada’s Creative Coach. As an inspirational speaker, award-winning creative director and author of over 10 books, Gerry Visca has creatively inspired 100,000 people across 12 countries. He was uniquely educated and trained in architecture before going on to found Redchair Branding in 1999. Here he directed over 1,000 branding and creative marketing campaigns, capturing several international awards for creative excellence with notable companies including: Sony, Hitachi America, Campbells Soup and Longo’s.

Visca was also recognized as a presentation guru helping companies win close to $2 Billion in competitive wins which became the genesis of his first book – What Have You Got To Win? As a serial entrepreneur Gerry also founded, built and sold a web-based collaboration software in 2008 and went on to publish 4 more books, Get Creative, The Innovation Gap, Kick Starters and THINQ. For the past several years Gerry has aligned his creative actions towards inspiring 1 million people to action as one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers sharing centre stage with world-class speakers like Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, John Assaraf of the hit movie the Secret and Mike Lipkin.

Visca is a best selling author and creative consultant. He coaches hundreds of select entrepreneurs, inspires world-wide and facilitates creative think tanks with Fortune 500 organizations. Gerry Visca is known as the ‘rock star’ of branding having made numerous TV appearances including CBC Fortune Hunters and has been published in over a dozen publications.