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Gregg Zaun & Jamie Campbell

Hosts of Blue Jays Central on Sportsnet

Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell are best-known as the on-air hosts of Sportsnet. Known for their witty banter and engaging energy, their knowledge of the game and candid analysis makes them a must-watch for sports fans everywhere.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Jamie and Gregg are available for opportunities as Host/Emcee’s

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Summary Profile

Jamie Campbell is one of Sportsnet’s original broadcasters who has hosted coverage of the Grey Cup, Super Bowl, NHL Draft, and MLB All-Star Game. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program, his first job out of college was with CBC Sports where he was in charge of the library where all the old Hockey Night In Canada sports tapes were archived. After stints in Edmonton and Ottawa, he was called by CTV Sportsnet who offered him an anchor position. He became part of history in 1998, when he teamed up with Daren Millard to anchor the first ever Rogers Sportsnet show and has been with the organization ever since. In 2010 at the Vancouver Olympics, millions of Canadians watched Campbell announce the country’s historic first gold medal won by Alexandre Bilodeau. Now he serves as host of the popular Blue Jays Central with analyst Gregg Zaun. 

Former Major League Baseball catcher Gregg Zaun is a World Series winner with the Florida Marlins. He quickly became a fan favourite after signing in Toronto, notably becoming the second Blue Jay of all time to hit a walk-off grand slam. Zaun started his broadcasting career after the Blue Jays closed out their 2006 season. Throughout the playoffs, Zaun would offer his thoughts on how the teams and players were doing, and how he thought they could improve. He worked alongside Jamie Campbell on Rogers Sportsnet. He has continued to work on Sportsnet’s post-season broadcast through 2010.