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Jim Bottomley

Future Success Strategies

Jim Bottomley is an entrepreneur, futurist, management consultant and professional speaker. His unique thinking models enable individuals and organizations to develop innovative plans for future success.

Victoria, B.C., Canada


Jim mixes and matches from these topics to customize for each individual client
Success in the Innovation Age: Navigating Change
We’ve entered a new economy where technology transforms and the strategies for future success are changing like never before. After 30+ years of facilitating planning for clients across sectors, helping organizations meet growing needs in better ways, Jim’s Better Benefit focus helps guide technical choice and improves implementation, minimizing the disruption of change. With a background developing new products, including international software, Jim tracks trends to make sense of solutions. Biotech, Blockchain, AI and Big Data will transform processes, leading to new forms of predictable workplace stressors. Experience facilitating work design applied to the seven start-ups Jim has founded proves that technology must be evaluated in human terms and a Culture of Thanks thrives. Jim will share lessons learned across sectors showcasing how to better navigate and lead change effectively.

Tuning to Tomorrow: Future Success Strategies
By focusing on how human needs are changing, Jim identifies the most critical issues facing your organization, explains what is behind them, and guides your future direction with strategies to improve success. His value as a futurist is that he looks at the interplay between technology, economic, social and demographic trends while sharing strategies that cross sectors, often tried first within his own businesses. Change is accelerating and technology is transforming organizations like never before. Jim addresses the stress of change by stimulating innovative rethinking of the approach to planning, work design. leadership and technical implementation.

Breakthrough Sales: Building Better Benefits
With each of us confronted by over 4,000 ad messages a day and with all of us facing information overload, effective targeting with an appropriate and clear sales pitch is key.  Jim uses his unique approach developing Better Benefit strategies to boost marketing and sales performance. Increasingly, customer satisfaction measurement combined with social media campaigns will improve customer relationships and drive success. He improves sales team performance.

Leadership of the Future: Developing a Culture of Thanks
Jim examines the conditions that produce the best results in the Age of Innovation, looking at the latest methods and ways to improve workplace culture and promote positive change amongst the generations. Jim can demonstrate the power of creating a culture of thanks and can advise of how to avoid the traps that lead to the dark night of the innovator.  His fun style includes communication style coaching and situational leadership training.

Rallying Regional Innovation: Networks & Clusters
Jim has helped organizations and regions innovate, building community capacity in Clusters of interrelated industries in which a region specializes. The Regional Cluster approach to Economic Development drives innovation by forging partnerships between the private and public sector to leverage research, develop new products and services for companies in the region and grow local employment. Jim’s Better Benefit planning approach has helped Clusters succeed in many regions.

  • Jim did a suburb job as our Keynote Windup Speaker. His presence is overwhelming and his command of his topic is equally suburb. His discussion flowed seamlessly and he continuously tied his observations back to our industry. Watching the folks in the room, it became apparent that they enjoyed his presentation.

    - Canadian Home Builders Association – Edmonton Region
  • Mr. Jim Bottomley’s presentation addressed the topic in a very practical way and provided excellent advice and suggestions to the conference participants. His style is informative, engaging and entertaining, and we highly recommend Mr. Bottomley as a keynote speaker in the e-commerce field.

    - President and CEO, Contact North/Contact Nord
  • I think it is safe to say that very few of our delegates would have considered applying trend analysis to developing their business plans-but they will now. We also appreciated the effort you put into researching our industry. It paid great dividends in the relevance it added to your presentation.

    - Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
  • Your talent and ability as an engaging guest speaker is greatly appreciated. You brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to our audience and we have heard lots of positive feedback.

    - Grande Alberta Economic Region
  • Your presentation was right on the mark regarding the future needs and required focus of independent retailers in Canada. Based on the response from the group I would suggest that your messages were heard loud and clear. I also want to thank you for the efforts you made to customize your presentation to our group. Your pre-research added significantly to the quality of your presentation and helped to ensure it resonated with us.

    - Mega Group Inc.

Summary Profile

Understanding how technical, economic, social, demographic and trends in consumer behaviour are combining to affect human needs, Jim Bottomley has helped industries and governments find future direction, identify opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and cope with the stress of rallying change. Working across sectors, Jim suggests innovative strategies that cross boundaries.

As a consultant and business owner (software, retail, consulting, finance), Jim has performed trend analysis, strategic planning, new product development and boosted marketing and sales results for clients around the world. He has spoken to over 250,000 audience members regarding future success strategies and his practical advice inspires positive change.

Jim’s sessions are consistently rated at the highest level, serving to motivate, excite and inspire. Get fired up about your future!