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John Young

Consumer Behavior Specialist

Known for his sense of people and what makes consumers click, this lateral thinker draws on over 30 years of experience, marketing research and writing. A zeal for studying consumer behavior led him to look for opportunities for creating remarkable customer experiences. (Often, through innovative marketing initiatives and advertising ideas for clients.) Early success came while running multi-divisional newspaper chains for two of Canada’s largest independent publishing companies. .

Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada


It’s the Experience: How Remarkable Organizations Successfully Rise to the Top
This presentation pulls back the curtain to show you what the most innovative companies do, and what you can do to give your customers consistent moments of truth. Smart leaders and front line partners are attaining legendary success by going beyond satisfaction and superficial over-the-top customer service. They have adopted a deliberate human focused approach to creating remarkable customer experiences. It’s about how you make them feel and it’s not easy. John will share 5 steps legendary organizations embrace to deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Making the Customer Loyalty Connection
This interactive session is a gripping guide toward understanding and creating an internal company culture that will not only wow your customers into brand evangelists, but also establish a consistent and lasting relationship of trust and loyalty.

  • I was very impressed with the time and commitment you took to learn more about our industry and the care you took to tailor your workshop to meeting the needs of our members. That is not always the case with speakers and we very much appreciated your efforts.

    - Canadian Employee Relocation Council

Summary Profile

It was this creative bent that became the cornerstone of a diverse career. Early success as a crack advertising and marketing manager rocketed him to group publisher for Southam Inc. From the early 80’s through the mid 90’s he looked for every opportunity to improve on customer experiences and grew revenues by filling the unmet needs of his customers. In the late 90’s he formed JCY associates, a business and marketing consultancy focusing on marketing strategies and advertising ideas for clients.

A passion for business and speaking helped form the backbone of the Genesis programs at Niagara College. Entertaining seminars on creating the will to buy and differentiating from the competition consistently drew maximum ratings. For 8 years, he facilitated monthly panels and taught marketing, sales and advertising courses addressing the needs of new entrepreneurs through challenging and enlivened sessions. As a Certified Business Counselor under APEC he has provided consulting to over 300 successful organizations both industry leaders, up-and-coming powerhouses and entrepreneurs, from a wide range of industries. JCY associates still serves marketing and consulting clients, while John has, since the millennium moved to sharing his expertise and passion for his subject with audiences.

Using customized keynotes, seminars, and workshops he dares his audiences to choreograph ultimate customer experiences therein creating loyal choirs of brand advocates and evangelists. As a regularly featured writer in business publications and e-zines audiences consistently rate his marketing, sales and advertising performances 4 out of 4 .

He has been a regularly featured guest and co-host on City Pulse 24’s radio Entrepreneur Hour. A zest for his topic makes delivering motivating presentations both entertaining and inspiring. John is a passionate speaker whose energetic style and lust for sharing his insights with his audiences, leaves them consistently asking for more.