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Juliette Powell

Data Scientist & Futurist

Listed by Forbes as the “ultimate connector,” Juliette is a technology futurist, social commentator, data scientist, media consultant and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank and Turing AI – building the world’s first marketplace for big data after mapping the 100 billion dollar big data landscape.

Newark, New Jersey, USA


We the Data – Big Data With a life’s mission to find meaning in our digital lives, Juliette Powell is the curator of We The Data and acted as field researcher interviewing experts to seed the Vibrant Data Project. Author of 33 Million People In The Room (Financial Times Press) and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank, Juliette identifies the patterns of successful leaders who bank on data and social technology to win. 33 Million People in the Room: The Power of Social Networks As Markets Go Down, the Value of your Relationships Go Up!  Powell provides a run-down of social networks and the “33 million people in the room” concept: imagine everybody you’ve ever known standing in the same room, each with their rolodexes out and ready to go. -Social Networks (SNs) are the online counterpart of real-world networking -They are creating new communication, production and distribution business opportunities -They represent an easy way with low barrier to entry, to stay in touch with people, tangential acquaintances included -Makes it easier to contact new people and to get back in touch with people you already know

Platform Plus

Event Moderator

  • Juliette Powell reveals the power of connections, the strategies to gain audience and the best practices to build community in this brisk-paced canter through the new tools and techniques for doing business. Real-world examples make a compelling case for her notion that social capital makes sound business sense and when successfully established can translate into capital in the bank.

    - Deputy Editor, News Interactive, BBC
  • Juliette is a consummate professional; from her ability to quickly customize her presentation to help us return our agenda back to schedule despite other event over-runs, to her willingness to take part in an after-event interview. Her presentation was ranked among the top 5 of our event that included over 28 panels and 100 presenters. Our audience over the 2.5 days included more than 1900 representatives of Industry, Government and Academia.

    - Canadian Digital Media Network

Summary Profile

As a speaker, Juliette brings electric energy, delivering her messages with clarity and practical examples to show how business, entertainment, and politics all connect together in the brave new world. Drawing on a decade of experience in integrated media including TV, mobile and social media, as well as firsthand experience as the co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank, an innovation forum that connects technology, science, entertain­ment, and business communities, she identifies the patterns and practices of successful business leaders who bank on social technology, communications and data to win. With a life’s mission to help make meaning of our digital lives, Juliette is a passionate advocate for digital literacy, critical thinking and cross-disciplinarian collaboration.  As a contributing editor at Strategy & Business and author of 33 Million People In The Room Juliette identifies patterns of successful leaders who bank on analytics and empowered communities to win. Powell’s background includes a decade of experience in broadcast television as well as new media content and formats. With her deep knowledge of the people and technologies at the forefront of social media, Powell has gained a solid reputation for discovering the latest developments and distilling their social and business implications. As a television journalist she has worked NBC, CNN, ABC, CBC and the BBC. Juliette consults on the Future(s) of Innovation, Information, Leadership and Education for IBM, PwC , and the Structure Data conference.