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Kelly Lovell

Youth Engagement Expert

Youth Mobilizer, Marketing & Consumer Engagement Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, and Media Producer are just a few of the titles Kelly holds. Kelly Lovell is a 14-time award-winning entrepreneur respected for her deep understanding and unique ability to mobilize leaders. On a mission to empower the world one heart at a time, Kelly continuously strives to develop opportunities for individuals and organizations to achieve their greatest potential. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


HR Hacks: How to Retain Top Millennial Talent
With 91% of Millennials expecting to stay in a job for less than three years, attracting and retaining this demographic is becoming crucial. No longer concerned about the bottom dollar, Millennial employees are looking to join vibrant communities, even if that means leaving you. How do you engage and retain them? Learn what you can do to attract and retain their loyalty by recruiting Kelly Lovell, North America’s leading Youth Mobilizer. Dedicated to bridging the gap between youth and business, Kelly shares insights into the Millennial mindset and effective strategies to keep young talent motivated and loyal.

Finding Success While Staying True To Who You Are
With women only holding 14% of the top leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, the pressure to conform to corporate standards is high. How can women find success while staying true to who they are when they are still making 85% of what men make for the same job?  What we don’t often realize is that at the heart of every successful venture is a passionate determination that transcends expectations. As a young entrepreneur who incorporated her own company at 19-years-old, Kelly Lovell especially understands pressures facing women. Now running five company portfolios, including a tech startup, Kelly is ready to share her insight for aspiring women leaders. 

Inspire YOUth to Lead Change!
Youth have the power to lead change, all they need is the right inspiration! Inspire youth to unlock their voice by recruiting Kelly Lovell, an acclaimed youth mobilizer and motivational speaker recognized for her youth empowerment work. From lunch with Chelsea Clinton to most recently, meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckham Palace. Kelly is trailblazing a path for youth innovation. Join Kelly to hear her journey as a young leader and tips on how youth can find their voice, ignite change and become like the leaders they admire.

Three P’s To Success: Making Your Ambitions A Reality
From becoming one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women at 21 to receiving an invitation to meet Her Majesty the Queen, passion, perseverance, and persistence are at the heart of Kelly’s success. In this talk, learn how to leverage these 3 simple, but powerful character traits to achieve their own career ambitions and personal goals.

Platform Plus

Workshop | The Future at Work: Mastering Millennial Employee Engagement 
The key to effectively engaging the youth market is simple: bring one of them into your boardroom. Set to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, Millennials are becoming a critical demographic for employers. Millennials hold a different set of learning and communication preferences than previous generations, making them a challenging demographic in the workplace. Much to the frustration of employers, these young employees do not respond to traditional communication and training methods. With 91% of Millennials expecting to stay in a job for less than three years, attracting and retaining this demographic is becoming crucial. Join Kelly to gain insight into the Millennial mindset and how you can effectively engage them.


Queen’s Young Leaders Award

Honourable Governor General of Canada's Caring Canadian
Starfish Canada | Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25
Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Silver Stevie Award Winner, Women in Business

Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100
Hesselbein Global Academy Top 50 young leaders of the world
American Express & Ashoka Emerging Innovator

Canada's Top 20 Under 20
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient

K-W Oktoberfest Rogers Young Woman of the Year
Provincial Change the World Youth Ambassador
Ontario Ministry of Citizenship's Newcomer Champion

  • If wisdom and the powerful use of words to inspire richer social and ecological engagement is what you are looking for, Kelly Lovell is the woman you should hire. Kelly's message resonates with young and old. Her manner was always professional.

    - Co-Organizer, 2013 LOOK festival
  • I love that the message you sent came at a time in life when most people are ultra-consumed by the busy schedule they have... So thank you for the passion, direction and practical insight that you gave my students yesterday. It truly was inspirational!!

    - Huron Heights Secondary School
  • The most notable quality about Kelly is the fact that she can light up a whole room with her enthusiasm and energy.

    - Chair, Impact Microcredit
  • Kelly is a motivating and engaging speaker who delivers her message in a heartfelt way. She inspires countless students to follow their dreams.

    - Franklin Elementary School
  • From Kelly's captivating speech, she has ignited the inspiration in us and caused a blistering flame of ambition that cannot be extinguished.  Her contagious words of motivation will be with us when striving to become leaders of today. She left a legacy of passion

    - President, AIESEC Laurier
  • I got goosebumps at one point, and I am an adult. Passion and vision are essential for meaningful life - as essential as love, kindness and authenticity. My feeling is that you embody all of these. Thank you. You are helping to build a better future and present.

    - Council of Canadians member
  • Kelly was amazing! She definitely left an impression on the students and even the principals. Students from both schools asked her questions during the Q&A and some even stayed behind to interact with her a little more.

    - Kent Community Health Centres

Summary Profile

Unsatisfied with just chasing dreams, Kelly Lovell is creating legacies of united communities and humanitarian achievements across the globe. Kelly Lovell, understands first hand that the key to changing lives is to first give back. With The Kelly Effect™, she has developed an array of ambitious, yet extremely fruitful nonprofit projects fostering youth engagement and leadership development across Canada. From fundraising to build schools in Africa, to mobilizing volunteerism projects and serving as a National Youth Delegate on leadership platforms, Kelly is a dedicated mentor. She is committed to helping youth achieve their ambitions, by developing action plans that are pro-active and tailored to their personalities and interests.

Kelly is a coach and consultant on a mission to connect youth, business and community. Respected by renowned leaders including Nobel Peace Prize Entrepreneurs, governmental bodies, and global humanitarians, Kelly possesses wisdom beyond her years married with a bubbly and youthful energy that leaves a lasting impression on young and mature audiences alike.

Amidst the breadth of her work, Kelly measures her success on an individual basis, by each heart inspired and every community touched. She believes individual potential is limitless, and dedicates her efforts to empowering the greatness in others. With her working motto, “Everyone is born great; it’s a simple matter of channeling one’s passion to enable them to shine”. She is committed, in all that she does, to unleash the positive desires of others in everything she does.

Kelly Lovell is the Governor General of Canada’s Caring Canadian, the youngest 2013 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100, one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20, an Ontario Provincial Change the World Youth Ambassador, and a recipient of the QEII Diamond Jubilee medal. Tenacious in nature, Kelly is just getting started on her ripple effect of positive change. Watch it spread!