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Mario Pilozzi

Former CEO Walmart Canada, business transformation expert

Mario Pilozzi spent 7 years as the President of Walmart Canada. During that time he transformed the Canadian retail scene and, in the process, impacted a whole host of industries.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Learning from the best
From human resources to supply chain to greening, Walmart has a record that many organizations envy and want to learn from. Who better to tell this story than the former CEO whose team led the company through its unprecedented growth, Mario Pilozzi? This is a speech for organizations that want to sell, compete, emulate and differentiate by using insight from Walmart Canada’s success.

Changing the culture of an organization
After Walmart Canada bought Woolco, Pilozzi and his team turned that troubled discount chain into a powerhouse using the same management, locations and suppliers. “We did it by changing the culture of the organization” says Pilozzi.. With the new culture came a sense of responsibility, accountability, entrepreneurial spirit and a new focus.  Pilozzi shares his teams’ experiences in implementing the culture change that made the difference.

Balancing Corporate Profits and Corporate Responsibility
Pilozzi provides an engaging talk on corporate responsibility from the point of view of a corporation. The audience will learn how decisions are made at the executive level; they will hear about how management balances its responsibility to society, shareholders, employees and suppliers. Using specific examples, Pilozzi shows how the company became involved in the Juno Beach Memorial and how the greening of Walmart affected the bottom line.


Hardware and Housewares Industry Hall of Fame (2010)
Retail Council of Canada's Distinguished Canadian Retailer of the Year (2007)
Retail Council of Canada's Canadian Retail Hall of Fame (2004)
Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year (2000)
  • Mr. Pilozzi fascinated the standing-room-only audience with his insights and his stories about the Walmart system.

    - Ryerson University
  • A big hit with our people. We all learned so much about how to do more without spending more.

    - KPMG Health Care
  • Mario made a major contribution to the success of our event.

    - Canadian Hardware and Housewares Association

Summary Profile

Mario Pilozzi has achieved remarkable business and personal success as a leader of one of Canada’s most successful business transformations during his tenure at the head of Walmart Canada.

Shortly after Walmart expanded to Canada with the takeover of the Woolco discount chain, Mario was named CEO of the new division. He and his management team took the troubled chain and turned it into the retail powerhouse it is today, all with the same management; same vendors; same locations – but different results. This is a fascinating and educational story for any businessperson to hear.

Son of an immigrant family, Mario began his career stocking shelves at F. W. Woolworth’s in Montreal. During his 30 years with the organization, he worked in small towns and large urban centres across the country all the while becoming a passionate retailer. He rose through the ranks with increasingly senior roles including that of senior vice president by the time Walmart Canada Corp. acquired the 122 Canadian Woolco stores.

As CEO, Mario and his team took the new company through the challenging task of adapting to the Walmart culture. On a mission to firmly establish Walmart as a retail force in Canada, he led the company through an extended period of growth, tripling the size of the workforce and dealing with all the challenges that came forth as a result, most notably, changing vendor relationships and a new supply chain dynamic. He maintains an ongoing relationship with Walmart as a consultant to the overseas divisions.