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Matte Babel

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Matte Babel is a pop-culture icon featured in a variety of TV roles, including as VJ for MuchMusic and host of MuchOnDemand. After five great years, Matte then earned a spot as co-host of CP24 Breakfast, as correspondent for eTalk and now the host of Canada Sings. He’s interviewed superstars like Mariah Carey, P. Diddy and James Blunt, and speaks from personal experience about reaching for your goals.

Los Angeles, California, USA


Schooled! Building a foundation for success
Backed by a double honours degree, Matte describes how his education has been the foundation of his success, providing him with a way out of the disadvantaged neighbourhood he grew up in.

Flick Off! Rallying youth behind the environment
This engaging presentation explores the challenges in rallying youth to address a global issue, especially when many don’t feel there is an immediate impact of taking or not taking action.

Role Playing: Being a positive influencer in pop culture
Matte discusses the influence of role models on Canadian youth and the importance of offering a positive alternative in our celebrity-driven, pop culture world.

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Event Moderator

  • Matte Babel was a smash on my campus. His insight into pop culture – and music in particular – exceeded all expectations of both myself and the student body. A great feature for any college or university.

    - Entertainment programmer, Fanshawe College Student Union

Summary Profile

Matte quickly realized that a good education was his ticket to a better life. His interest in people and cultures and how they influence societies led to a double honours degree in sociology and communications. Following university, he briefly played semi-professional football in Austria before returning to Canada and landing a job with MuchMusic. In 2011 he joined the Entertainment Tonight Canada team based out of Los Angeles.

Since then he has worked some of the world’s most glamorous red carpet events including The GRAMMYs, The Oscars, The Golden Globes and more. Matte is a charismatic and thought-provoking speaker who is passionate about the issues affecting Canada’s youth. Babel grew up in a number of neighbourhoods in Toronto’s suburbs, including impoverished areas in Scarborough. His life experience includes witnessing the tragedies of gun violence and drug use first-hand. Well-educated and possessed with a high profile, Babel realized the great opportunity he had to influence under-privileged youth who have few tangible role models today.

He is very interested in environmental initiatives – with a focus on global warming – and is committed to motivating youth to get involved. Babel was the driving force behind Flick Off, a movement to create awareness about reducing energy usage through turning off unnecessary lights. Matte Babel is a visible minority who represents a race and generation that is often misrepresented. Just like many youth, he is concerned about the future and the world he lives in. His energetic and engaging personality will motivate your audience to challenge themselves and make a difference.