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Monica Parker

Inspirational speaker and author of "Getting Waisted"

Monica Parker has had a multi faceted and successful career in the entertainment industry born of invention, determination and tenacity.  She’s been a writer for film and television, an actor on stage and screen and through it all she has made it her mission to be advocate for body acceptance at any size.  She’s a force for positive change who always delivers with warmth, wisdom and a great dollop of humour and insight from her years spent fighting the pervasive perception that being good enough means being thin.  She has an uncanny ability to inspire us all to become more and more of who we are meant to be just as we are.  She believes not everyone is mean to be sylph-like and she’s only too happy to be their “Pie” Piper.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Living Large (Success At Any Size) 
In this inspirational talk Monica Parker lays out how her lifetime battle with weight has given her the courage to confront not just the detractors but the damaging voices we all carry with us that are destined hold us back. Unless, we are willing to stand up and turn those perceived liabilities into our assets. Life offers all of us many gifts and many challenges.  How we choose to deal with them is what makes us who we are. Monica is the poster woman for turning lemons into lemonade. If change is what a person wants, needs and can sustain, that’s great, but are we to be made miserable if we can’t?  Her perspective on how real women are portrayed in the media and what it’s like for someone who doesn’t fit the mold, is moving but also funny and one hundred percent relatable. When she left the relative sanity of Canada for Beverly Hills – a town filled with women all running around in circles like dogs chasing their tails trying to get back to their original birth weight of six-and-a-half pounds- she knew she had her work cut out for her, but she has always has been up to the challenge – even in a place where being fat is considered a criminal offence.  Monica has made a life and a very successful career by disarming those that disparage body diversity by confronting the problem head on with her insightful mix of humour and passion.

Aging: Gracefully or Disgracefully – (It’s all in the perception)
Monica Parker’s irreverent but motivating view of a society gone mad in its pursuit of perpetual youth- while being highly entertaining- is also a cautionary tale which underscores the futility of investing too much time and money in and endgame that can’t be ever really be won. A life lived in fear of the inevitable is the road to not living life. Monica’s take on this new age where no one wants to get or look old does not mean we should not do whatever we wish and can afford to put on our best face. Monica aims to highlight the slippery slope with potentially frightening results.  There’s little deniability that we all want to get our hands on the magic ‘turn-back-the-clock-pill’.  It’s Monica’s keen observations that we have entered a time where everyone is unilaterally kicking and screaming in their determination to remain young, vibrant and without restrictions. No one wants to look like, act like or move like the grandparents of just a few decades ago but Monica pointedly shares the unwanted notion that we are all going get older if we’re lucky – so we’d better find a way to embrace it.  With her innate wisdom and gift of celebrating every day to the fullest, Monica hopes to be able to help you do just that!

Summary Profile

Monica Parker was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland until the age of thirteen when she immigrated with her parents to Toronto, Canada.  After bouncing from art school to art school she fulfilled her childhood ambition of becoming a dress designer for a small but exclusive couturier.  Her years in the fashion industry spawned a new profession when director Ivan Reitman asked if she would lend him clothes for his first feature film, Foxy Lady. That relationship led to him to offer her a part in the movie and therefore the beginning of her unplanned and eclectic career as an actress, writer and producer. 

Monica went on to write, star and produce her own television series Sweet City Woman, which Mr. Reitman also directed and in which Dan Aykroyd got his first job in show business as the announcer.  For the next twelve years she worked non-stop as an actress and writer in theater, film and television.  She co-starred in five other series until she was lured to Los Angeles with an offer to write for The Helen Reddy Show and An Evening at the Improv.  In Los Angeles Monica flourished writing and acting in television and film.  In 1988 she co-wrote the very successful movie All Dogs Go to Heaven.  

In 1994 she started her own production company “Write Side Up Productions.”  Most recently she has completed writing two features, Big Mouth and The Last Single Woman On Earth, both of which are currently under option.   In 1996 she produced her first television movie for NBC – A Kiss So Deadly.  She has co-starred in several television movies including ABC’s Radiant City starring Kirstie Alley, CBS’s The Other Woman and Jacey’s Story starring Gena Rowlands.   Her feature film work includes Alan Parker’s Road to Wellville starring Anthony Hopkins and Bridget Fonda, Andrew Davis’s A Perfect Murder with Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow and Nancy Drew

Her 2007 TV movie, The Party Never Stops garnered a Prism award nomination for its star, Nancy Travis. Monica is currently starring in her insightful and funny one-woman show; Sex, Pies & A Few White Lies, which premiered in Toronto in 2010. Her soon-to-be published, funny but true non-fiction anti-diet book is called Getting Waisted. Amongst Monica’s many accolades, she has recently been asked to serve as an Advisory Board Member at Humber College’s prestigious Television Writing and Producing Program. She is a much in demand speaker and thought leader in a topic near and near to her heart; “Self-love instead of Self-loathe”. Monica currently has a recurring role on SciFy’s hit show; Defiance.