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Sekou Andrews

Creator of Poetic Voice Speaking

As the world’s leading Poetic Voice, Sekou creates powerful poetic presentations that give voice to the missions of organizations and help them tell their most powerful stories. He is the creator of this new, refreshing, cutting-edge speaking category that fuses inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry to make messages more moving and memorable. Bringing the power of art to business through his unique, dynamic blend of strategic storytelling, business insight, spoken word, theater and comedy, he makes events into experiences, and transforms audiences of informed receivers into enrolled responders. Sekou does more than inspire us with his story; he inspires us with our story.

Los Angeles, California, USA


The Poetic Voice
Sekou customizes his poetic voice presentation for various industries including:
• Innovation, Creativity, Perspective, Collaboration
• Social Media, Engagement, Digital Consumers
• Healthcare & government Regulation
• Vision (Personal & Brand)
• Storytelling
• Education
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Redefining the Business of Health: corporate, clinical, and community
and many more!


Say World | Bridgebuilder Award

2002 & 2003
National Poetry Slam Champion

  • What is most amazing about Sekou was his preparation for our meeting. He did the research, he reviewed Insurance contracts … so his preparation was stellar. He CLEARLY made this a priority. And his outcome was absolutely spectacular! The audience loved him, and why did they love him?… Because he spoke THEIR language. He went the extra mile to learn the language of our industry and then, very poetically, gave it right back at us. He is AMAZING.

    - President, Million Dollar Roundtable
  • It’s hard to imagine the artistry of this young man; his ability to take a concept, factual information, compassion and ideas, weave it into a story … and move an audience and structure a presentation … I’m in awe of his talents.

    - Founder TED & TEDMED Conference
  • The reaction was very positive, both, to his remarkable talent, but even more importantly, to the messages he was convening and the messages his performance conveyed to us; it helped us have a really productive meeting thereafter.

    - CEO, eBay
  • As a marketing professional, I’m in the business of creating experiences for people. There are very few things I’ve found that really move people in a way that Sekou does. He does it with intelligence and with complete relevancy to whatever project you’re working on.

    - Senior Marketing Manager Accenture
  • Sekou deciphers those business messages in a universal language and connects people, whether on camera or live. He can take a video presentation or business meeting from humorous and informational, to powerful and inspirational. Frankly, it’s hard to describe the Sekou effect accurately. You just have to take a meeting with him. I’ve taken him to clients who thought they got it, then had him perform one excerpt live in a board room, and they were hooked! Take one meeting with him and I’m sure you’ll get excited about the possibilities.

    - Owner Sound Images
  • It was amazing, very insightful, and with his beautiful humor [he] actually showed the dark side of American health. Congratulations.

    - Deepak Chopra, Bestselling Author The Chopra Center
  • Performing for academics, county and state officials, or college students, it didn’t matter. Mr. Andrews “killed.” This is a very gifted man, of great inspiration, who never fails, from the first onstage moment, to entertain and inform.

    - Founder ACT III / People for the American Way

Summary Profile

An elementary schoolteacher turned actor, musician, national poetry slam champion, entrepreneur, and now award-winning Poetic Voice, any given day may now find Sekou presenting an original talk for international marketing executives, giving a keynote speech at a leadership conference, or performing pieces for Barack Obama in Oprah’s. His work has been featured on such diverse national media outlets as ABC World News, MSNBC, HBO, Good Morning America, Showtime, MTV and BET, and he has performed privately for such prominent individuals as Maya Angelou, Quincy Jones, Larry King, Hillary Clinton, Norman Lear, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, and Coretta Scott King and family. Organizations that have experienced poetic voice include Nike, Time Warner, Cisco, Global Green, eBay, Microsoft, Google, Upward Bound, The GAP, LinkedIn, Express, Paypal, General Mills, TEDx, Wieden+Kennedy, NBA, NCAA, LPGA, Chopra Center, AutoDesk, Experient, Singularity University and the Million Dollar Roundtable to name but a few. Sekou has also emerged as an engaging voice for health and wellness, routinely evoking tears, cheers, and standing ovations at various cutting edge conferences/clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, TEDMED, Roche, IHI Forum, Genentech, American Nurses Association, and Health 2.0.

Beyond the business world, Sekou, along with creative partner Steve Connell, has inspired audiences from the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival to The Pasadena Pops Orchestra. He is also a successful voiceover artist and actor with several national commercials and 3 feature films on his resume; not to mention his two-man spoken word play “The Word Begins”, with Connell, which received critical acclaim and garnered 3 Helen Hayes award nominations. As a recording artist and producer, Sekou’s last album, “Poetic License,” made him the most awarded artist in the nation’s largest independent music organization. Most recently Sekou has been teaching his speaking secrets to world-class speakers through his Stage Might speaker training, which unlocks people’s hidden speaking power by training them in the proven techniques performers, artists, and rockstars.

With all of the innovation and inspiration that is Poetic Voice, Sekou Andrews gives voice to our most powerful stories and shows us the best version of ourselves, so we can live into it.