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Spider Jones

Inspiring Role Model

Spider Jones’ compelling story weaves in all that is best in us, overcoming issues of self-esteem, making choices, and living the life you dream of. Welcome to the Spider’s Web.

Pickering, Ontario, Canada


Out of the Darkness
A dynamic, uplifting tale of an inner city kid’s rise from the grind of poverty. It is an inspirational story that gently, but firmly, sends a strong message of hope to audiences everywhere.

Battling Low Self-Esteem

Reaching Your Full Potential

What I’ve Learned From Champions of Life


  • Your message of hope, perseverance and the human will to overcome adversity in spite of daunting obstacles resonated with your audience. Your unique skills to engage a packed auditorium of students ( for two consecutive assemblies ) is a testimony to your lifelong commitment and dedication to supporting and mentoring impressionable young men and women, while challenging them to redouble their efforts to stay true to their goals and dreams for success in life.

    - Success Teacher, Central Peel Secondary School
  • Spider Jones is a dynamic speaker with an overwhelming stage presence. His life story is an inspiration to people of all ages.

    - Faculty of Technology, Seneca College
  • Spider has one of the most extraordinary and touching stories I’ve ever heard. It is amazing to see the impact he has on students. His lessons on dealing with peer pressure, racial harmony, bullying and low self-esteem are incredibly insightful. He makes you believe nothing is possible. - RA Sennet Public School
  • Spider delivers a tremendous message of hope and inspiration. I highly recommend him. It’s a message every student should hear.

    - Former Vice President, Metropolitan Toronto Police Association
  • The reaction of the audience was astounding. Eight hundred students were totally in awe for the entire 40 minutes he spoke. His presentation is a powerful inspiration.

    - Mayfield Secondary School
  • Spider’s speech truly invigorated our students. He was the topic of conversation for weeks. He’s a tremendous motivator and a great role model.

    - St. Michael’s College

Summary Profile

A grade five dropout and former gang member, Spider Jones beat the odds and turned his life around.

Gang life led Jones to a violence-filled youth. He knew street life couldn’t have a happy ending, and looked for something constructive to get involved in. Jones quickly learned to channel his street smarts in the boxing ring, ultimately winning three Golden Glove Championships and securing a place for himself in the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

Once his distinguished boxing career was behind him, Jones realized he could translate the discipline it took to succeed in the ring into other areas of his life. He went on to co-host the syndicated television show Famous Knockouts with boxer George Chuvalo before landing his own radio show on Toronto’s Fan 590. The Spider’s Web quickly became the number one overnight radio show in Canada, featuring interviews with such sports greats as Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays, and Wayne Gretzky.

Today, Jones dedicates much of his time to telling his story across North America and through his book, Out of the Darkness. His message of hope recounts his own journey from gang life to respected role model, and illustrates his message that no dream is unattainable.