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Sunjay Nath

Author & Human Performance Expert

Sunjay Nath travels globally sharing insights on leadership and performance. He is best known for his trademark, “The 10-80-10 Principle” which is a framework that helps individuals and teams improve performance. This methodology combines best practices with small wins to help people empower themselves.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The 10-80-10 Principle
The 10-80-10 Principle is a framework that allows you to increase your performance and results by focusing your energy and efforts on highest yielding activities. Every person or group already exhibits behaviors that are Top 10 (percent) – those behaviors that lead to high performance and achievement. What people lack is the knowledge to consistently operate at that dynamic Top 10 level. The 10-80-10 Principle rewards and grows Top 10 behaviors and eliminates Bottom 10 actions. Engaging Hands on, Sunjay works with the audience to identify their Top and Bottom 10 and then A.C.T. with the 10-80-10 Principle to create greater performance levels in their lives, or within the organization.

The Number One Thing That Holds Us Back
This workshop builds part of the foundation to the 10-80-10 Principle. If we acknowledge the way our personal bias forms our opinions and biases, we can easily be trapped by our own limiting beliefs. The goal of this session is to help move people from Impossible to Possible. This is done by bringing to surface some of the ways our own assumptions lead to our personal biases. Once we are aware of this, we can learn to question the rules and boundaries, which are often self-imposed. By questioning the barriers and re-approaching from a different perception we can make what was once impossible, possible.

From the Platform
This is an experiential approach to improving Speaking Skills. The From the Platform workshop focuses on four main components of effective presentations; basics, rules, content and application with an experiential approach. Participants will be given exercises to practice and enhance their presentations skills throughout the sessions.

  • Excellent and inspirational message. Your 10-80-10 principle was working for me even though I had never heard of 10-80-10. When I went home, after the conference, I started to tell my son about the 10-80-10 principle. He immediately said 'that was Sunjay' and he produced one of your cards from his desk. He attended a Leadership Camp where he saw you speak 7 years ago. He remembers you and your message very well and credits you as a great source of inspiration. I could produce a list of wonderful achievements that Josiah has achieved in his young life, but I'll spare you. I simply want to thank you for speaking into my sons life, and having such a significant impact on him and his life choices.

    - Maintenance Planner, Domtar Inc.
  • I keep hearing people “quote” you! (including my CEO). We received excellent feedback and of course you were rated our top speaker of the conference.

    - Director of Training, Doctor’s Eyecare Network
  • That was one of the best keynotes I have heard in a while.

    - Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEO - Research in Motion
  • He was exceptional; certainly the definition of what you hope a ‘keynote’ will contribute in terms of setting tone.

    - Executive Director, Kin Canada
  • His keynote made me question and eventually change the way we do business. The results have been less stress for the team and myself, and increased performance for the organization.

    - General Manager, Bell Createch
  • Combining humor and real life experiences, Sunjay delivered his 10-80-10 Principle with energy and enthusiasm. He challenged his audience to consider how best to focus their attention to achieve positive change through the spectrum ranging from the individual through to the corporate culture level.

    - Commander, Department of National Defence
  • Sunjay Nath has a natural talent for both public speaking and helping others excel in this area. He helped me clean up my content and lay it out in a clear and captivating manner. He helped me with delivery and he tuned me up with each practice run. Sunjay has really truly provided tremendous value to my company and me. I highly recommend him for training and coaching.

    - President, Frame of Mind Coaching
  • You had our 300+ group's complete attention in one minute. I didn't hear anyone move during your entire presentation. Your message was clear and concise, everyone in the room related to you in both their business and personal lives.

    - Broker of Record, Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre

Summary Profile

Sunjay was a founding Vice President of an e-learning company based in Toronto that has gone on to become a multimillion-dollar company. Prior to that position he worked as an engineer for a distribution company in New York. He served as a camp director for several years with a camp that focuses on developing leadership skills in students. He has also held positions with H&R Block and Bank of Montreal. With his background, Sunjay offers a rare combination of both left and right brain activities to engage all audience members. Sunjay holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Engineering, a degree that after the first year of the program, 80% of the students failed out. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration. During his MBA, he took first prize in an international business case competition. Always striving to achieve Sunjay has earned is Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, has run a full 26 mile (42km) marathon and has jumped out of a perfectly good plane (some call it skydiving). He has served as President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Toronto Chapter and President of his Engineering Discipline. He is a magician, a comedian, a professional actor, he can juggle and in university he was rated as one of the country’s top debaters. Sunjay is the author of The 10-80-10 Principle, The ABCs of Student Leadership, and a contributing author for the book, Professionally Speaking.