2017 NSBest Speaker Profile | Ian Campeau

September 29, 2017

Our annual Engage Speaker Talks (NSBest) events are here! We kicked things off in Calgary (Sept. 8), and next up is Toronto (Oct. 4).

Today, our featured speaker is Indigenous Advocate & Founding Member of A Tribe Called Red, Ian Campeau. Through a powerful combination of art and activism, Ian and ATCR use their notoriety to draw attention to issues of racism, gender based violence, stigmas of mental health, and other forms of oppression. 

At NSBest 2017, Ian will be speaking on Success & “Making It.” It’s all about reframing how we define success in life in a way that helps our communities. Here’s our NSBest profile featuring a sneak peek at the insights Ian will bring to his talk:


Ian’s NSBest Toronto Teaser:

We asked Ian: 

What are you like on stage during your presentations?

I’m very real & honest on stage. The ideas that I present in my talks are typically the type of conversations that I try to have with friends & colleagues in my day-to-day life.

What makes you unique?

I have a perspective on the way things are that’s unique, coming from both an indigenous background & growing up urban. I’ve had this different type upbringing seeing perspectives based upon both colonialism & indigenous cultures.

>Why you need to see him at Engage:

Already an award-winning music star with a huge fan base, only recently has Ian decided to branch out into the speaking world. Passionate about various social causes, he hopes to inspire change within audiences around North America. Our audience at Engage will be one of the first to see him deliver a keynote on stage & have the chance to be one of the first organizations to book him to deliver a presentation in their upcoming events.

Ian’s Recent News & Media:

  NSB-Divider You can catch Ian at NSBest Toronto on October 4th:

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