5 Ways to Entertain for Your Holiday or Year-End Celebration

With 2018 rapidly approaching, it’s time to shift our focus to closing out the year in the best way possible. For many Event Professionals, this means putting together memorable Holiday & Year-End Celebrations. Whether it’s hosting clients or employees for year-end celebrations, unique programming can be a big draw at your event. 

We’ve put together a list of five unique ways to help make your year-end event one to remember:

1. A Live Debate With Your Team & Standup Comedians

Steve Patterson is the host of CBC Radio One’s wildly successful The Debaters, a show where comics go toe to toe in a battle of laughs and logic. The Debaters is a combustible mix of sharply crafted comedic rants and hilarious ad-libs. The engaging format is part stand-up, part quiz show and part comedy competition with the live audience picking the winners.

A Debaters Live program is an engaging way to liven up your holiday or year-end celebrations. Steve, alongside two stand-up comedians whom have appeared on the show, will entertain your group with a relevant exchange of facts and funny tailored to suit your needs, industry or event. The program runs for a total of 60-70 minutes: 30 minutes allocated to stand-up (10 from each comedian) followed by a hard-hitting 35 minute debate and even a Q&A for your audience direct participation.

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2. An Inspirational Talk Followed by Live Music From a Juno Award-Winning DJ 

Ian Campeau, also known as DJ NDN, Co-Founded the Juno Award-Winning group A Tribe Called Red. He helped bring a whole new genre of music to the mainstream: Powwowstep, a combination of traditional Indigenous elements & modern electronic (EDM) sounds. The genre fuses modern hip-hop, traditional pow wow drums and vocals, along with edgy electronic music production styles. Book Ian for a keynote presentation followed by a DJ set to get everyone off their feet & having fun moving to some unique beats.

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3. Get Laughing with a Comedic Host

Need a funny emcee for your event? Susan Stewart has been hosting events for over 15 years and will keep your crowd laughing and make your event memorable.  If you’re looking for a comedian to entertain your group, Susan’s hilarious stand-up comedy show, “THE LAST LAUGH”, will send everyone home seeing the lighter side of life! She recently received acclaim for her role as host for Canadian Society of Association Executive (CSAE’s) Trillium AGM/Awards Recognition dinner. Susan kept the energy high and the audience laughing throughout. View more on this blog post.

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A proud Newfoundlander and renowned celebrity in her province, Sheila Williams is a gifted artist, with a natural wit and undeniable stage prescence. She is the MC of choice at many events and shows around Canada. One of the hardest-working people we know, she spends her days working as music therapist using the healing power of music for her senior clients.

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4. Move Your Hands Side-to-Side with a Canadian Hip-Hop Pioneer


Wes Williams, better known as Maestro Fresh-Wes, is regarded as the “Godfather of Canadian hip-hop”. His hit “Let Your Backbone Slide” was the first Canadian Hip Hop single to ever go gold. Wes shows audiences how to define their vision, how to achieve & stick to it, and what to do once they’ve gotten there. His presentations can be accompanied by a can’t-miss musical performance to get keep the energy up & get your audience moving.

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5. Make a Little Magic

David Ben inspires people to strike the word impossible from their vocabulary. By using the metaphor of magic, David empowers his audience with serious and new ideas – delivered in an entertaining manner – and techniques that they can actually use to become more efficient and pragmatic problem-solvers. 

David creates performances with texture: bringing together magic, music & multimedia. The magic he performs is mysterious, but it is also laced with humour. Humour from the performance of the unexpected, and humour from situations in which we  find ourselves. David has made people float and disappear, cut others in half and then restored the parts (well, most of the time). He also specializes in sleight-of-hands. As the sole protégé of Ross Bertram, one of the great sleight-of-hand artists of the twentieth century, David performs magic that, as they say in the trade, packs small but plays very large.

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