Dr. Samantha Nutt’s Damned Nations becomes Globe & Mail best seller in 3 short weeks!

November 18, 2011
NuttCongratulations to Dr. Samantha Nutt’s on her riveting new book, Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies, and Aid which has already made the Globe and Mail Top 10 best sellers list! Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies, and Aid, is a bracing and uncompromisingaccount of Dr. Nutt’s work in some of the most devastated regions of the world.It is a compilation of experiences and heart-wrenching anecdotes along with Dr.Nutt’s principled and uncompromising analysis of terrorism, injustice, extremepoverty, and a new and provocative vision for changing course on our growingmilitarization. Damned NationsDamnedNations is also Dr. Nutt’s latest speech where Nutt appears unassuming butpushes us beyond simply accepting our day-to-day existence, encourages us toengage with our world, and challenge your assumption that global issues havenothing to do with you. To purchase a copy of Damned Nations Or to find out more information or to book Dr. Nutt for your next speaking engagement please contact NSB at 800-360-1073 (Toronto) or 800-661-4110(Vancouver).