Engage Speaker Talks 2017

August 15, 2017

2017 marks the 8th anniversary of our annual Engage Speaker Talks tour. Engage is an opportunity to LEARN, CONNECT and BE INSPIRED by some of the top speakers in North America. This speaker showcase event gives audiences the chance to hear multiple speakers as they bring unique insights to the stage over the course of a morning.

We invite our clients and partners to be our guest at one of our two events across the country: 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017
From 8am to 11:30am
NSB Clients and Meeting Planners: Via donation to our charity partner The Stephen Lewis Foundation

We’ve got two great line-ups:


David Frum | Social & Political Commentator, Senior Editor at The Atlantic

One of the most influential political analysts of our time, David Frum brings a conscience into the mainstream and the often-polarized world of American politics. He helps crystallize what the current political climate will mean for your business or organization – for the good, the bad and the future. As the Senior Editor at The Atlantic, David’s commentary on social and political issues generates thought-provoking discussions throughout America and around the world.

Ian Campeau | Founding Member of A Tribe Called Red, DJ & Feminist Advocate

Ian Campeau, also known as DJ NDN, is a founding member of the Juno Award Winning music group A Tribe Called Red (ATCR). Through a powerful combination of art and activism, Ian and ATCR use their notoriety to draw attention to issues of racism, gender based violence, stigmas of mental health, and other forms of oppression. Ian is Ojibwe, Anishinaabe from the Nipissing First Nation.


Denise Donlon | Media Trailblazer

Denise Donlon is one of Canada’s most innovative broadcasters and respected corporate leaders, renowned for incorporating human rights advocacy, social issues and arts & culture in her work. Donlon has served as General Manager of CBC English radio, President of Sony Music Canada, and VP/GM of MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic. She is the author of Fearless As Possible (Under The Circumstances).


Dr. Julielynn Wong | Physician-Scientist, Innovator & Educator

Dr. Julielynn Wong is a Queen’s and Harvard-educated physician-scientist, innovator, and educator whose life’s mission is to take technology to the extreme to benefit the world. She was the first to 3D print medical supplies on the International Space Station and she designed a solar-powered ultra-portable 3D printing system that can make medical supplies in remote, off-grid communities.


Dr. Greg Wells | Health & Human Performance Expert

As a scientist, broadcaster, author, coach, and athlete, Dr. Greg Wells has dedicated his career to understanding human performance and how the human body responds to extreme conditions. He is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto and an Associate Scientist in Translational Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Brynn Winegard | Expert on Business Brain Science

Dr. Winegard is an award-winning professor and expert in business-brain sciences. She specializes in explaining everyday work and life phenomena using the secrets of brain science, all with the aim of making her audiences happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful. Whether she’s sharing how leaders and sales people can persuade and influence, why women multi-task or she’s talking about just how fast our brains process information, she has the unique ability to make brain science accessible. 

Our Host: Nova Browning Rutherford | Wellness Expert & Personal Development Coach

Nova masterfully weaves life lessons she’s gathered from her career in Hollywood to deliver instantly relatable presentations. She helps to spark a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment over one’s own life. Audiences walk away with a fresh appreciation for their past, a bold affirmation of their power to transform their current experience, and effective tools to manifest dreams into future success.




Friday, September 8, 2017
From 9:30am to 12pm
The Metropolitan Centre
333 4th Ave SW Calgary, ABa
Free to event professionals & those attending The Executive Travel & Corporate Meeting Planners Luncheon.

Adam Kreek | Management Consultant, Entrepreneur & Executive Coach

A world-class and interactive storyteller, Adam’s timeless performance philosophies serve to embolden organizational culture, re-boot team performance, and expand resiliency. Adam delivers keynote addresses and workshops on the topics of Peak Performance in the workplace, Shared Leadership, Managing Change Successfully and Strategies to Reframe Failure. Relevant, powerful, and transformative, Adam’s keynotes motivate, inspire, educate, and entertain.


Dr. Shawna Pandya | Physician, Scientist-Astronaut Candidate “Doctor Cosmonaut”

For Dr. Shawna Pandya, life has just been one adventure after another, and she is just getting started. Armed with backgrounds in neuroscience, space, entrepreneurship, and medicine, Dr. Pandya has led a life devoted to technology, innovation, social development and, of course, adventure!


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