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We are surrounded by events celebrating and raising awareness for various international justice initiatives this month. As global citizens, corporations are now shifting focus from revenue generation at any cost to becoming more socially accountable through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our human rights speakers are some of the leading experts in the area of social change. As event professionals, you are often tasked with finding speakers who can inspire & offer your organization insights that will help establish a CSR framework that makes an impact far beyond the workplace. These field-tested and accomplished keynote speakers help translate the benefits of change for corporate, community and academic audiences.

Humanitarian Speaker Hon. Bob Rae

Political leader, lawyer and most recently Canada’s special envoy to Myanmar, Hon. Bob Rae offers politically-informed insights on Human Rights. He explores fundamental issues of our human condition with a passion amassed through years of public service. Bob identifies the shortcomings of the current framework and empowers audiences to be the ones to remedy the situation. Audiences leave inspired to participate & become the agents of change.


Upon his recent return from Bangladesh where he visited refugee camps housing many Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Myanmar, Bob Rae shared the “deeply troubling humanitarian situation” with the Senate Committee on Human Rights just barely holding back tears. He described the squalid conditions of a temporary housing solution that has left its inhabitants vulnerable to needless loss of life and subjected to unacceptable livable conditions.

Active Solutions to Big Problems

Addressing our obligations will take ‘presenceperseverance, and patience‘, Rae outlines. “There are no guarantees of success, and many lives are still in the balance…But one thing is certain: if we fail to try, the results will be far worse than if we make the necessary effort.”

Appearing on CTV, Bob recently outlined his reported recommendations for Canada to better respond to this refugee crisis – central to which is working together with other nations. Just like he does in his keynote presentations, Bob painted a picture that made this complicated issue accessible to the audience by outlining who is involved, what actions can be taken on our part. His extensive background in provincial and federal politics and activism have given Bob on-the-ground experience dealing with blending the interests from large governing bodies with the obligation of stewardship for our fellow people – the humanitarian requirement.

Bob Rae’s Top 3 Audiences

  • Organizational Leaders
  • Business Strategists
  • Inspiration & Public Interest

Most Requested Presentations

Human Rights
Bob offers politically-informed insights on Current Events and Human Rights. He identifies the shortcomings of the current framework and empowers audiences to be the ones to remedy the situation. Audiences leave inspired to participate instead of feeling disenfranchised. His inspirational speaking focuses on such Human Rights issues as housing, safety, income inequality and male/female issues.

Bob brings decades of experience as a lawyer and public leader at the highest levels of government to discuss a range of issues including Social Justice, Geopolitics, Education, Indigenous Advocacy, Canada & Healthcare. Audiences get informed, candid and inspiring insights on the topics most relevant to them. 


What Audiences Say About Bob:

“Bob Rae’s keynote address was excellent – his talk was very well received by conference delegates, and he was a perfect fit for our conference.”
Municipal Advisor, City of Timmins

“He was fantastic! The team was so thrilled with his talk.”
Director, Federal Affairs & Health Policy, Janssen


If you’re searching for a human rights speaker to provide a clear path forward balancing the bottom line with global humanitarian needs, Bob Rae is a great choice for your next event.

Humanitarian Speaker Hon. Bob Rae