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Looking for the best keynote speaker for your next event? A speaker who hasn’t been all over the events circuit just yet? A speaker who brings fresh, compelling and timely content?

This is the page for you.

This page is a live update list of new speakers recently added to our bureau roster. We make it easy for you – by extracting exactly what you need to know: who they are, what makes them unique, and what problems they can solve for you.

Here are the newest speakers added to our bureau roster:


The Business Innovation Speaker

Often referred to as the ‘godmother of Silicon Valley,’ Esther Wojcicki is one of the world’s most acclaimed educators. Her book How to Raise Successful People enables you to become more responsible and drive better business outcomes with an emphasis on both independence and collaboration. Esther speaks as part of a duo with Chitra Anand. View their dual speaker profile here for more.

What sets Esther apart:

Esther’s witnessed firsthand the formation of some of Silicon Valley’s most recognizable names: Creative Commons has Esther serving as their chair. Google was founded in her garage by Sergey Brin & Larry Paige. Her oldest daughter, Susan, is the CEO of YouTube. Her youngest daughter, Anne, cofounded genetics company 23andMe. Success like this isn’t an accident. It’s a result of deliberate actions to enable those she helped educate to excel and achieve radical results.

Helping audiences:

• Discover the principles behind a wildly successful teaching philosophy.
• Leverage intrapreneurial and interpersonal collaborations.
• Empower your team to live with purpose and unlimited potential.



The Current Events Speaker

Current Events Speaker Anna Maria Tremonti

One of the most recognizable voices in Canadian media, Anna Maria Tremonti’s career has spanned roles as a foreign correspondent and senior reporter to a current affairs radio host and podcaster.

What sets Anna Maria apart:

Throughout her career, Anna Maria has been at the forefront of events and stories that have shaped our world. She stands apart for her skills in asking the questions that matter and her approach to finding the humanity in the people she meets.

Helping audiences:

Empower others to live differently and connect their own dots when assessing information. 
Draw out the information that matters by applying the essential skills contained within an interviewers toolkit.
Build resilience to better manage change.

The Adventure Speaker

New Adventure Speaker Adam Shoalts

Adam Shoalts is named one of Canada’s greatest living explorers for good reason. From his 4,000 km crossing of the Arctic and canoeing the Amazon to digs in Central America and discovering unmapped waterfalls in the northern reaches of the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Adam has achieved feats few believed could be done. 

What sets Adam apart:

Not your typical adventurer, Adam’s one of the few who can skillfully show audiences how to take his epic experiences from the wild and apply it to high-pressure situations.

Helping audiences:

Develop the mental tactics needed to successfully manage high-stress situations. 
Inspire confidence within to tackle any massively daunting task.
Take advantage of the secrets of endurance to help overcome physical and mental challenges.

The Storyteller

Storytelling is the golden thread that weaves through all of Sarain Fox’s work as a TV host, dancer, brand ambassador, and activist. She is a fearless speaker who shifts perspectives by revealing truths that are too often overlooked.

What sets Sarain apart:

From the moment she steps on stage, you can feel Sarain’s passion and genuine excitement to have the opportunity to share with audiences. She brings joy, hope, and positive energy to discussions about leadership, reconciliation, and innovation. Her activism is based on finding common ground and focusing on fighting for what you support (not against what you don’t).

Helping audiences:

Weave a thread towards a common goal with understanding and action.
• Disrupt the status quo with honest storytelling.
Innovate through risk-taking and storytelling.

The Celebrity Chef

New Celebrity Chef Bal Arneson

A celebrity chef for a $30 Billion food service company, keynote speaker Bal Arneson has a story like no other. Disowned by her family for leaving her arranged marriage, as a single mother with little education and no money, she was determined to get an education and build a career. She’s become one of the world’s top chefs with her Masters in Education as a result.

What sets Bal apart:

Bal Arneson is charismatic, charming, and with a great sense of humour whenever she steps on the stage. Sure, those are important traits for someone to have when their job is to host big-budget cooking shows around the world. But Bal’s relatability is really what makes her keynote presentations so powerful. And as a bonus? Consider an interactive session where Bal includes a cooking demo for your audience.

Helping audiences:

Overcome adversity by tapping into your inner strength. 
Empower women to strengthen relationships, confidence and skillsets. 
• The tangible ways you can level up to achieve your big goals



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