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Adam Kreek

Gold Medal Olympian & Executive Coach

Peak Performance. Shared Leadership. Managing Change. Reframing Failure. Mastering Health. These are Adam Kreek’s areas of specialty. Adam is a Management Consultant, Olympian and Executive Coach. He teaches strategies and skills of leadership, high performance and perseverance to corporate and government teams and associations globally through keynotes, workshops and online seminars.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Adam conducts an extensive pre-event interview to ensure that his story speaks authentically to each unique audience.  He works closely with his team to craft a message that reinforces the best organizational goals, interests and cultures.

Teamwork and Shared Leadership in Times of Change
As an Olympic Gold Medalist on the rowing team, Adam Kreek knows an incredible power is released when we work effectively together. But when the whirlwind takes over, busyness and stress levels run high. In a fast-paced environment, we often let communication and team dynamics suffer, and the costs are significant. Audiences leave knowing how when teams function optimally, it ensures resiliency, manages risk, and maximizes achievement in times of change.

Strong team culture is essential to sustain success. How can we foster authentic and lasting team culture? Reunite your team under a higher goal. Embolden the professionals on your teams to lead from within. Adam combines inspiring stories with an interactive presentation to address Shared Leadership with teams across sectors. It’s time to hit the refresh button. Empower your team to navigate current and future uncertainty with confidence. Participants will gain best practices for managing change and the tools that are necessary for consistent self-improvement. 

Safety First: Courage, Communication & Stress Response
When disaster strikes, it’s too late to plan. Lives, families and communities are at stake. In the Bermuda Triangle 800 miles from land, Adam was trapped inside a flooding cabin when his ocean-rowboat flipped. Each of his crew took full responsibility for an exceptional safety culture, allowing his crew to survive this ultimate disaster without injury, and in many ways, be better off.

In this presentation, Adam draws upon industry experience, his Olympic career and Ocean expeditions to teach powerful and practical strategies to sustain safety by taking personal responsibility for effective communication and stress management in high-risk work environments. Safety can often take a back seat to deliverables, budgets and tight timelines. Personal and professional stress and exhaustion can blur decision making and behaviour. Managing communication and stress in a Safety Culture allows organizations to have more good catches, fewer near misses and reach the ultimate goal of no-lost-time work incidents. Safety is paramount; every team member needs to arrive home healthy to their family and loved ones. This industry-customized, thought-provoking and behaviour-changing keynote provides audiences with practical communication and conflict resolution models for safe work environments.

Exploring Leadership Psychology & Philosophy Through Storytelling
Adam was thrust into the spotlight after his rowing team won Olympic Gold at the Beijing Olympics, then again when his rowboat capsized in the Bermuda Triangle. The first time he took the stage to share his story, he nearly died of embarrassment and failure. He was a geologist and an engineer, not a storyteller. What then followed were thousands of hours of training, rehearsal and practice in the art and science of storytelling. With time, Adam learned to tell his story in an effective and authentic way and a surprising side effect took place. Adam felt more confident, present and with a sense of purpose. He could influence, lead and persuade more effectively, simply by defining his personal narrative. Adam wants to share this secret with your audience. In this presentation, you will learn to build your story in an authentic way to inspire others and build their confidence. Audiences leave with a storytelling framework that will define their ability to lead.

Why Our Fear of Failure Fails Us: How to Empower Drive, Engagement and Growth
We’ve got the balance wrong. A healthy fear of failure is essential; it reminds us of our accountability. But excessive emphasis on failure can paralyze productivity and stop us from achieving our best work. Risk aversion, inner-resistance, self-sabotage, procrastination, anxiety and perfectionism are all signs that we hold an unhealthy fear of failure. Successful teams and organizations require a healthy relationship with failure. Too much fear – or too little – signals future disaster. Managing your fear of failure effectively allows for individual authenticity and reclaimed confidence. We need both for sustained success and performance. It’s time to re-frame our fear of failure.

Adam also offers up a Free optional Conference Fitness Program with a Keynote or Workshop Booking.
View this and more of his presentations here.

Platform Plus

Workshop | Be an Executive Olympian: High-performance Tools for a Stressed Out and Off-balance Workforce

The best Olympians and the best executives know there is only one thing more important than focused and persistent hard work. What is it? Recovery. The best will recover as hard as they work. The best figure out what works for their body and their physiological conditions. Then they exploit that knowledge. If you can recover quicker and more completely than your competition, you will be happier and get more done.

This workshop will focus on your physical, mental and spiritual states so you can return to work and family with passion, drive and vigor. Take enough time to exercise, sleep, and eat properly, and you will create more time for the things that matter. Adam shares with you his secrets on balance, stress management and self-care. 

Attendees can expect to be very active and therefore should show up in comfortable clothing and be ready to move! Adam will run a workout with workshop attendees and/or teach them exercises they can do on the fly. At the end of the workshop, members will leave with a clearer picture of how their physical health affects their effectiveness in the professional world.

  • Adam's presentation was definitely one the most successful keynote speaker session we've had for our All Staff meeting. Our main goal for these sessions is always the engagement aspect as we want our employees to connect and have good takeaways from the presentation content. Adam achieved that wonderfully as he understood our organizational culture, the gaps and tailored his presentation perfectly. The audience was fully engaged for the 1 hour and it was great to see the employees continue the discussion with Adam during the post event reception. All in all, successful event and hope to have Adam back in the future for sure!

    - Human Resources Generalist, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Adam was masterful at integrating our core themes from the day into an energized, motivating, involving presentation.  Immediately after Adam’s presentation, hundreds of team members were committed to identifying and taking bold action towards their “gold medal moment”.  Adam was the highlight of our rally!

    - Manager, Marketing & Communications, Bell Media
  • I have seen dozens of Olympians speak at off-sites in the last 19 years, and Adam was by far the best. He was relevant to our business, and had a fascinating story. He wasn’t spewing business dogma. He spoke to the people in the room, leaving a lasting and positive impact that traveled through our office. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all our employees.

    - VP Marketing, General Mills
  • Thank you Adam. You were wonderful! The entire team raved about your keynote. It had all the elements we were looking for – energy, entertainment and the messaging about teamwork, leadership was spot on.  The team loved hearing from you and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. I thank you for being the perfect “energizer” for our team. It was a great start to our conference.

    - Manager, Internal Communications, Direct Energy Services
  • By tailoring and customizing his presentation, Adam ensured our corporate messaging remained on target. Adam's charismatic personality shines through as someone who is warm with passion and excited by life. This translated into several staff members speaking about him for days following the event; true evidence of a gold medal performance!

    - President & CEO, Concentra Financial
  • The way you were able to weave other speaker comments into your presentation, complete with photos and quotes, really brought the audience along on the journey, and provided a great reinforcement of the theme and reason for taking the time to be in the room. I've never had another speaker do this so well--you blew me away with that!

    - Event Project Manager, Incite Marketing
  • Adam was amazing and received a standing ovation at the end of his speech. Everyone should hear Adam Kreek speak at least once in their life. He is a kind, caring, genuine person with great stories and inspiring messages to share. He does it in a very motivating, engaging and entertaining way. I could not recommend Adam enough. He would be a great fit for any group, event or conference.

    - Coordinator, Student Life Programs, University of Lethbridge
  • Adam did a really exceptional job at engaging the audience in his stories, and allowing them to really see “him” (his wittiness, humour and realism). He very nicely tied in the teamwork theme as well as directly relating his message to dietetics – a somewhat difficult task for those speakers who aren’t necessarily in the health care industry.

    - Dietitians of Canada Conference

Summary Profile

Adam has taught hundreds of thousands of people at organizations including Microsoft, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Shell, Million Dollar Round Table, YPO, TEDx, General Mills and hundreds of others.  His infectious energy, authenticity and breadth of life experience allow him to connect effectively with audiences across sectors. Adam receives rave reviews from event organizers, executives teams and conference attendees at every event he attends.

Most importantly, Adam walks the talk. A two-time Olympian, Adam holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold, and multiple hall of fame inductions.  While at Stanford University, completing his degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology, Adam helped to coach the Stanford Men’s Crew from their 17th place ranking to Silver Medalists at the IRA National Championships. In 2013, Adam made the first ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America, the subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized.

In addition to his training and speaking, Adam is a journalist with CBC Sports, writing on topics of health for peak performance, and a Champion of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation where he shares insights to better personal, family and community health. Adam chairs the board of Cowichan Energy Alternatives, a low carbon start-up on Vancouver Island that specializes in biodiesel made from recycled vegetable oils, and community carbon credits.

Adam is a spokesperson for Whitehall Spirit Rowing Boats and Clubs, and an active volunteer with Power To Be, bettering the lives of disadvantaged and disabled youth through cutting-edge outdoor adventure programming. He is a Big Brother, with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and has visited hundreds of schools across North America, instilling in the next generation the idea that “the secret to happy living is giving.

Adam sits on the board of Seattle-based Educational Non-profit OAR Northwest; he is a former Board Member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the BC Biofuels Network, the Island Biodiesel Coop, and Clean Air Champions.

Adam holds a degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology from Stanford University. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three children.

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