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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Self-Leadership Consultant & Executive Business Coach

Business speaker Adam Kreek has consistently defied the odds to achieve things most can only dream of. From winning an Olympic Gold Medal, to surviving an epic 6,700km transatlantic rowing expedition, to getting a Stanford University education, to coaching leaders of Fortune-500 companies, his experiences are one of a kind. Adam draws out unique insights from these experiences to positively impact human and business outputs. He’s a powerful guide who shows audiences how to realize their untapped potential through self-leadership. This lens will empower individuals to chase their ambitions and to take responsibility for their success.

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What do personal values have to do with team engagement and performance? In 2022? Everything.

Optimize career engagement and safeguard against the great resignation by aligning your team members’ personal values to your organizational values. Your result? More fulfilled teams who outperform competition consistently. Today’s competitive and changing landscape demands that companies employ new and innovative strategies to retain talent, secure and cultivate engagement, and drive performance. Financial and social incentives can play a role but are limited in scope, often unsustainable and do not always address the innate needs, wants and values of team members. The science is clear. Engagement soars, conflict declines, trust is bolstered and communication is more productive when leaders and teams operate with a shared understanding of values.In Adam’s Values-drive Achievement keynote and workshop, he leads teams and organizations through a framework guiding team members to articulate, affirm and act upon their values, and decisively align their personal values with their teams and organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are personal and organizational values?
  • Why are values essential to personal and organizational success?
  • How can we align personal and professional values and how does this result in unstoppable drive and team cohesion?
  • Empower a cultural transformative strategy and the tools for team members to identify and align their personal values to the mission, vision and values of their organization. This process results in enhanced personal drive and achievement, team engagement, and a values-driven culture designed for synergy, talent retention and impact.
  • Adam provides each participant with state-of-the-art behavior change technology to ensure and sustain long-term, values-driven action beyond his keynote, workshop or consultation.

When the whirlwind takes over, busyness gains priority and stress levels run high. In a fast-paced environment, we often let communication and team dynamics suffer, and the costs are significant.An incredible power is released when teams operate effectively. When functioning optimally, teams are resilient, manage risk, and maximize achievement in times of change.Empower your team to navigate current and future uncertainty with confidence. Participants will gain Adam’s best practices for managing change and the tools necessary for consistent self-improvement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the change curve and stop resistance;
  • Clarify and empower personal and organizational values in times of crisis;
  • Understand your role and focus on what you can control;
  • Learn the stages of team development, and move from chaos to optimization.

12 years, 2 million practice strokes, 7,200 practice sessions, 13,000 hours on the water. Olympic training statistics are remarkable. But when discussing Olympic results, one measure of success and failure is often overlooked:‍How many workers died in preventable safety incidents to create a successful Olympic experience? For Adam, it was 24.‍These workplace fatalities are catastrophic – and avoidable.‍
What is Gold Medal Safety? A Zero-Harm worksite. Zero-harm can seem as daunting as winning an Olympic Gold Medal, so we need to have the courage to dream this big. Aim for perfection, accept excellence. That’s how you win Olympic Gold. That’s how you win in a competitive corporate marketplace. And that’s how you build a strong safety culture. ‍Adam’s customized, thought-provoking and behaviour changing keynote help safety leaders and their organizations build and sustain Gold Medal Safety at every level of their organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Individuals learn to take responsibility for the safety culture of the organization;
  • Participants learn how to prioritize small, incremental action and behaviors to build a Gold Medal Safety culture.
  • Teams gain understanding of practical and effective communication and conflict resolution models for safe work environments.
Self-Leadership | The Responsibility Ethic

As a society, we’ve been oversold the quick fixes. Be the boss now. Lose weight in one week. Get rich tomorrow. We want to believe there’s a secret cheat code, a hack, or a hidden short-cut. When the quick and easy routes fail, we often blame others: it’s the CEO’s fault, our partner’s fault, the client’s fault, the sales team’s fault… The list goes on.

In this behavior-changing keynote, Adam shares his principle of The Responsibility Ethic, and teaches the practice of Self-Leadership. That is, we each can achieve any desired outcome (personal, professional and team) when we recognize our role in the current state of affairs. We must align our vision, plan and behaviour with our goals. Many of us have been told to follow our dreams, but not given the fine print: success will require hard work and consistent action. 

Adam challenges attendees to develop personal accountability for their vision, values, goals and actions. The result will be new levels of success through daily focus, choices and actions.

Learning Objectives:
• Skills, tools and strategies for effective self-leadership.
• Methods to successfully craft, plans and execute for maximum results.
• Increase control and empowerment, optimize decision-making and reduce stress.

Change Management | Teamwork and Leadership in Times of Change

A strong team culture is essential to sustain success. How can we foster authentic and lasting team culture? Reunite your team under a higher goal. Embolden the professionals on your teams to lead from within. Adam combines inspiring stories with an interactive presentation to share the concept of Shared Leadership with teams across sectors.

It’s time to hit the refresh button. Empower your team to navigate current and future uncertainty with confidence. Participants will gain my best practices for managing change, and the tools that are necessary for consistent self-improvement.

Learning Objectives:
• How to embrace change by understanding the change curve.
• How to overcome disagreements.
• Communication tips for better teamwork and team leadership


HR | The Power of Values

We operate in an increasingly competitive, globally diverse economy. When our organization’s values are unclear and unlived, performance and productivity are sacrificed. It takes more than a fear of being fired or financial incentives to motivate employees. Without common, identified and actively embraced values, an organization will struggle to succeed.

In his interactive keynote, Adam brings the power of values to life, evoking professional passion and more fulfilling success. Adam teaches audiences how to unearth their values, and act on them to be more engaged, productive, focused and ultimately effective.

Learning Objectives: 
• Identify and express your personal and organization’s values effectively.
• Optimize decision making and limit distractions. 
• Create sustainable team engagement and a powerful organizational culture.

Mental Fitness | Strategies For Living Well
Statistics don’t lie. We’re more stressed, overworked, overweight and less healthy than ever before. Yet we get up and repeat our behavioural patterns, regardless of whether they are serving us.
As a business owner, entrepreneur, and father of three, Adam has adapted the skills and strategies that propelled him to Olympic Gold to meet the demands of his current pursuits – business, family and community life. As a lead Champion for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and advocate for mental health and wellness programs, Adam teaches simple, practical and science-based strategies to strengthen mental health through mental fitness for day-to-day wellbeing.
Join Adam for a transformational keynote that explores ways you can take back control of your own health and wellness. Set and fulfill your personal goals and develop mental fitness for life. Participants will leave with practical and actionable habits and strategies to better their personal mental fitness for life. It’s time to hop off autopilot and reboot. To pause and dedicate time to take a breath, reclaim yourself and reset for the next chapter of your life. All keynotes and workshops are tailored to meet the client’s conference goals and theme.
Audiences can pick 5-10 areas of focus for this presentation. View a list of options here
Workplace Safety | Gold Medal Safety: Courage, Communication & Stress Response

How many workers died in preventable safety incidents to create a successful Olympic experience? Ten workers died preparing the Beijing Olympic facilities where Adam competed and won in 2008. Fourteen workers died to produce the Athens Olympics where he competed just four years earlier. But there is hope. The London Olympics delivered the best safety performance on record for a summer games. Not one worker died due to workplace neglect.

The insights, questions and stories shared in Adam’s keynote will help safety leaders and their organizations build and sustain Gold Medal Safety at every level of an organization.

Learning Objectives:
• Practical and effective communication and conflict resolution models for safe work environments.
• Successful responses to hazardous stress triggers.
• How to take personal responsibility for team safety.

Customized Keynote Presentations

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Conference Fitness Program
An optional free-add on for those who book Adam for a Keynote or Workshop, Adam offers a unique opportunity for participants to kick start their conference day with a group fitness session geared for all levels of fitness. Adam will lead a pre-breakfast outdoor fitness session for any conference attendees looking for a morning energy boost. This option is guaranteed to refresh, energize and kick off the conference day. Adam modifies the session to serve the needs of participants and conference organizers to ensure that all ages and all fitness levels can get fit and have fun, together. The session is 60 minutes or less.
Custom Workshops | Business Solutions for High Performing teams
Adam offers 10+ custom workshops and value-add programs including:

• Conference Wellness Program
• Strategic Mapping
• Goal Setting
• Leadership


Learn more about Adam Kreek's custom workshops & value-add programs here

Audience reviews:

  • I can’t say enough how great it was to work with Adam. His enthusiasm was captivating and his message was powerful. I have had so many positive comments from our attendees on Adam's presentation. The content he delivered was perfect for our group and was a highlight of our meeting. - Nutritionist, Trouw Nutrition Canada
  • Adam's presentation was definitely one the most successful keynote speaker session we've had for our All Staff meeting. Our main goal for these sessions is always the engagement aspect as we want our employees to connect and have good takeaways from the presentation content. Adam achieved that wonderfully as he understood our organizational culture, the gaps and tailored his presentation perfectly. The audience was fully engaged for the 1 hour and it was great to see the employees continue the discussion with Adam during the post-event reception.

    - Human Resources Generalist, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Adam was masterful at integrating our core themes from the day into an energized, motivating, involving presentation.  Immediately after Adam’s presentation, hundreds of team members were committed to identifying and taking bold action towards their “gold medal moment”.  Adam was the highlight of our rally!

    - Manager, Marketing & Communications, Bell Media
  • I have seen dozens of Olympians speak at off-sites in the last 19 years, and Adam was by far the best. He was relevant to our business, and had a fascinating story. He wasn’t spewing business dogma. He spoke to the people in the room, leaving a lasting and positive impact that traveled through our office. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all our employees.

    - VP Marketing, General Mills
  • Thank you Adam. You were wonderful! The entire team raved about your keynote. It had all the elements we were looking for – energy, entertainment and the messaging about teamwork, leadership was spot on.  The team loved hearing from you and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. I thank you for being the perfect “energizer” for our team. It was a great start to our conference.

    - Manager, Internal Communications, Direct Energy Services
  • By tailoring and customizing his presentation, Adam ensured our corporate messaging remained on target. Adam's charismatic personality shines through as someone who is warm with passion and excited by life. This translated into several staff members speaking about him for days following the event; true evidence of a gold medal performance!

    - President & CEO, Concentra Financial
  • The way you were able to weave other speaker comments into your presentation, complete with photos and quotes, really brought the audience along on the journey, and provided a great reinforcement of the theme and reason for taking the time to be in the room. I've never had another speaker do this so well--you blew me away with that!

    - Event Project Manager, Incite Marketing
  • Adam was amazing and received a standing ovation at the end of his speech. Everyone should hear Adam Kreek speak at least once in their life. He is a kind, caring, genuine person with great stories and inspiring messages to share. He does it in a very motivating, engaging and entertaining way. I could not recommend Adam enough. He would be a great fit for any group, event or conference.

    - Coordinator, Student Life Programs, University of Lethbridge
  • Adam did a really exceptional job at engaging the audience in his stories, and allowing them to really see “him” (his wittiness, humour and realism). He very nicely tied in the teamwork theme as well as directly relating his message to dietetics – a somewhat difficult task for those speakers who aren’t necessarily in the health care industry.

    - Dietitians of Canada Conference
  • Adam was great. Our crew loved the morning workout and he was a really good opener to set a positive and energetic vibe for the day ahead!

    - Program Manager, Communications, Canola Council of Canada

Speaker Biography

Adam has moved hundreds of thousands of people to action at organizations including Microsoft, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Shell, Million Dollar Round Table, YPO, TEDx, General Mills and hundreds of others.

Being an Olympic Gold Medalist, he treats being a keynote speaker as a practice of excellence. Adam invests heavily in custom research and curriculum design to ensure our content is both relevant and actionable. This is done through an extensive pre-event interview to ensure that his story speaks authentically to each unique audience. His messages focus on your organizational goals, interests and cultures.

He’s not your typical Olympic Keynote Speaker. Adam walks the talk. Yes, he’s a two-time Olympian, who holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold, and multiple hall of fame inductions…But there’s far more lived experiences he draws from.

Adam attended Stanford University where he completed a degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology. He used this expertise to co-found (and subsequently Chair the Board for) Ergo Eco Solutions, a Social Enterprise focusing on production and distribution of petroleum-replacing, sustainable eco-products upcycled from its Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) operations.

In 2013, Adam was part of the first-ever expedition to attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America. After 73 days alone at sea, he survived a capsize in the Bermuda Triangle. The event was subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized.

He’s transitioned to a post-Olympic career coaching executives on how to clarify values and strategy, develop high-performing teams, manage change and maximize leadership capacity. His infectious energy, authenticity and breadth of life experience allow him to connect effectively with audiences across sectors. Adam’s clients include leadership teams from the Aerospace, Healthcare, Nutrition and Clean Energy sectors.

Adam is also a journalist with CBC Sports, writing on topics of health for peak performance. He is a champion for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation where he shares insights to better personal, family and community health. 

Adam is an active volunteer with Power To Be, bettering the lives of disadvantaged and disabled youth through cutting-edge outdoor adventure programming. He is a Big Brother, with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and has visited hundreds of schools across North America, instilling in the next generation the idea that “the secret to happy living is giving.