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Leading the Worlds Top Corporations to Flawless Execution

Afterburner Inc is a team of elite military professionals that are experts in helping your team pursue Flawless Execution. Using Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodologies we can help take your team to the next level in performance.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Leading Flawless Execution from the Top
Give keynote speaker Jim Murphy 90 minutes to 2 hours. He’ll increase your team’s leadership skills 10-fold. Your leadership team will learn the Flawless Execution Mode: a roadmap for leading teams to get aligned and execute on your mission critical business objectives. In larger organizations, strategy tends to be disjointed. It doesn’t travel down to the front line. The organization is not aligned – execution is disorganized and unfocused.

Flawless Sales Execution
When the economy is great, having a sales team that is less than flawless is tolerable. Let’s be honest. 80% effectiveness is great for most sales teams. 80% effective means most of the reps hit their numbers, most of the managers get bonuses, and investors see an acceptable respectable return

Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief. = Win!: A Fighter Pilot’s Secret to Business Success
Imagine it – in just 60 action-packed minutes, you’ll turn your group into mission-oriented, flawlessly executing business people. With Afterburner’s high-impact team building motivational speakers you will have your team working for the common goals set by you. They will execute your company strategy quickly and effectively. When a team works as one unit, it can do anything

Leaning Forward (Half-Day Event)
Leaning Forward is an interactive, corporate team building event where your team will learn, via lecture and experiential learning, how Fighter Pilots strive for Flawless Execution in every single mission. This program is for clients that want a high energy, motivational team building program but do not have the required 4 to 6 hours of time necessary for an Afterburner Day event. While the Afterburner Day covers the entire Flawless Execution Model (Plan, Brief, Execute, and Debrief), the Leaning Forward corporate team building event focuses entirely on Planning and Debriefing.

Leaning Forward (4-6hr Event)
The Afterburner Day is an interactive, corporate event program where your team will learn, via lecture and experiential learning, how Fighter Pilots strive for Flawless Execution in every single mission. Your group will work side-by-side with some of America’s top Fighter Pilots and learn how they excel in the business of combat. Our Afterburner team brings these lessons to your own business environment, in living color, using a multimedia presentation, a role playing breakout session with experienced military Fighter Pilots as facilitators, and a final hour, that many clients say is the best in the business. The Afterburner Day is the perfect event for your kick off meeting, product launch, alignment event or even a merger. The energy and skill training of this event will improve your group’s performance at every level.

  • My colleagues and I were not only impressed with your creativity and professionalism during the speaker segments, but also how relevant and educational the breakout sessions proved to be. SPG learned a great deal from the Afterburner Seminars and we look forward to carrying this knowledge into our business at American Express

    - Strategic Planning Group, American Express
  • The Afterburners team obviously spent an incredible amount of prep time getting to know our business and our competition. This enabled them to walk and speak our language, which earned instant credibility with our senior leadership team. It opened the door to some great discussions around improving how we work together — the result of which has already made us a more effective team.

    - VP, Leadership Development, Bank of America
  • You did a terrific job helping the team here translate what they learned in the Afterburner team building seminars into how they can apply it to what they do each and every day, and I’m happy to report we’ve already begun to already see a return on our investment. People throughout the organization are not only talking about the need to debrief more often, they’re actually doing it.

    - Human Resources Manager, GE Healthcare Financial Services
  • Having been involved with many ‘team building’ type exercises before, I can honestly say yours was the most relevant, practical, entertaining and thought-stimulating program I have ever seen.

    - President, IBM Credit Corporation
  • Well, you did it again! The impact of your presentation made a big impression on all the senior managers in our company. The effects of your work for my division last year still lingers as our professional staff uses that experience in their day-to-day affairs.

    - Senior Vice President, Zurich Insurance Group
  • Frankly, we were blown away. The presentation was very high energy, very focused with excellent relevant content.

    - President, AIM Technology
  • The general sessions and the breakouts were well organized and contained significant substance...That would be an awesome program by itself, but you also hammered home a strong message concerning task saturation and the drain it places on an individual’s performance.

    - Senior Vice President, Marketing, National Health Insurance Company
  • The hands-on aspect helped drive the learning points home. Usually, these type of seminars are very quiet and subdued, this seminar clearly was not, especially the first call the first morning. I overheard many people using the concepts in private conversations around the bar and dinner tables. I believe that this type of learning will help our organization be much more competitive and better able to meet the needs of our patients.

    - Kaiser Permanente

Summary Profile

Afterburner Inc is a team of elite military professionals who are experts in helping teams pursue Flawless Execution.  Using Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodologies, we can help take your team to the next level in performance.  The combination of sound organizational development and combat-proven methodologies has made Afterburner Inc one of the fastest growing training and consulting organizations in the country. The Flawless Execution Model is a proven process used by elite military professionals around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option. Corporate success, like success in combat, depends on execution.

Afterburner’s team of men and women elite former military professionals has a powerful mix of combat experience combined with extensive business skills. Many members are graduates of top business schools and academies. Afterburner uses the combat proven methodologies of elite military professionals working with your team to achieve victory in a rapidly changing business environment.  Flawless Execution works! It is dynamic and powerful because it is simple to use, yet the effects are lasting. The results are disciplined, coordinated and predictable.  Afterburner has an unwavering focus on improving your team’s ability to execute. Your team can improve execution and stay one step ahead of the competition in just four simple steps.

The Flawless Execution Model:

Plan — The plan starts with an objective that is clear, measurable and achievable and supports your company’s overall strategy.

Brief — You communicate the plan. It is essential that people on the front lines know exactly what is expected of them. Businesses ignore this — often at their peril.

Execute — Even with a solid plan and a good brief, a mission can still fail due to Task Saturation or task overload. Task Saturation is the reality or perception of having too much to do without the time or resources to accomplish it. Even with the resources people still have to manage conflicting priorities. We know that as Task Saturation increases, performance decreases; therefore, at Afterburner we help teams combat Task Saturation by identifying resources and managing priorities.

Debrief — The last step is the Debriefing.  After each mission, Fighter Pilots hold a nameless, rankless Debrief.  Each person, without fear of reprimand, rehashes what worked, what did not work and why both the good events and the bad events happened.  We then take the key lessons learned from the Debrief and apply them to the next plan.  Debriefing speeds up learning. It lets us fine tune the processes that ensure success.

Win! — Our goal is to win by aligning your team around a disciplined, scalable process in order to achieve business results.

With offices in the United States, Australia and China, Afterburner has performed training events in 38 countries and has had their materials translated into more than 20 languages.  With over 300 events per year, the Afterburner team has trained more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies on the Flawless Execution Model.  At Afterburner, “Leading the World’s Top Corporations to Flawless Execution” is more than just a slogan-it’s the foundation of our company.  Afterburner has been on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies twice.  The success of our clients has translated to our success as well.