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Bilaal Rajan

Children's Right Activist, Making Change Now

Bilaal Rajan isn’t your average young person. Presently attending Stanford University, the Toronto-based children’s and environmental activist is also a globally-recognized motivational speaker, published author, tireless fundraiser, and UNICEF Canada Ambassador. He founded an organization, Making Change Now, to heighten awareness of youth issues and help kids in need all over the world. Since 2004, Bilaal has helped raised millions of dollars for children’s programs around the world.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Academic Success Strategies

Building Confidence

Effective Communication

Leadership Skills

Motivational Strategies

Setting and Achieving Goals

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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Canadian Gene Foundation | Gene Researcher For a Week Award
Shad Valley Entrepreneurship Cup

Herbert H. Carnegie Foundation | Global Future Aces Award for Courage
We Are Family Foundation | Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader

  • Things went really well with Bilaal! We had a great turn out and he delivered a marvelous talk! He was spot on for our conference; Thank you for the recommendation!

    - Trent University

Summary Profile

Professionally, Bilaal is an articulate communicator with diverse employment experiences and accomplishments. His ongoing and previous employment experiences include Stanford Graduate School of Business, International Flavors & Fragrances, Canadian National Railways, and Xtreme Labs (now Pivotal Labs).

Bilaal’s latest global awareness initiative, the Barefoot Challenge held every June 1 on International Children’s Day, sees him live life without shoes to raise awareness about child poverty in the developing world. Bilaal has been joined by thousands of young people from more than a dozen countries around the world to kick off their shoes to better understand the struggles faced by poor children everywhere. “The Barefoot Challenge is an international call to action,” says Bilaal. “And when people ask me why I don’t have shoes, I tell them because millions of children throughout the world don’t either.” “My main goal is to get young people worldwide to take action, get involved in their communities and help protect our environment,” says Bilaal, whose accomplishments became the content of his published book, Making Change: Tips from an Underage Overachiever.

Bilaal’s motto is “Together We Can Make a Difference.” He believes this isn’t just a youthful dream, but our destiny.

Visiting Ketchum Inc today, an awesome marketing firm with @threedotdashorg #justpeace (2014-04-10 02:07:39)
Please support the Barefoot Challenge, which I registered for the World Summit Youth Awards. Go to http://t.co/A0G7SIyy. (2012-08-17 11:21:03)
Please join me and take off your shoes! 4th Annual Barefoot Challenge on Friday June 1, International Children's Day. http://t.co/amriQosS (2012-05-30 12:03:09)