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Brad McRae

Director, Atlantic Leadership Development Institute

Dr. McRae has discovered a unique perspective known asThe Mastery Effect: Where Leadership, Presentation and Negotiation Competencies converge in a way that is absolutely seamless. There are many people who have mastered one of these competencies, a small number who have mastered two, while very few exceptional leaders have mastered all three. In his keynotes and seminars, you will learn from the insights of 100 of the extraordinary Canadian leaders he has interviewed

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Become a Master Negotiator
Studies show that today’s professionals spend up to twenty-five percent of their time negotiating and resolving conflicts. Therefore, the success of these professionals rests heavily on developing effective negotiating skills.
In this presentation, you will learn how to come to the table incredibly well prepared in order to negotiate more effectively with the people you work with both inside and outside your organization. You will learn how to resolve conflicts creatively, and to make sure that the message you want to get across is the message received

Become a Master Presenter
Over six billion dollars is spent on training and presentations in North America every year. Many of these presentations are poorly designed, poorly delivered, and poorly received. However, with an exquisitely designed and masterfully delivered presentation, the audience is moved to see the world differently than they ever saw it before and inspired to achieve more than they ever thought possible.
The emphasis in The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters is on the development and practical application of presentation strategies and skills. These same skills and techniques can help the reader become a more effective presenter whether it is a one-on-one presentation, a sales call, a presentation to a small group, or an audience of a thousand or more.

Living Your Legacy
When was the last time you thought about your legacy, let alone lived it? This interactive keynote/presentation will help you determine your legacy and start living it. You will leave the session with an action plan on how to bring your legacy to fruition and start living your life with greater satisfaction and significance. For participants and meeting planners who want to have their participants charged up and ready to implement what they have learned, this keynote is for you.

  • The evaluation forms were very positive. Participants indicated 6 or higher on a scale of 1 to 7, where 7 is excellent. More importantly, from an educational perspective, those that attended believe they have had a noticeable improvement in the way they approach discussions requiring negotiation skills, they have more confidence, and they have acquired skills they can build on.

    - Staff Development , Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre
  • Living Your Legacy was the perfect keynote for our annual conference. Dr. Brad McRae helped us all become more aware of our special talents and more importantly inspired us to use them to make a positive difference in the world.

    - CAMX Annual Conference
  • On behalf of the staff of Environment Canada who recently completed your negotiating course, I would like to thank you for your effort and say how much we enjoyed it. You certainly challenged us to think more creatively about conflict resolution and helped us to see better ways of dealing with difficult situations.

    - Manger , Environmental Conservation Strategies Division , Environment Canada
  • My position as a company representative working in a sales organization requires the continuous use of negotiation to meet my objectives. This course provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about the process of negotiation and to improve my performance at it. I recommend the course highly.

    - Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.
  • Brad's presentation was dynamic. The information is practical and can be put to use immediately.

    - Director of Administration and Finance , H.E.B., Monterrey, Mexico
  • Dr. McRae's powerful presentation on Emotional Intelligence held our symposium attendees riveted to their seats. His common sense presentation, spiced liberally with humour, allowed our project management professionals to escape for an hour from the 'hard skills' of project management and reflect upon the 'soft skills' of emotional intelligence. Our symposium attendees ranked Dr. McRae as excellent, with one participant creating their own ranking of 'outstanding'

    - PMI (Project Management Institute) Ottawa, Ontario

Summary Profile

Dr. McRae earned a doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is a keynote presenter, consultant, and best-selling author. He was trained in negotiation and influencing skills at the Project on Negotiation and leadership at the Harvard Business School and The Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

He has presented across Canada and in the United States, Australia, England, Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean. Brad is the author of ten books including: The Seven Strategies of Master Leaders: Featuring Key Insights from 32 of Canada’s Top Leaders, The Seven Strategies of Master Negotiators, Are you Managing Your Career or is Your Career Managing You? and The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters. Brad is also the editor of The Atlantic Leadership Development Institute Newsletter and is a noted philanthropist in Nova Scotia and Jamaica.

Dr. Brad McRae has earned a reputation for developing rich and relevant content and for his dynamic delivery.