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Buzz Hargrove

Co-Director, Centre for Labour Management Relations - Ted Rogers School of Management

One of Canada’s most recognized labour leaders, Hargrove is a well respected voice for workplace and social justice in Canada. Buzz Hargrove served as national president of the Canadian Auto Workers Union from 1992 until his retirement in September 2008.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Negotiation Hargrove provides insight on what it takes to be a great negotiator. His sheds detail on the need for communication, a sense of humour and having a sense of integrity Rapid Business Growth Hargrove’s presentation on how to deal with rapid development. Using anecdotal examples from his experience at the CAW and at various negotiation tables, Buzz sheds light on rapid growth and how to handle the various challenges it entails including the need to have people feel included.


Officer of the Order of Canada

  • Buzz Hargrove has an unparalleled understanding of the economic, social and political issues affecting working people and their families in Canada and around the world.

    - HarperCollinsCanada

Summary Profile

Born and raised in Bath, New Brunswick, the former Windsor, Ontario, autoworker, along with UAW Canadian Director Bob White, helped found the CAW. He’s a speaker who brings a wide range of anecdotal evidence to back up his ideas. Hargrove stresses the need for integrity, something he is widely recognized for having in a high degree. His unique insight into bargaining and communications is relevant across a range of industries. In 1964 Hargrove started working at the Chrysler plant in Windsor where he saw the industry go through various highs and lows. He became involved with local 444 where he soaked in a wealth of labour relations experience. For 12 years he worked closely with former CAW National President Bob White, eventually succeeding him as National President in 1992. During his leadership, Hargrove oversaw some significant changes to the CAW including its split from the United Auto Workers and over 30 mergers which doubled its membership to over 255,000. Buzz has extensive bargaining experience, having negotiated with some of Canada’s largest private corporations including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Air Canada, and CN Rail. His well-rounded understanding of the economic, social and political issues affecting workers has fueled his commitment to help working people and their families at home and around the world. In 1998 he co-authored an autobiography entitled, Labour of Love: The Fight to Create a More Humane Canada. The book offers the reasons for his strong belief in unions, political commentary and insightful analysis of Canada. Hargrove followed this up in 2008 with Laying It on the Line: Driving a Hard Bargain in Challenging Times in which he explains the economic crisis from his side of the table, what it means for Canada and how the manufacturing sector can again become this country’s foremost economic driver. Since January 2009, Hargrove has been bringing his experience into the classroom as a professor of distinction at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Hargrove also serves as co-director of the Centre for Labour Management Relations at the Ted Rogers School of Management which educates on and promotes best-practice labour management relations.