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Cary Mullen

Business Leader & Former Olympic Skier

Top organizations, and individuals, are on the constant lookout for ways to get even better at what they do. Cary Mullen, has done ‘anything’ but tiptoe through life. As a two-time Olympian, and World Cup Champion, he has traveled the globe and lived on the edge as a competitive ski racer. Cary has spent more than 20 years studying the success strategies of high performers. On his way to becoming a World Champion, Cary experienced the upper echelon of success, and what it takes to climb out of the depths of adversity. In his 11 years as a leader on the National Ski Team, Cary persevered through 3 near fatal crashes that left him with double vision and memory loss, to finally regain 100% health.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Gutsy Leadership: How to Lead Courageously in a Fast Paced World We live in an age of extreme uncertainty and ever changing conditions. It is more and more challenging to manage all of the demands that are coming at us at a faster and faster pace. Building a high performance team with healthy in-house competition and continuous development are leadership necessities of today’s leader. As the President of a real estate development company, Cary leads a team of over 300 people. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of top leaders and sales teams. It takes real courage to stand firm in what you believe in and then lunge forward to your vision. As leaders we need to execute not just naturally, but optimally. Gutsy Leadership is the key element in that process. Participants will learn how to retrain your teams to accelerate optimal performance and execution, the 4 natural reactions to fear, the 5 leadership phases and much more. Sales is an Extreme Sport: How to Accomplish Outstanding Results Today’s sales professionals are in an extreme sport, going 97mph every day. There are new bumps and jumps coming at us all the time; and we don’t always know what’s on the other side of these. The more we are succeeding and the faster we are going, the further ahead we need to look. Maintaining Focus & Executing Optimally are the keys of how your top 2% can get even better. As the President of a real estate development company, Cary leads a team of seasoned sales professionals and more than 300 people in total. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of leading top sales teams. Why do some sales professionals consistently make massive accomplishments and others don’t? Outstanding results are accomplished by those who know how to win on purpose. This does not happen by accident, but rather as a direct result of the fundamental principles Cary shares in this keynote. Achieve Your Goals: Facing Change at 97 MPH In today’s marketplace where fear, doubt and uncertainty can paralyze people. Yet massive accomplishments are being achieved everyday by individuals and teams that are strategically improving and adapting to change. This happens as the direct result of following certain fundamental success principles. The good news is that these life and business-transforming “Winning Secrets” are applicable for you right now. Cary Mullen knows how to set world records in business and in life. In this keynote you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to accomplish outstanding results. Participants will learn the difference between motivation and inspiration, 5 Winning Secrets that the best in the world utilize, the key to pacing and recharging yourself and much more. Chasing Excellence: How to Maximize Your Passion and Potential Having a mindset of constantly striving for excellence is a hallmark mindset of top producers. Having a clear process to follow makes all the difference. Cary Mullen has chased excellence and continuous improvement all of his life: from his athletic career as a World Champion downhill ski racer, to bestselling author of HOW to WIN, to his real estate development company where he leads 300+ people. The next level of success for your business lies just outside of your comfort zone. Expand your comfort zone, and you expand your results. Participants will learn a 4-step formula for expanding your comfort zone, 3 critical elements to motivated teams and much more.

Platform Plus

  • In an outstanding five days of great speakers Cary Mullen stood out. It is not just his message, which on its own is uplifting, it is his delivery, his personality & his energy. If your meeting is an “eight” he will turn it into a “ten”. If it is already a “ten” then he will send it off the charts. In all my years of attending meetings & listening to great speakers Cary is just about the most complete package, truly outstanding.

    - Past President, Million Dollar Round Table
  • Cary easily and appropriately ties his experiences, challenges and accomplishments to those of everyday life, family and business. He simplifies the enabling strategies to overcome the challenges so the audience can digest and relate for their future benefit. The presentation is fun, fast paced, and motivating. Our group was fascinated by the uniqueness of the sport of down hill ski racing.

    - President & CEO, Springs Window Fashions, LLC
  • Your high energy, enthusiasm and heartfelt journey were inspirational to our sales colleagues. Just what we were hoping for when we planned your participation.

    - Vice President-Sales, Chevron Global Lubricants
  • Cary was fantastic. He was an excellent choice. I have been receiving great reviews so far. His speech went over well and his style, i.e. his approach to managing his life and time, is very Capital One like.

    - Capital One
  • Cary Mullen's presentation to my clients encouraged all of us to keep going every day - that courage and perseverance will help us overcome the short term obstacles that stand in our way and that by staying focused we will meet our long term objectives. Cary's personal experience of going through tough conditions and excelling in spite of them has motivated us to be stronger in pursuing our goals each day.

    - Vice President Sales, Mackenzie Financial
  • Cary’s presentation was awesome! He was energetic and had the attention of everyone in the room. Employees were able to take something away from his presentation and actually use it.

    - Wright Express
  • You are crystal clear on your points, deliver with energy and enthusiasm, and create a learning environment of friendly excitement. Cary, you outdid yourself in supporting us with these fantastic follow up materials. Situational fluency, conscious cue, adaptable persistence - folks, this guy has got it!

    - Obra

Summary Profile

When you combine his athletic accomplishments with his successful business background as a serial entrepreneur and published author, it’s easy to see why Cary is a recognized expert on winning. As a former Sales and General Manager for Dale Carnegie Training, Cary has consulted with many international corporations to help them achieve better results. As an entrepreneur at heart, Cary has founded many business ventures, including a thriving real estate investment company and a resort development company based in Puerto Escondido, Mexico . As President, Cary leads a team of over 300 people. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of top leaders and sales teams. His firm is currently building over 200 condominiums on the ocean in Mexico. Cary Mullen is the author of HOW to WIN- Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions.  Since retiring from sport he has expanded his real estate development company internationally. Cary is also a philanthropist. He started and funds a foundation that supports an orphanage in Mexico plus one for children in sports. He also started a foundation that is the main funding source of a turtle sanctuary that in the past 4 years has rescued and released over 180,000 baby sea turtles. Through his keynote presentations and training sessions, Cary shares what it takes to win in a highly competitive market. His global perspective is enhanced by his former partnership with the world leader in business training. As past General Manager of Dale Carnegie Training, Cary knows how to deliver a compelling message that is relevant to a variety of industries and organizations. During his 20 years in professional sport, he discovered that there are five Winning Secrets™ that all top performers use to win. Cary Defines “Winning” as “Achieving the Results You desire”. Cary now helps others take a journey outside of their everyday to a front row seat in a quest for excellence in another field. And from that, audience members are able to draw parallels back to their own quest for excellence in their professional and personal life. The world of professional sport comes to life through his gripping stories, as he shares how to incorporate the secrets of training and ritual that improves the results people can achieve in any area of their life.