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Chris Bart

Leader in Corporate Governance & Strategy

Dr. Chris Bart is the world’s leading researcher on organizational mission statements (the most widely used management tool in the world) and how companies can use them more effectively to become a “mission driven” organization. He is currently the CEO of Corporate Missions Inc – an international consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations excel in the execution of their strategies. He is the also the Founder of The Directors College where from its inception in 2003 to 2013, he served as its inaugural Principal and Lead Professor. He now assists the College as its Lead Faculty and continues in his role as the Founder & Principal of the Not-For-Profit Governance Institute.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Sex, Lies & Mission Statements: Making Mission Matter
Many people think that mission statements exist only in the realm of large corporations. In fact, they are incredibly important for companies and not-for-profit organizations of every size. Every employee needs to clearly understand the goals of the company and the role they play in attaining results. The simple truth, however, is that most mission statements don’t work. That’s because, on the road to capturing the so-called “mission mystique”, most organizations wind up making too many “mission mistakes”.
Dr. Bart demonstrates what great leaders in every organization, small or large, can do to immediately increase their ‘leadership capacity’ and bring their mission statement to life. In so doing, he stimulates his audiences to transform their organization’s mission statement from murk into a masterpiece that inspires action and achievement.

Achieving Service Performance Excellence through Leadership & Mission
While many organizations “talk” great service – typically through their mission and value statements—most fail in the consistency of delivery and never win the long-term loyalty of their customers. Dr. Bart proves that the true worth of “service values” comes from the extent to which they are religiously practiced rather than merely professed. To make service excellence an organization-wide reality, therefore, requires both leadership and a sense of mission which is shared throughout the organization.

Back to The Future: Timeless Lessons for Organizational Success
In Back to the Future, Dr. Bart focuses on six critical leadership basics that have endured the test of time. Interestingly, the failure to learn – and to adhere to them – represents some of the most common mistakes managers make which lead to organizational failure. Fortunately, these six concepts are simple and incredibly easy to remember. And the best part is that you can use what you learn the minute you go back to your office. Guaranteed!

Competing in the Experience Economy
In this presentation, Dr. Bart will demonstrate the growing need for every organization to recognize and respond to the challenges of the Experience Economy. More importantly, he will show you how you can transform your organization to orchestrate engaging experiences for all of your customers and have your employees give outstanding “performances” on the new business stage.

Employee Engagement: Business Buzz or Serious Business
Because of the crucial link between employee engagement and business success, today’s leaders need to become highly skilled in deploying this essential business tool and learn how to conquer the barriers that get in their way. In this presentation, Dr. Bart will show you how to take action to create an environment in which people willingly give the essential and discretionary “extra effort” that signifies high levels of Employee Engagement and ultimately impacts an organization’s success.

  • Enthusiastic, passionate, get to the real heart of the matter. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    - CHRP Participant

Summary Profile

A prolific writer, Dr. Bart has published over 170 articles, cases and reviews and is the author of five books (two best sellers). As a result of his pioneering research and teachings, Dr. Bart has become highly sought after by organizations seeking to develop vision and mission statements that get results or to advise boards on their governance practices, especially as it relates to the role of the board in strategy. His practical approach for bringing mission statements to life and creating mission-driven organizations has inspired business leaders and audiences around the world.

A retired Professor of Strategy and Governance from McMaster University (1981-2013), Dr Bart currently serves as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Business Governance & Ethics and he continues as a Research Fellow of the Asian Institute of Corporate Governance at Korea University. Previously, he helped establish the Management of Innovation and New Technology Research Centre (MINT~RC) at McMaster and was named its first Director.

Dr. Bart has been awarded the Ontario Chamber of Commerce “Outstanding Business Achievement Award for Corporate Governance”, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce “HR Hero Award”, the United Way “Chairman’s Award”, the HRPA 2011 “Summit Award for Corporate Governance & Strategic Leadership”, and McMaster’s “Innovation Award”. For his research, he has received both the McMaster Research Recognition Award and its Theory to Practice Award. A highly regarded lecturer, Dr. Bart has received both the “Outstanding Undergraduate Business Professor” and “MBA Professor of the Year” awards on multiple occasions. He has also won “The President’s Award for Teaching Excellence”, McMaster’s highest teaching award – which made him the most decorated professor at the DeGroote School. In 2009, his CPA designation was elevated to FCPA (Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants). And in 2012, Dr. Bart was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his service to Canada

Dr. Bart is listed in Canadian Who’s Who and has been a member of the board of many organizations.