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Daniel Levine

Global trends expert, Director of The Avant-Guide Institute & Founding Editor of WikiTrend

Daniel Levine is one of the world’s best known trends experts and a professional keynote speaker with over 10 years’ experience delivering compelling presentations worldwide.

New York, New York, US


Harnessing the Trends that Power the Buy
What motivates your customers to make purchasing and lifestyle decisions? How can you harness these needs to win customers and increase sales? Based on thoughtful original research, this one-of-a-kind presentation utilizes the full resources of The Avant-Guide Institute to demonstrate how any consumer-oriented business can thrive by turning current trends into profitable opportunities. Spotlighting remarkably original cases, Daniel demonstrates how creative companies from a wide range of industries are profiting and prospering from aligning themselves with their customers’ social values.  You will learn about powerful new trends that will significantly impact your work, discover straightforward strategies to take advantage of these developments, and walk away with remarkable insights and tactics you can immediately put to use.

Transparency trend comes to cosmetics
More and more, people are concerned with the ingredients of the products they use. Watchwords these days are “natural,” “organic,” “chemical-free,” “small-batch” and the like. Many companies are responding by creating products with more natural ingredients. Unfortunately in the cosmetics industry, however, there is still a lot of opacity. These days, if products don’t tell us themselves what they contain, third parties will fill the void. There is no more hiding.

Gross National Happiness index is Spreading to Global Cities
Several years ago the country of Bhutan garnered worldwide attention with their novel decision to measure their country’s wealth not by Gross National Product, but by Gross National Happiness, an index that looks beyond money to things that are more closely related to a sense of well being. Over time, cities and towns will be able to accurately measure areas in which they are improving or failing, compare themselves to one another and allocate funds to areas that need improvement. From a trends perspective, we are continuing to see wealthy areas of the world change the way they perceive luxury, moving from the voracious acquisition of material goods to the collection and protection of meaningful experiences.

Self-charging smartwatches are the next trend in wearables
One of the biggest impediments to the widespread adoption of smartwatches and other wearable computers is that they need to be externally recharged. Consumers need to worry about the battery life of yet another gadget like they need another hole in their collective head. That’s why the holy grail for smartwatch makers are devices that can recharge themselves.

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Summary Profile

Daniel Levine is one of the world’s best known trends experts and a professional keynote speaker with over 10 years’ experience delivering compelling presentations worldwide.

For over a decade Daniel has been the Executive Director of the Avant-Guide Institute in New York City where he is the hands-on leader of a huge international team of “trend-spotters” — over 9,000 trend hunters who track the latest ideas and experiences from around the globe.

Daniel is also the Global Editor of WikiTrend.org, the popular consumer-oriented social trends catalogue for new ideas, products and experiences.

As a corporate consultant and speaker, Daniel has worked with numerous consumer-oriented  associations and companies worldwide, from Intel, MasterCard, Samsonite and Saatchi & Saatchi, to BrandMarker, American Express, MarketWatch, Carlsberg Breweries, The New York Times, and many more.