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Dr. Brian Little

Expert on Human Personality & Well-being

Dr. Brian Little is an internationally acclaimed scholar and speaker in the field of personality and motivational psychology. His pioneering research on how everyday personal projects and ‘free traits’ influence the course of our lives has become an important way of explaining and enhancing human flourishing.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


How Personality Matters: Practical and Professional Implications

  • Our salespeople are a tough group to whom to get a message across, but you certainly did that in a captivating and lighthearted way that really engaged the mood of the audience. We have had speakers at every Awards Conference for each of the last ten years and not one of them has been accorded the standing ovation you received.

    - Royal LePage
  • Our audience so thoroughly enjoyed your outstanding approach to speaking, injected with humour and wit, that they were talking about it for days.

    - Group Insurance Services
  • The marvel is that while you made us fall about in laughter, you left us knowing that we had heard something quite profound. This is genius.

    - Canada School of Public Service
  • In over ten years of organizing events like these, I’ve worked with dozens of keynote speakers. Few, if any, have connected with the audience with the ease that you did. Your message and delivery style are original and mind-expanding.

    - Credit Union Central

Summary Profile

Highly successful corporations and professionals understand the profound effect that personality has on performance, and they use this knowledge to their advantage. In his presentations – which are both deeply informative and outrageously funny – Dr. Little helps his audiences learn how to make effective use of these personality differences. “A cross between Robin Williams and Einstein” is how one client described him.

Drawing on this research, Dr. Little’s keynote presentations are a blend of whimsical hilarity and passionate force. He explains the practical applications of recent research in personality science to communication, emotion, motivation, decision making, creativity, health and prosperity. His presentations frequently inspire standing ovations.

Dr. Little was a pioneer in the study of personality and well-being. He mentored some of today’s leading business authors and speakers, including Adam Grant, Shawn Achor, Tal Ben-Shahar and Susan Cain. According to Achor, “he is one of the great lecturers of our time. I quote him and his research in both my books because his research is so foundational.”

Dr. Little’s award-winning research explores how personality shapes lives and the implications this has for flourishing in our corporations, associations, schools, families and relationships. His book, Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being, provides a novel way of understanding the layers of our personality, why we often act out of character, and why doing so is important to professional success and personal well-being.