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Hugh Culver

Corporate Trainer & Athlete

Highly sought after keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Hugh D. Culver, MBA is an Ironman Competitor, Mountain Climber, 10 time Marathoner and successful businessman.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


Think, Plan, Act: How to create extraordinary results in work and life
We live in an Age of Distraction, where interruptions, multi-tasking, email, and To-Do lists distract us from what’s important. Instead of working harder, or seeking the latest planning tool, we need to Think creatively, Plan differently, and Act better. Motivational, instructional, and challenging, this content-rich keynote is an exciting experience for any audience. Nurses, CEO’s, salespeople, and accountants have all voted with standing ovations to THINK, PLAN, ACT. Will your audience be next?

It’s all about the small stuff: Creating excellence one habit at a time
Habits create as much as 40% of the results in our day. Yet, in our rush to get more done we often overlook the remarkable power “small stuff”, like habits, have on our future. Using powerful examples from Antarctica to the corporate boardroom, Hugh shares a remarkable model for changing habits to create brilliant results. This unforgettable keynote experience is the perfect kick-start to your agenda, or an energetic wrap-up experience. Either way, your delegates will be talking about it for months.

Hugh can customize any of the presentations above.

Platform Plus

Workshop: Facing the Tiger: How to turn any conflict into an opportunity
Conflict in relationships is inevitable—broken promises, personality clashes, and insensitive comments can lead to tension — even arguments. This may be a good thing! Facing the Tiger is a remarkable program that teaches a productive-feedback model designed to strengthen even the toughest relationships. Beginning with a better understanding of ‘Pinches’ (the source of all conflict), you learn a powerful feedback structure to gain win/win solutions.
Workshop: The Leadership Toolbox: How to engage followers to lead
Great leaders are not born – they have learned specific skills that allow them to accomplish great things with people. Leaders that consistently practice these skills can bring the best out of people by engaging them with clear direction and feedback. The Leadership Toolbox is a foundational program for leaders who want to get work done, enrol staff into a bigger vision and delegate more effectively.
Workshop: Reclaiming the Clock Getting more of the right stuff done every day
It’s easy to get busy – email, interruptions, meetings, and clutter can keep us busy and distracted from what’s important. Without better systems and habits, “busy” becomes an excuse for missed deadlines, procrastination, needless rushing, and mistakes. ReClaiming the Clock is an exciting approach to getting more from your minutes, without making more lists or working faster. This proven model will show you how to create more time for planning, improving systems, reconnecting with staff, and even creative thinking. Consistently rated as ‘best of the event’, ReClaiming the Clock is the perfect addition to any conference or staff event.

  • Your presentation this morning was so highly relevant to everyone in that room...You brought tremendous reality in what the issues are, how we can change and still be very productive.

    - President and Chief Executive Officer at Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres

Summary Profile

Hugh Culver, author of Give Me a Break: the art of making time work for you, is a professional speaker and facilitator, a master trainer, and athlete. Hugh’s adventure exploits have taken him from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and from mountain peaks to whitewater rapids.

His business enterprises have included creating the world’s most expensive adventure tours, operating a private airline in Southern Chile, pioneering eco-whale watching, teaching as an adjunct university professor, and being CEO of a corporate consulting firm. Hugh’s remarkable training programs and keynote presentations combine street-smart advice with an engaging and often hilarious delivery style that reaches over 25,000 people each year.

Culver’s presentations on working smarter and living better are sought after by leading organizations, including: Imperial Oil, Shoppers Drug Mart, Royal Bank of Canada, Investors Group, Western Union, Suncor, Telus, United Way, Alberta Health Services, City of Calgary, the University of BC, and the Red Cross. Hugh D. Culver, MBA, is privileged to be one of only 40 Certified Professional Speakers in Canada, and one of only 80 Canadian Certified Facilitation Professionals.