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Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

Breakthrough Leadership

Jacqueline is the owner of Spark Engagement Inc., an organization about consciously thinking and doing things differently within organizations to create different results.  

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Fire Up Your Team!
Based on the book of the same name, this keynote uplifts and inspires leaders and teams to connect, collaborate and create their deepest aspirations.  The presentation outlines four key areas of focus.

Success University for Women: Purpose. Progress. Passions!
Based on the book of the same name, this keynote uplifts and inspires women to connect with their deepest aspirations and carves a path for .  The presentation outlines key strategies for aligning to purpose, celebrating progress to create a passionate work experience.

Creating What Matters in Your Life and In Your Work
Learn all the fundamental tools you need to create the life and organizations you most want and desire.

The Essence of Leadership
Learn how you can create relationships with followers that are based on freedom and accountability, not manipulation or coercion, thereby generating infinite possibilities for innovation, achievement, and success.

Real Networking
Listen to stories combined with straightforward summary of what science has discovered about networking, will leave audiences stimulated and excited about the possibility of creating collaborative networks that innovate to create amazing results!  

  • Jacqueline is an exceptional keynote speaker and star performer who will motivate any audience.

    - McLuhan & Davies Communications
  • The excitement and energy while you are here is great. I have to come down off of a ‘superior high' - great training session, high energy, lots of strategic discussion sessions (I couldn't have asked for more!)

    - SVP of Human Resources

Summary Profile

Engaging people means connecting them to what is meaningful and purposeful and creating environments that remove barriers to inspired action and authentic interactions, resulting in exceptional performance. Deep employee and team engagement fulfills the individual personally and achieves remarkable results for the organization in ways that traditional management practices cannot.

Passionate engagement requires innovative leadership development, purpose-centered team building, and skills to host high-impact conversations. Spark Engagement provides the knowledge, strategies and practices to achieve passionate engagement in your workplace.

Her philosophy: when people work together in ways that promote meaning, creativity, learning, and progress, we transform our organizations. Her workshops, facilitations, and coaching sessions always support individual needs and goals, as well as the business’s needs and goals. When the two are fully aligned, momentum and results are inevitable.

Jacqueline’s most recent book Fire up Your Team came out at the end of 2013.  In this handbook for leaders, Jacqueline  provides tools and techniques that can help any CEO or manager ignite passion, productivity and performance by connecting, collaborating and creating with their team. Jacqueline holds a BA, BFA, and MA as well as qualifications in adult education.

She has numerous accreditations in a wide variety of learning tools and practices. Jacqueline has worked in the learning and development field as well as corporate management for over 20 years. Her clients have included a wide-range of industries around the world from Australia to Singapore to Bermuda to Romania.