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Creator of "The Wow Effect!" for leadership, teamwork and business

Jasmin Bergeron has given more than 2000 conferences and trainings, in more than 12 countries around the world. Creator of The WOW Effect, he is also a full professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal and author and co-author of five books, more than 40 scientific researches and more than 100 articles in newspapers such as La Presse, Les Affaires and the Wall Street Journal.

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The WOW effect!

Creating a WOW effect around you is a way to stand out and improve the satisfaction of the people you meet!  

The WOW is a moment of wonder that we wish to experience often. The WOW effect is striking! The people who give us WOWs are long remembered because they are fascinating and distinct . What do they have in common? What are they different? How do they go about standing out and winning over those around them? It is in this perspective that the conference “The WOW effect! ” Was developed. It summarizes the best recognized strategies for causing WOW! 

This lecture is based on practice, interaction and humor . It was designed in cooperation with several people who have stood out in their personal and professional lives by their ability to bring WOWs to life. During the conference, examples, testimonials, research results and principles that you can quickly apply will be suggested to you in order to make your experience as rewarding as possible! 

Takeaways can include:

  • The benefits of a WOW effect!
  • Profile of people and organizations that generate WOW!
  • The links between recognition and credibility
  • To generate a WOW, “finish strong”!
The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development

Creating a WOW effect in selling will increase the value of your offer for your client, while solidifying a long-term win-win relationship!

The challenge is significant because all clients and sales professionals are different, which makes forging high-quality relationships essential. Success requires many interpersonal skills and qualities, in communications as well as salesmanship. It is in this perspective that the keynote “The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development” was developed.

This keynote is based on practice, interaction and humor and was designed in cooperation with several high-performance sales advisors who stand out as much for their sales as for their long-term relationships with their clients. During the presentation, many principles, examples, testimonies and strategies that you can quickly apply will be suggested in order to make your experience as enriching as possible!

Takeaways can include:

  • Managing expectations and impressing clients
  • Top business development strategies
  • Strategies for defusing client objections
  • Innovative practices to create a WOW for your clients
The WOW Effect in Customer Service

The quality of service is the element that can most distinguish your organization!

In a world where all products and services are the same and all prices are relatively similar, the human factor is the one making the most important difference. Forging high-value relationships is challenging, because everyone is unique. The keynote “The WOW Effect in Customer Service” was developed in this perspective. The objective is to improve your interpersonal skills, in order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers!

This conference—based on practice and interaction—provides guidelines, tips and testimonials merged with humour and aimed at producing a remarkable service quality experience. It was designed in cooperation with multiple organizations that stand out for their excellent service. Content and tips will be tailored to your needs and expectations, ensuring a highly rewarding experience. This keynote features practical, useful and innovative tools for improving the service you deliver!

Takeaways can include:

  • Best strategies for organizations
  • Turning complaints into opportunity
  • For results others don’t get, do things others don’t do
  • Your attitude, more than your aptitudes, will determine your altitude!
The WOW Effect in Leadership

The best organizations are the ones that perform best as a team!

Success is rarely a coincidence. Outstanding employees are not immediately provided, but fortunately, it is possible to learn to coach them, mobilize them, value them and improve them by means of stimulating daily practices. Good teamwork takes time, but you can learn how to inspire your staff, give them recognition and spur their improvement through stimulating daily routines.

Meeting this challenge means recognizing and reasserting the qualities, skills and abilities that define WOW teams! The keynote “The WOW Effect in Leadership” was built with these ideas in mind. Being part of a winning team is exciting, mobilizing and above all, gratifying!

This keynote was designed in cooperation with several successful managers in a variety of industries. This presentation features practical and useful tips that you can put into play quickly to ensure a highly rewarding experience!

Takeaways can include:

  • Best practices to evolve from a group to a team
  • Enhancing team relationships
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging
  • Innovative strategies for boosting your leadership

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Many of Jasmin’s keynotes can be delivered in longer or interactive formats – just ask! Possible times : The most popular formats are 60, 75 and 90 minutes, as well as half a day; in some cases we also offer 45 minute and full day training formats Each conference can also be offered in a training and/or workshop mode Each presentation can be given in French , English or both languages We can match things you find interesting in our other conferences Possible groups: from 5 to 5000 people We can modify the title of the conference to adapt it to the theme of your event or to your needs.

Audience reviews:

  • Have Jasmin do the finale. He makes sure your event ends with a big WOW! - Fabien Després, Principal Director, LA CAPITALE
  • It’s my turn to thank you and congratulate you for your service! Everyone enjoyed you very much! WOW! It is going to be very useful!! - Daniel Migneault, VP Sales and Marketing, MULTI-PRÊTS
  • The sales strategies that you showed us will be very useful. Your course is highly motivating, dynamic and ‘different’ from all other training sessions. Thank you and again: WOW! - Patricia Côté, Development Manager, BANQUE NATIONALE
  • This is the third time we’ve hired Jasmin. Each time, we see an improvement in client satisfaction and sales! - Éric Gagnon, Regional Director, NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA

Speaker Biography

Jasmin Bergeron’s main objective is to deliver practical tips and tools that can be implemented immediately.

He’s known for his WOW approach to sales, leadership and customer service. In a world where all products and services are the same and all prices are relatively similar, the human factor is the one making the most important difference. Forging high-value relationships is challenging, because everyone is unique.  The objective is to improve your interpersonal skills, in order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Delivering well-researched and relevant insights, Jasmin Bergeron is known for his interactive, humorous and value-oriented approach. Jasmin is a fully bilingual speaker who has a unique ability to simplify seemingly complex challenges in a way that will provide your audience with a fresh and useful perspective. Attendees particularly value the memory aid he hands out at the end. You will leave Jasmin’s keynote refreshed, energized and more confident than ever that you are prepared for the road ahead. 

The interaction with the participants and the humor he uses will strongly contribute to the success of your event. With Jasmin, fun, entertainment and practical takeaways are guaranteed!

He is attentive to the needs and expectations of his clients and he prepares each of his presentations in collaboration with them. Jasmin likes to answer his clients’ questions and knows how to guide them to ensure the success of their events, an experienced speaker who excels at adapting to diverse audiences. The duration of his presentations can also be customized.

Jasmin Bergeron, Ph.D. is a veteran of 2000 keynote presentations and workshops in 12 countries around the world.  Jasmin received the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation, which is the highest international designation that can be earned in the professional speaker industry worldwide. Jasmin is also a full professor at the Business School of the University of Quebec in Montreal. He also authored or co-authored of five books, 40 scientific research papers and over 100 newspaper articles in journals such as The Wall Street Journal. 

He can speak in English and French. Both languages can be is used if needed in the presentation. If your audience is bilingual, you simply tell us what percentage of the two languages you prefer and Jasmin takes care of the rest.