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Jean Marmoreo

Medical Expert and 'Boomer' Authority

Dr. Jean Marmoreo speaks from the trenches of mid-life, behind the closed doors of the examining room where people tell the real story.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The New Middle Ages: On Women in Mid Life.  In this presentation Dr. Marmoreo addresses women’s mid-life concerns from a unique perspective—that of a physician who knows their histories, hears their stories, and understands their fears and dreams like no one else. It is grounded in the stories of mid-life women, but filled with sound, practical medical advice from a good authority. A new middle-age woman is emerging. Stayin’ Alive. Prominent physician, writer and athlete Dr. Jean Marmoreo reveals what to do now to live longer and function better so that the second half of your life is even better than the first. What are you doing in the second half of your life? Being over 40 doesn’t have to feel like a waiting room; it can be a supermarket. The trick is to do some very simple things to give yourself the best chance to stay healthy, functional and happy in your next 40 years. Prominent physician, writer and marathoner Dr. Jean Marmoreo offers life-lessons from the examining room, the laptop and the finish line. You can have both: a good life and a good death. Our attitudes to life and death have changed dramatically: we all want to live long and happy lives, but when it’s time to go, we want the best for ourselves and our families as well. Noted physician, writer and marathoner  Dr. Jean Marmoreo discusses what to do now to give yourself the best chance at a longer, happier life  — and a good end. This is what 70 looks like. It used to be if  you were 70, all you could do was retire and wait for old age to take you away. No more. Noted physician, writer and marathoner, Dr. Jean Marmoreo, shows you what to do now – no matter how old you are – to make your 70s one of the best times in your life. Physiological Issues Brought On by Middle Age Stress and Coping in Mid Life


National Magazine Award Silver Medal | Blogging

  • An entertaining speaker, she drew her audience in, providing a sense of sincerity, relating and understanding about the issues that confront women, while using humour to intrigue and relax her audience.

    - Credit Valley Hospital
  • Jean Marmoreo has 'walked the walk' of a midlife woman, mother, daughter, partner and professional woman, and she has the gift of empathy and sensitivity.

    - Sunnybrook and Women's College Hospital
  • Thank you for your dynamic and informative keynote address...your inspirational presentation really hit home from with delegates.

    - Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Assn

Summary Profile

“Middle age used to be a waiting room; now, it’s a supermarket!” Jean Marmoreo is a family physician and a partner in Wellpoint Family Practice, a Toronto clinic of 11 doctors serving 20,000 patients. She is affiliated with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and is a Lecturer in the FamilyPractice Department of the University of Toronto School of Medicine. In addition, she provides expert opinion on cases that come before the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. Graduating from MacMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario with a degree in nursing in 1964, Jean became Head Nurse at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto, the predecessor to CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.  She then decided to pursue a career in medicine and in 1974 graduated with the highest marks in her class in clinical practice from the University of Toronto School of Medicine, the largest medical school in North America. A specialist in mid-life medicine, Jean Marmoreo has written a bi-weekly column on women for The Globe and Mail, which grew out of a similar column for The National Post. The popularity of her columns led to her writing a book, The New Middle Ages: Women in Midlife, which was published in 2002 by Prentice Hall. In addition, she is frequently called on to speak to women, either as a media commentator or directly to women’s audiences. In 2005, Jean was chosen one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.” Jean Marmoreo is also an adventurer and world-calibre marathoner. As a runner, she founded JeansMarines, the midlife women’s marathon group that between 2002 and 2009 took  hundreds of mid-life women off the couch to train for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. She has also placed first in her age group among women running the Chicago Marathon, the Ottawa Marathon and twice, the Marine Corps Marathon. But it has been in the storied Boston Marathon that Jean Marmoreo has broken records.  In each of 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013, she placed first among women in her age group and is the first Canadian to ever do so.  No woman has ever accomplished this at the Boston Marathon. She had crossed the finish line just 10 minutes prior to the tragic bombings at the marathon in 2013 and wrote an inspiring article afterwards: “I’ll run Boston again.  We all should.” She has also hiked 1,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and has undertaken numerous treks in New Zealand, Australia, Spitsbergen, Patagonia, Bhutan, Tanzania, and to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. Jean is married to Toronto communications consultant Bob Ramsay and has three children: Lara, Jean Paul and Ryan.