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Jon Dwyer

Clean Energy Innovator & Expert

Jon Dwyer is managing director of Aereus Technologies & Interspec Systems, and a member of the City of Toronto innovation economy advisory council.

Ontario, Canada


Jon examines the risk model provided by the oil industry, illustrating the success of 1 input yielding multiple outputs, using it as a rubric to solve many of the dilemmas faced by the renewable energy sector. Discussing the dynamic of eliminating key externalities in any industry and focusing on labour inputs which yield items of production, Jon focuses on the interaction of labour, products and management under the aegis of the oil production model. Oil created a reality whereby the scarcity of basic goods is as minimum as it has ever been; so if we wish to replace oil, we have to find products that interact in the marketplace as oil does.

The notion examined in Jon’s discussions about oil and the economics of oil, applies to the functionality of managing products or people in the modern market place. The notion of having 1 product that yields multiple outputs, is inherently rooted in the philosophy that eliminating externalities can both create and eliminate efficiencies. When is it appropriate to outsource, where do expectations lie when management suggests a firm cannot achieve an outcome without outsourcing, should growth rely on greater outsourcing?

As CEO of Harvest Speciality Mills, Jon works very closely with agricultural firms in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Jon regularly discussing the economics of agriculture as it relates to food, animal feed and biofuel.

Summary Profile

“We need to move away from the emotional roller coaster, the blame game puppeteered by folks like David Suzuki, and become pragmatic business practitioners that work toward the collective goal of health and prosperity. . .”Jon Dwyer

As a speaker, Jon is a passionate, brilliant and funny young man who relates to audiences young and old. According to Reuters, Dwyer is on the cutting edge of something big: “Canada’s appetite for biodiesel, typically produced from animal fat, used cooking oil, soybeans or canola, is expected to soar.” Dwyer, from a family of cod fishermen, holds an Honours B.A. in political science from McMaster University and he studied international economics at Ryerson University.

At Ryerson, Jon created a thesis investigating agricultural solutions to the food vs. fuel dilemma, which yield multiple revenue streams that are not impacted by the price volatility of food-grade feed stocks such as soy and canola. Dwyer’s long-term goal is to find global application for his products, techniques, technology and processes. The talented Dwyer is also an author. His first novel was “Michael Burke.”