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Kevin Rempel


Toronto, ON, Canada

Canadian Paralympian, Workshop & Team Building Facilitator

Kevin Rempel has surmounted incredible life-challenges to reach the Olympic podium and now to bring his powerful message of hope and resilience to audiences through his speaking and writing. Kevin Rempel is a 2013 World Champion and 2014 Sochi Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey with an incredible story of overcoming a tremendous amount of adversity.

Keynote Speeches

The Hero Mindset: How to Drive Results and Embrace Change

Strong individuals and organizations thrive by not placing blame on other people, their surroundings, or external circumstances. They thrive recognizing the importance to choose the right mindset as they develop resilience when facing uncertainty.

Choose to adopt The Hero Mindset.

The Hero Mindset is about recognizing Hero Moments, Hero Decisions, and Hero Actions where you choose to step up, make key crucial decisions, and take action in spite of fear. By doing so you become a hero to yourself, to each other, to your customers, and to your community.

Today’s world accelerates change fatigue and mental energy drains from high performing teams. Reigniting passion while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance starts with recognizing what to focus on and how to take personal responsibility.

This program ideal for organizations facing challenges from a shift in the economy, organizational restructuring, launching or reinforcing strategic initiatives, and who are looking to reignite their employee’s passion towards a focused common vision.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to leverage adversity as a driving force in your future success
  • How to unlock the mindset to drive results and embrace change
  • A three step formula to achieve daily, lasting results
  • Practical tools and solutions to stay mentally well during the most difficult of times

This program is ideal for organizations who are seeking ways to support employees during a time of disruption, who are going through significant change, acclimatizing to a new normal, working from home, and looking to build resilience during difficult times.

Olympic Principles that Drive Influential Leadership

Leadership today continues to search for solutions to support managers as they lead their teams in productive and healthy remote work environments. Guiding employees in the right direction to support wellbeing requires empathy, psychological safety, thought-out communication, and the right tools and solutions on a consistent basis.

In this session, Kevin Rempel helps leaders come together to brainstorm solutions in group discussions on what gaps exists in these areas, and how managers can encourage employees to leverage support.

Managers will reflect on how they are leading, identifying areas for improvement to connect deeper with their teams while fostering a spirit of trust to inspire open dialogue and improved communication.

This program is ideal for leaders and people managers who are in a rapidly changing environment, teams who are seeking to establish a deeper level of trust, and high performing cultures who may need a reminder to continue doing the small things that can contribute to a healthy organization.

Participants will take part in highly interactive brainstorming sessions, identifying problematic areas, working together to create solutions, all while helping the organization gain further insights to understand where their employees are struggling and need help the most, and discover tools to manage these aspects proactively.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to foster a culture of wellbeing led by inspirational leadership
  • How to continue to adapt to a changing environment, maintain momentum, and grow through adversity
  • How to be flexible and accommodating while working with employees virtually to build trust and strengthen team cohesion
  • How to create trust as a post pandemic leader

This program is ideal for leaders and people managers who support high performing teams who are at risk of burnout, teams facing increased workloads due to organizational restructuring, rapidly changing demands of remote work, and organizations who are seeking a deeper understanding of employee’s needs to help support wellness initiatives.

Reintegrating Post Pandemic: Strategies to Harness a Brighter Future

Reintegrating into life beyond the pandemic will require organizations and their teams to reach a level of acceptance to transcend what has happened and focus on what they want to have happen instead.

Acknowledging that we must create our new normal, it’s time to let go of the past and create a brighter future. Managing change is an ongoing process and an opportunity to reinvent and establish a new foundation of what will set you up for success.

Reflecting on his experience, Kevin Rempel faced two major life reintegration transitions: life after a spinal cord injury and life after sport. In each circumstance Kevin faced identity challenges, physical and mental health challenges, as well as navigated a new career path to turn his acquired limitations into a new set of skills and opportunities.

During this session, participants will reflect on lessons they’ve learned from the past and how to use them to find joy, grow stronger, and move forward. Making this mental shift begins with developing your self awareness and choosing to take charge of your mindset as you re-emerge into the new economy.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Build your post-pandemic confidence and create a plan for how you will approach reintegrating into the new economy
  • Envision the world you want to live in and what success looks like going forward
  • How to accept the past, focus on the future, and identify the lessons learned to continue to drive results and embrace change
  • How to identify new opportunities so that you continue to maintain momentum and grow through adversity
  • How to adopt a growth mindset of continued flexibility so that performance continues to increase and remains sustainable

This program is ideal for leaders who are looking to support high performing teams with strategies to maintain a resilient mindset, those who are going through significant change, acclimatizing to a post-pandemic reality, and looking to foster a strong workplace culture while navigating change.

Audience reviews:

  • Kevin’s presentation provided our team with excellent tools and techniques to help our employees prioritize self-care and focus on their personal and professional goals while navigating the challenging current environment. The post event response from those who attended the session was very positive! - Chief Sales Officer, Hub International
  • Our team benefited greatly having Kevin refresh CDIC on The Hero Mindset and provide us with actionable tools and strategies to help build our mental resilience during unprecedented times. Once again, you have hit it out of the park! - Director, People Programs & Culture, Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • As a leader, I am always searching for tools to grow personally, but also provide my staff and partners with what they need to be resilient. Kevin’s session delivered on both! - National Sales Leader, Global Fire Detection Products

Speaker Biography

After a freestyle motocross accident left Kevin an incomplete paraplegic at the age of 23, he was told by doctors he would likely never walk again. Adding to this, Kevin had to deal with his father, Gerry, who fell from a tree while deer hunting, leaving him a complete paraplegic only one year from retirement. Unfortunately, Gerry couldn’t deal with living with his circumstances and took his own life in July 2007.

That following year, “Remps” as he likes to be called by his friends, was determined. He willed himself to move one toe, then another, then another until – eventually – he not only walked again, but was able to become one of Canada’s best Paralympic athletes, earning a bronze medal at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Since then, he has travelled the world, inspired thousands of people, and has been featured around the world in media such as CBC, TSN, and BBC Sport.

Today, Kevin is focused on helping grow the sport of sledge hockey through his teambuilding program, The Sledge Hockey Experience, and passionately taking the stage, either live or virtually, inspiring audiences with The Hero Mindset Keynote and coaching leaders using The Resilience Toolbox.

Through his keynotes, Kevin shares his personal story inspiring others that even when you have every reason to give up, you must keep going. Kevin believes that you too can become the hero of your own story. Unlock the mindset that enables you and your organization to drive results and embrace change.