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Linda Lundstrom

Celebrated Fashion Designer

With the heart and soul of an artist, Linda Lundström has been a creative tour de force in the fashion world. Having produced more than 100 collections, Lundström is more than a fashion designer. She’s built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Toronto, and is a leader in embracing Lean Manufacturing processes necessary to compete internationally.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The F Word
Fasten your seat belts and harness your successes and failures to move forward in your life and business. This presentation is a fast paced delivery of anecdotes from the fashion business trenches, Lundström teases the audience through a series of F words…building up to the one she avoided until 2008. With honesty and comic timing, references to the years of success and brushes with failure are shared. Finally though, the unwelcome intruder must be let in and this begins the most powerful part of the story. It’s about the journey to find happiness and peace, with failure as the key to success.

Faith in Business
There is a thread that is woven through the life and career of award-winning Canadian Fashion Designer and entrepreneur Linda Lundstrom. In this presentation, she reveals the amazing examples of Divine Intervention which she believes are all the result of Faith…both her faith in God and God’s faith in her. Lundström the stories together to create three clear and profound messages of trust in times of uncertainty, faith in times of fear and the belief that God is the best CEO in any business. Raised in the United Church, Linda rejected religion in her teens, after witnessing the mistreatment of First Nations people in the community. The return to her faith occurred when a First Nations man from that community reached out to her and guided her back to a deep relationship with God…back to the thread that has been the constant link in her journey.

Platform Plus

Workshop | Inside the World of Fashion

An ‘inside look’ at the world of Fashion and Beauty, this presentation uses visuals and insights to expose the marketing practices which are effecting the self-esteem of young women today.

Workshop | Understanding Lean Manufacturing

Linda successfully converted her company to Lean Manufacturing in 2001. She shares the benefits and challenges of introducing Lean practices and mobilizes teams to embrace this exciting approach to the production process.

Workshop | Three Things I Know For Sure

This is for a 60 to 90 minute workshop perfect for Conference Breakout Sessions for up to 50 people. With a strong belief that everyone and everything in our lives is a precious gift to enable us to move forward and learn, Lundström tells about her successes, failures and the creative process. The audience is engaged with a series of true stories, woven together to reveal three profound truths which they can relate to their own lives.


Order of Ontario

Lifetime Achievement Award/Canadian Woman of the Year | University of Toronto

Canada Award for Business Excellence in Entrepreneurship

Designer of the Year Award | City of Toronto

  • Linda Lundstrom is a woman who has truly tackled the adversity of life and come out on top. With inspiring stories, hilarious anecdotes and thought provoking insight, Linda engages her audience immediately and leaves them with powerful messages that change the way they approach life. Her authentic approach to motivating her audience is captivating!

    - President, Stuart Knight Productions
  • Your anecdotes and the way you overcame the hurdles in the process to achieve the benefits of a LEAN production facility were of great interest to our attendees. It is not often that we have a chance to hear someone who has actually transitioned a factory such as you have.

    - AAFA Conference
  • Thank you for your enormous contribution to the panel at the W100 Idea Exchange. The audience hung on your every word.

    - Ian Portsmouth, Editor of Profit Magazine, PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 RANKING AND IDEA EXCHANGE
  • I worked with Linda as her PR representative for a number of years and heard her speak many times on a variety of topics. She is an inspirational speaker – completely engaging and holds her audience in rapture. What a great addition to National Speaker’s Bureau!

    - Principal, Pink Box PR
  • It’s not how hard you fall, but how you get up. Linda inspired me

    - Conference Attendee

Summary Profile

Linda Lundström has many stories which both inform and inspire. Born and raised in Red Lake, a remote gold mining town in Northwestern Ontario, seems an unlikely beginning to the story of a fashion designer, who in her career has reached the pinnacle of success for her innovative approach to creating clothing for Authentic Women. With a resourcefulness and common sense approach to both Fashion and business Linda Lundström has been a creative force in Canada for over 3 decades. With the heart and soul of an artist, creating more than 100 collections, Lundström is respected for her originality and determination to produce her designs in Canada. Building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Toronto, she is a leader in embracing CAD/CAM technologies and Lean Manufacturing processes necessary to compete internationally. Today, Lundström shares business and life lessons with audiences and clients. After selling her company and brand in 2008, Lundström has also returned to designing with the ‘L’ collection which she presents at consumer shows and PopUpShops. Lundström is an advocate for First Nations, motivating her to create the Kiishik Fund, which creates awareness and respect for Native culture and traditions. This fund receives a portion of all honoraria received from speaking engagements to support educational programs in the Red Lake District.

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