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Marc Kielburger


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Social Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of the WE Movement

Marc Kielburger began his impactful work while still in high school, and since then has only grown as a powerful example for anyone looking to create meaningful change. Now a bestselling author, celebrated speaker, and founder of the WE Movement, Marc shares his unique story thorough inspiring and thought-provoking speeches – each tailored to the needs of your individual group.

Keynote Speeches

Unconventional Leadership: Lessons l learned from Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Grandma, and more

This engaging keynote uses a unique, highly-interactive format to connect all listeners with the tailored story unfolding before them. In it, Marc utilizes a pioneering approach to visuals that allows the audience to take an active part in the story, steering it towards their own interests and the inspiring mentors they feel most connected with. The thread that ties each individual anecdote together is the tangible leadership lessons they bring – lessons that can be used by any team member, no matter their background or level within your organization. 

The lessons Marc shares have been accumulated over 25 years of active service, delivered by some of the world’s most impactful change-makers, from Nelson Mandela to Mother Teresa to Richard Branson. Impactful for teachers, executives and community groups alike, as well as those planning larger conferences, the speech will leave attendees with new ideas and a framework for creating organizational and personal change.

Beginning during his time as a teenage activist supporting an AIDS hospice in Thailand, and following Marc’s journey to becoming an impactful leader, working with hundreds of employees around the world, Marc provides the key moments in his life that brought him and his movement to where they are today. From the mountains of Davos to the shadow of acacia trees, Marc had the chance to learn lessons in unconventional leadership from world-leaders and community-leaders alike. The insight he gained from this – everything from taking chances to the vital importance of empathy and emotional intelligence in all circumstances – makes up the foundation of this innovative multimedia speech. At its core, the talk asks listers to choose the story they wish to hear, crafting a collaborative keynote that resonates for audiences both overflowing and intimate.

ME to WE: Making Doing Good, Doable

This powerful and emotional keynote draws from Marc Kielburger’s personal history of building a movement from the ground up. Bringing audiences along for this life-changing journey, Marc’s story carries moments of laughter and adventure alongside the more serious subjects and inequality he’s witnessed in his decades of activism.

Building a movement with his brother Craig after the younger Kielburger was driven to act by the death of Iqbal Masih, a 12-year-old Pakistani activist killed for his own crusade against child labour, Marc quickly found himself on a journey he never could have imagined. From his studies at Harvard and Oxford to the set of the Oprah Winfrey show, where the legendary host promised to help Marc and Craig’s burgeoning movement build 100 schools, Marc experienced an exciting and often daunting education in leadership.

Now, more than 25 years later, Marc sits at the head of the WE, a movement that has built thousands of school-rooms around the world and given more than one-million people the tools to lift themselves from poverty.

In this speech, Marc presents the impact that changing your focus from “me” to “we” will have, helping you find your purpose and begin your own path of impact. He accompanies this with applicable, real-life suggestions to help you on your journey, no matter your background or level of influence.

The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Kids Who Care and Contribute

Starting a family during these challenging, rapidly changing times can seem hugely intimidating. Based on the Kielburger’s bestselling The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute, this inspiring speech shares significant insight into how parents can encourage their kids to grow as empathetic and caring contributors to the world.

Raised by educator parents to see the world in a different light and never turn away from big challenges, Marc Kielburger has spent decades building opportunities for young people to make a difference. Through WE Charity’s WE Schools programming and campaigns, he and Craig work with more than 18,000 schools across the globe and offer 4.3 million students the chance to create lasting change on a local and global scale.

In this speech, Marc presents important recommendations and key information gathered through his unique apprenticeship with some of the world’s leading voices on mentorship and early childhood development. Backed by more than 1,000 interviews on this vital subject, these tips provide a boost not only for those hoping to help their children thrive academically, but also become positive examples for their peers and active global contributors who care about the issues the world is facing today. 

The WEconomy: How Your Company Can Profit from Purpose

Drawing upon the often-overlooked links between purpose and profit, two of the great driving forces for human action, WEconomy provides a clear path for bringing the impact of both forces together.

Focusing on the awareness that we all have on the power of purpose, this speech is anchored by Marc’s  5th book, WEconomy – co-authored by Craig Kielburger and Holly Branson. In WEconomy, Marc, Craig and Holly share how you can merge purpose into your career as well as your company and life. Designed to help listeners benefit from every aspect of their purpose, the speech can be customized for both executives and new employees looking to move up and increase their impact. Also tailored for each company’s unique core values and mission, Marc celebrates the purpose already present in your work while sharing the power you have to make an even bigger difference.

This is a clear roadmap for following your own values without sacrificing career success, and your audience will be fully engaged whether they are looking for just a few key steps or a holistic, comprehensive plan to make a difference.

Making Caring Cool Again: Engaging and Inspiring Next Generation Philanthropists

Anyone who turns on the news today will likely be left thinking that the “me” rather than “we” mentality is stronger than ever. So in a time like this, how should parents go about raising engaged and empathetic children who are part of a family tradition that gives back?

Marc’s answer is WE. In this rousing keynote Marc offers his personal perspective on connecting with contemporary young people while presenting key steps to help individuals and families strengthen their own values.

With the experience of an entire movement and the wisdom of some of today’s greatest change-makers behind him, as well as the teachings of expert partners like Foundation Source, Marc is excited to offer families the tools they need to find their passion. Having a shared cause helps families prepare their children to build and continue a meaningful legacy of positive change as they grow as people, leaders, and dedicated change-makers.

Custom Presentations

Marc Kielburger is available to deliver the following presentations individually or as a duo alongside his brother Craig:

Audience reviews:

  • Everyone at our company raved about Marc for days. Those that couldn’t attend the speech knew that they had missed something really special.Not only was his presentation emotional and informative, but also very entertaining. His engaging style had us all listening intently for the whole time - something that rarely happens with our high-energy group. We also appreciated how Marc customized his presentation. Many will take his points and work with our clients to ensure they are doing all they can to fulfill their corporate social responsibility

    - Group Account Director, Rapp Collins
  • He was awesome and very inspiring. I think the group really enjoyed his energy and enthusiasm.

    - Manager, Events & Sponsorship, Vancouver Regional Construction Association
  • Marc Kielburger is an exceptional speaker for an educational audience. He is able to connect with young people and educators through his stories, experiences and powerful calls to action. I have hosted him at numerous large gatherings for both teachers and students and he has managed to change the lives of many who have listened to his message. I highly recommend him as a speaker for any event.

    - Staff Development, Toronto Catholic District Schoolboard
  • Marc’s session was rated an incredible 3.9 out of 4. I don’t believe we’ve ever had a session rated that high before. To me that means that not only did you touch the audience with the principles and stories that you related, but that your energy and enthusiasm was inspirational to our participants.

    - Board Member, the Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX)
  • Marc was the MOST fabulous speaker I have ever heard. He made our entire conference and i have been personally inspired. Any person involved in any capacity in education should hear him speak. Thank-you doesn't even come close.

    - Ontario Catholic School Business Officials Association
  • Craig and Marc Kielburger have taught me a lot about leadership.

    - Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

Speaker Biography

As a bestselling author, pioneering social entrepreneur and distinguished speaker, Marc has worked diligently since the age of 17 to inspire millions in doing good through their positive actions and consumer choices.

Working closely with his brother Craig Kielburger, Marc has expanded the WE family of organizations to engage 4.3 million young people in active service. Each year, more than 250,000 young people also attend a WE Day event, filling stadiums across more than a dozen cities to celebrate the positive actions of their peers.

Marc and Craig’s innovative social enterprise, ME to WE, forms a unique partnership with their charitable work, allowing it to grow sustainably by offering impactful experiences and socially-conscious products. This pioneering relationship has provided an incredible boost to WE Charity, helping it to lift more than one million people from poverty.

A Rhodes Scholar with 10 honorary doctorates, Marc is the recipient of some of Canada’s most significant honours, including the Order of Canada and a space on Canada’s Walk of Fame. As a celebrated and engaging speaker, he provides groups with the guidance and experience he’s gained across decades of leading humanitarian work, which continues to empower young people around the world to create positive change.