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Michael Decter

Leading Healthcare Authority & Economist

Michael is President and CEO of LDIC Inc, a portfolio management firm. As a former Deputy Minister of Health for Ontario and Cabinet Secretary in the Government of Manitoba, Michael is a well-recognized speaker on broader political and economic issues.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Building the Out-of-Hospital Health Care System of the Future
Canada needs to build a high quality and linked out-of-hospital health care system to support [patients without resorting to costly hospital stays. The good news is that many of the needed elements of this future out-of-hospital system already exist and just need to be re-imagines and reformed. Michael Decter’s decade of experience chairing the Board of Saint Elizabeth Health Care provided him with deep insights into the potential role of home care and community services in this health transformation. As well his experience as a Director of Medavie Blue Cross have introduced him to a much expanded role advanced paramedics and ambulance services can play in maintaining patients outside the hospital setting. In addition the pharmacist and pharmacy are another important element of the future health care system. Michael brings practical examples of innovation to his presentation.

How Changing Scope of Practice is an Opportunity to Save Medicare
Changes in human resource management in health care offer significant savings and better care for patients. By utilizing the full scope of practice of advanced care paramedics, Medavie EMS has been able to staff Emergency Rooms at hospitals with paramedics and undertake home care visits. Nurse practitioners undertake many tasks previously performed only by doctors. Midwives deliver thousands of Canadian babies each year. Pharmacists can give you a flu shot. They can review your medications and they can prescribe some medications. One of the great opportunities to make Canadian Medicare both more affordable and higher quality is to change who does the work. Michael Decter explores scope of practice from the perspective of governments, patients and providers with lively examples of how change is occurring.

Health Care and eHealth in the Age of False News and AI
The role of eHealth is essential.  If health care providers are to make evidence based decisions as well as combatting fake health news they need real time access to both evidence and to patient level information. Canada has made a large investment in eHealth and evidence at all levels of the healthcare system. The next few years will be a time of delivering the results to providers and most importantly to patients. As the Boomer generation increases its contact with the health services system due to chronic disease they will be seeking a much more informed journey. Boomers also come equipped with Iphones and an addiction to the eWorld. They are surprised when a physician or pharmacist in Canada faxes their prescription. Will we be able to deliver that informed journey and supported patient journey that they expect?

Building An Investment Firm in Turbulent Times
His experiences as an investor were first chronicled in his best-selling book, Million Dollar Strategy. In 1998 Michael Decter joined with Bay Street legend Jack Lawrence to create Lawrence Decter Investment Counsel. Over the next 14 years the firm survived the crash of 2008, the loss of Jack Lawrence in a plane crash and has gone on to become well regarded Bay Street firm, now named LDIC Inc. Michael Decter remains the President, CEO and owner. The firm manages over $400 million of investments for clients. He has learned a great deal about how to invest successfully and how to build an investment firm. He shares his insights with both humour and passion.


Order of Canada

  • Your presentation was the highlight of the meeting … your remarks underlined the complexity of the problem, offered some optimism for accomplishing meaningful change and threw out some interesting challenges to the private sector.

    - Public Policy Forum, Ottawa, Ontario
  • You have a tremendous ability to explain issues clearly; to deepen our understanding with effective stories and to challenge us to think more critically. The questions which you raised were very effective in stimulating a lively discussion.

    - New Brunswick Healthcare Association
  • Great speaker; motivating, humorous, knowledgeable, encouraging, timely information, clear, well-informed

    - Group Health Centre

Summary Profile

Michael Decter is a Harvard-trained economist who possesses an optimistic outlook during the pessimistic economic times we are facing. He successfully forecasted back in 2006, when he started writing his book, 10 Good Reasons to Invest in Canada, that our country was poised for a very strong period of growth and prosperity. His latest book is Tales From the Back Room: Memories of a Political Insider treats the readers to a range of raunchy and riveting stories of politics in Canada.

He said Canada – after several decades of underperforming economically compared to the United States – would strengthen, and his prediction came to fruition. Although Decter says a strong decade ahead remains viable for Canada despite the global financial turmoil and decline in commodity prices, our country will not escape unscathed. There will be some short-term pain for Canadians – jobs will be lost, incomes will be curtailed, and business will slow – but Canada’s economic fundamentals are solid, as well as its approach to managing the nation’s finances and health care. Decter, who was appointed a member of the prestigious Order of Canada in 2004, is currently the managing director of Michael Decter and Associates Ltd., and also serves as CEO of the investment management firm, LDIC Inc. He is a charming speaker who is frank and informative with just the right amount of humour. Decter will share how to look beyond the short-term negativity that surrounds our economy, no matter how troubling things may seem, and assess longer-term realities.