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Nigel Barlow

Business Innovation Expert

Nigel Barlow is an internationally renowned inspirational business speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant. The core of his work is Innovative Thinking. He has been described by clients as an agent provocateur and business rocker; he’s skilled at shaking up fixed mindsets to open new possibilities for his clients around the globe.

Oxford, United Kingdom


Changing Mindsets

Possibility Thinking

Garage Innovation

Inventing the Future

Creating Legendary Customer Experiences

  • Being able to capture and retain the interest of an audience is not an easy task. This is why attending a presentation from Nigel brings you to a different dimension where he captures your attention from the very first second and is able to keep that interest through a full hour, with a rhythm and energy we can all learn from.

    - Inkjet Commercial Category Manager, Hewlett Packard
  • Nigel has a fantastic ability to use his vast knowledge and experience to make his presentations dynamic, engaging and fun through using many everyday examples which are relevant and adapted for the audience and the subject.

    - Former President & CEO, AB SKF
  • Nigel has provided great inspiration to my team and has delivered a new mindset to the organization in order to help us drive our strategic initiatives. He has provided clear industry best practices and is always available for further deep dives to support our growth. Nigel is above all a great guy that you can relate to, so you can trust he is there to support you and your team and not to cash and fly.

    - TetraPak – Madrid
  • Nigel was great. Full of energy. Very engaging and interesting. Very funny. He went down very well with our delegates. He had some great insights for us.

    - TNS Global Leadership Conference - Istanbul
  • Your intervention was truly inspiring to our leaders. The stories and experiences you shared throughout the session connected with an innovative and creative passion not usually witnessed at such events.

    - Averda - AbuDhabi

Summary Profile

Nigel Barlow is one of the world’s dynamic business speakers. His focus is on Practical Innovation applied to Culture Change, Leadership, Strategy, Customers, and The Future.

Nigel delivers a serious message in a highly memorable, interactive and fun style. He often helps events to kick off with a bang, enabling delegates to become more receptive, open and engaged with what follows; he also favours the after-lunch slot as a suitable challenge to wake the audience up.

Nigel is the author of several books on creativity and the originator of Garage Thinking.

He has worked in over 30 countries in most sectors of industry and for some of the world’s greatest companies, including AbbVie, Apple Education, Danone, Hewlett Packard Printing, Lilly, Microsoft, Nestle, and Vodafone.

He was a founding director of the Tom Peters Consulting business in Europe and runs his own international consultancy.

Until recently, he was an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School, focusing on innovative change.