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Shawn Casemore

Empowering Audiences to Higher Levels of Performance

For over a decade Shawn Casemore has been engaging audiences with his powerful and pragmatic presentations. Following a seventeen-year corporate career leading teams in various roles and industries, Shawn launched his speaking career with the sole purpose of helping leaders and their teams achieve peak performance.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Empowering Performance Through People
Since the industrial revolution we’ve built companies using an archaic model that originated in the military. Consider for example that the structure, strategy and operation of most organizations today is built around a top-down approach to motivating and managing employees. Unfortunately unless you are in the military, this inverted approach to operating a business is nothing more than a path to diminishing profits and lack luster performance.

Empowering and Motivating Multi-generational Workforce
Never before have we been faced with such generational diversity in the workplace. With the number of millennials in North America joining the workplace soon to surpass Generation X and Baby Boomers, we are poised for a distinct shift (or collision!) in how we interact, communicate, and work.

Empowering Customers: Capitalizing on Connections to Maximize Customer Value
Every client, customer, and member interacts with an organization or association through multiple channels. It is through these interactions that customers form their impression of whether the organization adds value, and the various forms within which they can receive that value. It is for this very reason that every conversation that our employees, board members and contractors have counts.

Empowering Leader: Increasing Employee Morale and Productivity
Leadership can be a daunting task. Balancing our own business and personal objectives while managing a team of unique individuals can be draining mentally and emotionally. With little time available to spend with staff, the real question becomes how can we get staff to do more, care more, and be present?

Empowering Your Brand: Building and Sustaining Market Distinction
Getting the most out of an employee is the single greatest challenge any CEO or business owner faces. Despite the best of intentions and effort, our ability to engage, motivate and manage employees can be overly complex and time-consuming.

  • Shawn is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter. His presentation on “Motivation and Momentum in the face of Change” got the audience thinking about dealing with change and provided them great tools and tips to use in the future.

    - Director Management Accounting CMA Ontario
  • Shawn’s efforts to speak with stakeholders before his talk ensured he addressed key concerns making his presentation both timely and relevant.

    - Senior Manager Convention, Canadian Produce marketing Association
  • Shawn did an excellent job of engaging the audience. He kept the members captivated and received outstanding feedback on his content and delivery.

    - Manager, Member Network Professional Development Institute
  • Shawn’s stories and work experiences drove home the concepts of managing change His presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business based message, along with a very funny and engaging delivery.

    - Past President Supply Chain Management Association of Manitoba
  • Shawn brought an outside perspective that was interesting, provocative, and yet engaging to the audience and supportive to other panellists. Feedback from attendees was excellent resulting in a session that exceeded our expectations.

    - Director, Excelerated Response Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre

Summary Profile

Shawn’s expertise and passion for helping teams achieve peak performance didn’t just happen overnight. After a nearly twenty year corporate career in automotive, packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and power generation holding various leadership roles from team leader all the way up to Assistant General Manager, he learned a thing or two about being an effective leader, and more importantly what it takes to build a strong and productive team that would consistently deliver results.

Interestingly Shawn learned that it wasn’t just great leadership that lead to high levels of team performance, it was through the introduction and effective integration of employee empowerment and autonomy.

His journey as a professional speaker began in 2009 when he left his corporate career to launch his speaking career. Today, as a speaker, consultant and author Shawn invests significant time studying top performing organizations around the world, consulting with and advising CEOs and Entrepreneurs on how to grow their organization by empowering their teams to maximize customer value through the creation of compelling employee-customer connections.

Shawn’s experiences have lead him to work with Fortune 500 companies such as CN Rail, Tim Horton’s, and Pepsi Co; with some fast growing and dynamic mid-market companies including Calhoun Superstructure, Eaton Lighting, Gerson and Gerson Incorporated, and Saje Natural Wellness, and with various franchise organizations such as Winmar Corporation. As the composition and performance of teams are the same in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, Shawn’s also spent a considerable time working with several not-for-profit and charitable organizations that include the Electricity Distributors Association, Kids Help Phone and the Chartered Professional Accountants.

Recognized as a thought leader in the area of team development, Shawn’s ideas and perspectives are frequently published in industry publications including the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Fast Company, Industry Week, 20/20 Magazine, the Globe and Mail and CFO Magazine to name a few.

His prolific publishing includes over 1000 articles, booklets and resources on topics related to improving team and individual performance. Shawn has also served on several not-for-profit boards, providing him with insight into the areas of growth, member retention and motivation and engagement of volunteers.

Continuing his mission to spread the word about how to improve team performance, Shawn published his first book entitled Operational Empowerment: Collaborate, Innovate, and Engage to Beat the Competition.